Recording Artist Roberto Bignoli Talks About World Youth Day

By Michael K. Jones

Roberto recently was in the U.S. in April 2004 for a concert yet before his conversion, during a period of personal crisis, Roberto fell into a deep depression, and it was in this dark period that he met some young people who told him of a place called Medjugorje. After visiting and praying in Medjugorje, Roberto found his life changing and discovered a new calling to Christian music. Today Roberto has performed all around the world. One of the pieces making up his collection of music is, "Concerto a Sarajevo", dedicated to the children who were victim of the wars.

Rome, July 2004 In the last weeks the news reported episodes of violence with young protagonists fond of satanic rock. In the world of music , luckily, there is not only that.

In fact, the testimonies of artists that propose messages in favour of life are becoming more frequent and they become positive models for the young.

A significant case is that of Roberto Bignoli, a disable singer and song writer. Since his childhood Roberto has faced the experience of poverty and illness, and later, of drug and prison. He is the son of an unmarried woman, he had poliomyelitis and has lived for many years in various institutes.

Then, the love for Jesus has changed radically his life. Now Roberto Bignoli is one of the most known and evaluated Christian singers and songwriters. In December 2001 he received in Washington the Unity Awards prize, as the best international Christian artist. In December 2003 in Rome he received the Golden Graal, oscar of Christian music for his commitment in evangelisation and in social life.

Roberto is occupied by his music and the commitment for his family. He is married with Paola, and is the father of two beautiful girls: Mariastella, aged 9, and Mariachiara, aged 5.

Beside love, Roberto and Paola share another beautiful experience. They have created an Internet site to let young of all the world know about Christian music (www.informusic.it) with news, artists biographies, photos, information about concerts, specialised books and records reviews.

In this interview , Roberto Bignoli, tells us about his relation with music and God.

Q. What do you think about the recent episodes of young satanism connected to satanic rock?

A. Roberto Bignoli: This sad reality is the consequence of a world made of solitude and egoism, where good is confused with evil at any cost. Beside, there is a great commercial machine that lead young to go towards rebellion.

Then, the exclusion of the value of the family, of the value of ownís and otherís life, to indulge on all kinds of liberties it is really a sad condition which does not lead to liberty but to full slavery.

Q. What value can music have in the life of a young person?

A. Roberto Bignoli: Music has a great value in the life of a young person. Considering his mood a young person listens to music which he finds more convenient to his experience and his knowledge. The source of inspiration and reflection is to recognise oneself in it, but it is also a mate and an expression of oneís feelings.

Q. And in your life, what values has got your music?

A. Roberto Bignoli: I express myself in singing. Every one of us must answer the Lordís call offering oneís capabilities, in order to be useful for others. We must meet young , trying to understand their problems and helping them in finding the sense of life.

Q. Can music become a prayer?

A. Roberto Bignoli: Every time we speak about the Lord and the marvellous things he has created, and transmit the joy of trying to walk beside Him, He is with us. Therefore, a song can surely become a prayer. But, obviously, it does not substitute personal prayer and the participation to the Sacraments. It is a further help to become close to the Word of the Lord, a way to arrive to the Gospel.

Q. One of your most famous songs, "Ballata per Maria", is dedicated to the Lady. Which relation have you got with Jesusí Mother?

A. Roberto Bignoli: my relation with Maria is very beautiful and alive. It was her that has given me the grace of the conversion of the heart, who has given me the light when I saw the darkness, hope when I felt myself lost and joy to be her son when in my life, often and for many reasons, the maternal warm was missing.

In Her I have found a mother, a guide and the peace of heart. Here it is why I often speak to Her in my songs. It is the most precious gift of my life.

Q. What future do you hope for your daughters?

A. Roberto Bignoli: I hope surely that the values I speak about and live with my wife Paola, can become also their values, in simplicity and liberty. I wish they learn to walk in the way to the Lord and to understand fully the spiritual richness found.

I hope they can share together the joy of being children of God and make their life a mission of hope, peace and love according to His will. Then, having said all that, may they do what they feel in their hearts, honestly and willingly.

Interview done by and sent to Medjugorje USA by, Carlo Climati.

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