Is Medjugorje Oozing Christ Statue Bleeding Oil and Blood
Michael K. Jones

The Medjugorje expansion project was the idea of the late Father Slavo (March 11, 1946 - Nov. 24, 2000.) Made mostly of bronze and copper the statue is quite unique and beautiful. Most pilgrims would stop by the statue to admire it and pray when people begin to notice that the statue was oozing an oil or water like substance.

This type of event may seem highly unusual but in fact it is quite common. There have been many accounts of weeping statues, icons, Eucharist Hosts and pictures throughout the history of the Catholic Church. The weeping statue from of Akita, Japan is one example of apparitions that have been approved by the Church. The Suffering Soul, "Little Audrey" has been in a coma like state for many years now and pictures and statues in her room all weep an oil like substance. Bio-Chemist Bogoslaw Lipinski was sent to test the oil from the Little Audrey's room and the composition was found to be an unknown substance. Currently the weeping items in Little Audrey's room are under a Church investigation. Mystic Maria Espanzana who recent passed way on August 7, 2004, suffered at times with Christ like wounds, had the ability of healing, levitation, bilocation, and capability of predicting future events. The apparitions surround Espananza were approved as supernatural on November 21, 1987.

Most recently the weeping picture of Jesus in a small home in Robstown, Texas has made news around the world. Thousands have flocked to this small humble home to see the weeping picture of Jesus. All seem to come away believing it is a miracle. Though this articles offers only a few examples of unexplainable events, the point is that such phenomena happens and remains unexplainable through a rational secular studies. For some, such happenings are laughable and for others they are miraculous. For each there seems to be a personal opinion that hopefully has been exercised with solid research and discernment.

Other unusual events such a Eucharist Hosts bleeding a red substance have been tested throughout the history of the Church. In most cases scientific study has shown that the dripping substances are in fact human DNA. Like weeping oils, weeping blood from a Host, statue or icon is not as uncommon as one might think. Though each individual event should be looked at carefully for a possible normal explanation, it is clear that many times such phenomena can not be explained away.

My friend Drago who lives in Medjugorje has informed me that this past week a man took a paper napkin and reached to take a drop of oil from the Risen Christ statue. When he looked at the napkin it is reported that the napkin was full of blood. A minimum of 50 people witnessed this. Some screamed in fear and some said, "It's a miracle."

Because no scientific study has been done on the Risen Christ statue, we can only ponder what it all means. It can be a fine line between truth and sensationalism so exercising caution is highly recommended. Yet on the other hand, we the faithful also know that miracles happen. Ultimately it is up to research and each individual to decide for themselves.

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