????Picture weeps in Robstown, TX
By Michael K. Jones

When Gloria Fino's grandson Isaac was born earlier this year the child's prognosis was not good. Isaac was born with his organs outside his body and doctors also discovered the child had spinal bifida.

Gloria decided to pray asking God for a healing. She promised that she would say the rosary and read her bible every night. Soon after her grandson began to recover and Gloria keep her promise.

It was Friday May 6, when Gloria heard something that she can only describe as a loud sound. Frightened by the sound she blessed herself and walked to the door where there hanging on the wall was a large picture of Jesus. She couldn't help but to notice a shinny tear in the eye of the picture. Gloria accounts that tears began to trickle down both eyes.

Crowds are flocking to see the weeping picture. Two eye witness accounts tell Medjugorje USA,

Hi, my name is Kyle and I lived about 5 minutes from Robstown for 17 years. Now I live in central Texas but when I heard about the miracle I planned a trip down to see what all the fuss was about. If you could question all my friends they would tell you that I'm one to try and criticize and discredit everything I see. However this is legit. I tried my absolute best not to believe and I walked out of there speechless. By the time I got to the house it was around 10:30 at night and was a little uneasy about asking if a group of strangers could come look around, but the family was so generous and gracious. I knew they had told the same story about 3 million times in the last couple of weeks, but Gloria (the grandmother) explained it to us with the enthusiasm of the first time. They were just so happy to have the chance to spread some faith. They had even spent a good deal of money on what looked like 400 copies of pictures of the tears falling for us to show our friends and family. We could take however many we wanted along with a handful of cotton balls soaked in the tears. No money was asked, not even a donation plate, although I did feel like I should give something, but the family wanted nothing except for us to make an entry in their sign in sheet. My buddy and I that went to see the picture were unaware at the time, but we received our first miracle as we pulled in the driveway of the house, before we even knew it was the right house.

Hello my name is Alicia, I live in Corpus Christi, Texas and at this moment we have a miracle in Robstown, Texas 15 minutes from where I live. This lady was praying for her grandson that was born with his organs on the outside of his body. While she was praying for his well being she asked for a sign that Jesus was hearing her prayer. She heard a weird noise and she looked around and noticed the portrait she had hanging on her wall of Jesus. The picture was tearing just like when we cry and we tear from both eyes. Now she has open her door for everyone to see what she has seen, I've been there 3 times. The picture has not stopped tearing. She removed the painting from the wall and there's no signs of tampering. She also gave people a piece of cotton with his tears. I already received my first miracle today.

Meantime, the Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi has sent a priest from a Catholic church in Robstown to examine the photograph to determine whether to launch a full investigation.

Father Gerry Sheehan, from St. Anthony's Catholic Church of Robstown tells KTRK News in Texas ,. "My sense, more so not from the examination of the picture but more so from my talking with the family, especially Gloria (is that) her spirit seems to be in line with the Spirit of God.

Note: Medjugorje USA has no access to pictures or cotton balls or offering any source that can provide these for those who read this article. Currently Medjugorje USA is in touch with priests in Robstown and we hopeful for an interview with Gloria in the next month or so. Some pictures below courtesy of KTRK.

Gloria's grandson.
Father Gerry.
Weeping picture of Jesus.

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