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My Reason for Fighting Against Abortion
By Father Anthony Messace


Some people will say that I am against a procured abortion for the horror that I feel before the slaughter of innocent babies in the wombs of their mothers.  Others will say that I am against this crime in view of my obligations as a priest and member of the Catholic Church to condemn it. Still others will say that I am against a procured abortion because it is an intrinsic evil and bad of its own nature and therefore justified under absolutely no circumstances at all.

All the above is true, but they are not the main reasons as to why I am against abortion. There are two principal ones that stir me passionately against this great insanity of a crime. The first is that this evil crushes Godís very heart and spirit. Ever since 1967, I have never been able to pray to Jesus in peace before the tabernacle without Him nagging me to no end and repeating in my ears the same constant and pleading words: ďGet rid of abortion! Get rid of abortion! Get rid of abortion! It wounds my heart with an especially deep and excruciating pain.Ē I had to therefore get up and do something to relieve God of this affliction coming to Him from abortion.Ē If I went to pray to Him again, I would be hearing the same words over and over again. He counted on me to take away these thorns in His heart coming from this horrendous murder of defenseless lives. I felt like a husband who could no longer bear to see his wife dying from cancer and goes in search of some medicine to cure her or relieve her pain.

The second reason for being against abortion is a personal and selfish one. God is preparing a chastisement for humanity on global proportions never before seen in the history of the human race. Knowing about this, I rather wish that I had been born in a different epoch of history. When the punishment comes, it will affect everyone, whether good or bad. It did no good for a person to complain to God and declare that he was not part of the Nazi regime in Hitlerís Germany and therefore should not be taken to a concentration camp. When the chastisement of World War II came, it struck everyone, whether saints or sinners. Religious, as well as non-religious people were gassed to death.

The only two sins I know of that would provoke a punishment of catastrophic proportions is abortion and homoerotic behavior. A father can tolerate many failings and weaknesses in his child, but if this son were to really go beyond the limits, the father would no longer support this, but lose his patience and respond with a heavy spanking.  There are two types of wrongs that God supports, but one causes Him to release His powerful arm against humanity. Our daily sins are forgiven by God with much patience, love, mercy and understanding. God loves the sinners who are always trying to better themselves. Iniquitous acts are cold, heavy, serious, pre-meditated and pre-calculated crimes that subject one to the fires of hell. God, in a tremendous attitude of mercy, still tolerates the iniquities of mankind and practices a long patience with us.

Abominations, however, are the types of sins insupportable to God. They are sins of the worst kind which attract severe punishment. Abortion is an abomination before Godís eyes. It evokes his fiery justice and anger on mankind. Knowing all this, I really want to save my skin and the skin of others as well. If I do fight abortion, it is because I do not want to see myself, my town, valley, State, country or family and friends destroyed in the Divine upheaval provoked by this crime. Abortion is not a private matter between the doctor and the mother, but involves the chastisement and destruction of our own lives and society as well. If a person enters a public swimming pool without a doctorís approval, his disease could spread to all the other people present also. Abortion is a disease that affects not only the abortionists, but all of us who live in their midst and are threatened in our very existence and peace by their abominable activities. Sin has serious social as well as private implications and consequences. Why should I suffer a Divine chastisement because of some blind vultures who have the shameless audacity and sole desire to live off of human carnage and insult God to His Face? Not only will they be swept away by the deluge of Godís anger, but will drag along the rest of us with them. It is for this reason that fence sitters and even those who might even agree with abortion, nonetheless should ardently fight against it and eliminate it from our communities. If the fire department tells me I am not to make any barbecues because the weather is warm and dry, I will obey, despite what I might think of barbecues. Safety and the conservation of my environment must precede my personal interests or ideas and tastes.


The second thing to do in order to end abortion is to be educated in the matter. Before I get into this, however, I would like to say something about education itself. The object of education is to come to freedom, whether internal or external. Education has to free our youth or else it is not education. A young man or woman educated to generous love, a sense of law, dedication to others, a respect for human life, etc.  is all liberating. Education does not mean that we are to produce a generation of consumers. It does not mean that we are to form a group of technocrats geared for scientific discoveries. This is simply the fruit of a materialistic society.


What we need to teach to our youth is truth and goodness. When youth have knowledge of the good, then they will want to possess and love it. A young manís or womanís will also needs to be guided and perfected and not only his intellect. It is amazing how many people in America are greatly informed about so many things, but the formation of their will is nil. Intellectualism is not the answer to our problems.  The first school of education is in the family. All the psychological traumas, bad examples, ignorant ideas and discriminating attitudes start in this environment. The places where the youth work, study, sing, dance and pray will also influence them to either respect human life or destroy it. Emotional suffering, lack of love and affection, disillusions, friendships, social costumes, laws, popular opinions, gossip and broken relationships all will affect a young man or woman in his educative process and outlook on life itself.


Youth have an innate tendency toward heroism and if this aspiration is not fulfilled, they will turn it against themselves and society. Instead of becoming heroes and martyrs for the good (because of a family or society that frustrated such ideals and dreams) they will become drug addicts, alcoholics, ambitious materialists and socialists. Such energy in youth needs to be recognized, gathered, accepted and channeled into right use. It must not be denied nor suffocated. Youth need to know that the truth exists of its own nature and not because it is based on the word of some authority. They therefore are to sincerely dedicate themselves to its search throughout their lives. Our teachers and parents are to help us to come to this awareness and not to mislead us.   Those who deny the truth to youth, show their own incompetence, cowardice and despair and frustrate these young people in its search and teaching of it.


Those involved in the formation of youth need to be a rock, guide, light and beacon for them. They are not to deceive them, since the youth have need of his help. Youth today have nowhere to go and will be lost without a reference for truth. The search for truth, finally, has to be a humble and sincere one.


Once the intelligence is fed with the truth, moral education will come as natural result. It will not be necessary to educate the will since practical reason will take care of this itself. Practical reason is educated through the presentation of principles that influence the will. It is due to this mistrust of reason that so many Catholic schools invented hundreds of rules and regulations that really annoyed the students in them. It is for this motive too, that a great number of these religious schools and their educational system failed miserably.




The educators (parents or teachers) who will be involved in the character formation of youth need to have at least a ďsmackĒ of infant and child psychology. They need to understand and study this. The reason is not so much to give a psychological formation as more to avoid deforming and wounding psychologically the youth through pedagogical errors. We know that there are thousands of books on the market dealing with the emotions. Many of them are actually wonderful reading. Educators do not have time, however, for so much literature. I myself would recommend the following books to help parents and teachers develop a healthy personality in their young children. I consider them to be the best in the area:


1)    Healing and Feeling Your Emotions (by Conrad W. Baars M.D.)*

2)    Healing the Unaffirmed  

     (by Conrad W. Baars M.D./Anna A. Terruwe M.D.)*

3)    Born Only Once                                    (by Conrad W. Baars M.D.)


*The above authors were praised and recommended by Pope Paul VI himself


      4)  Mother and Infant                               (by Rev. William Virtue)

      5) Human Sexual Ecology                        (by Robert E. Joyce)

      6)  Friends                                                  (by Mary R. Joyce)

      7)  Women and Choice                              (by Mary R. Joyce)

      8)  Aborted Women, Silent no More        (by David C. Reardon)

      9)  The Consumerís Guide to the Pill and other Drugs

                                                       (by John Wilks B. PharmM.D.,P.C.)

    10) Let Us Be Born: the Inhumanity of Abortion*

                                                       (by Robert E. Joyce/Mary R. Joyce)


*This book was the first ever written on the subject of abortion and the best that thoroughly covers it in depth and intelligence. Recommended reading for all who truly want to inform themselves on the subject from all perspectives.


Parents and teachers must therefore aim at four objectives in the educative program of youth:


-love of truth

-love of the good

-love of justice

-love of heroism


They should also nurture his self-esteem by helping him overcome his fear of knowledge. The youth, through the affirming education received by teachers and parents, will develop feelings of faithfulness and responsibilities. Parents and teachers should encourage their youth to also collaborate with other youth involved in this similar formation and be strengthened in the mutual solidarity. It is that positive environment of purity that Pope Paul VI wished to be formed amongst young Christians that would help them to grow in a mature and fulfilling way. Professors and parents must remember that they are there to free and liberate the good energies present in the youth rather than try to repress the bad ones.


Father Anthony Mellace


  PART 4



In the fight against abortion and the education of our youth in its respect, it is insufficient to simply prohibit the evil action. One must also show how the good is corrupted by the evil act. For example, the following are excerpts taken from David Reardonís book on the psychological effects of abortion on a woman:


ď..It takes two hours for the child to die and the woman, who feels grief and guilt, is never the same again. She hates herself and loses all self-esteem, every value held dear; every hope that was dreamed is all stripped away. Every memory of joy is now tainted by the stench of death. She who was such an advocate of choice has none left at all. She has no control and is psychologically turned into a powerless weak and murderous person.


The aborted woman withdraws from the family (and those who encouraged and supported the abortion)


They don't want to be loved, but feel empty with a constant feeling of dread


They are afraid to touch newborn infants and refuse to do so. They become afraid of their own destructiveness and terrified to hurt the other child.  The fear causes them not to have children and to be sterilized. It becomes to devastating and mind boggling for them. They become pre-occupied with thoughts of death.


The aborted woman does not care if she lives or dies and goes through a radical personality change. She becomes increasingly self-destructive, bold and aggressive. The reason for becoming rough and callous is to protect herself from hurt.


She has contempt for the world and will even begin to carry guns and knives. She will go out to destroy, steal and maim (others and herself). This shows that psychologically, violence is born of abortion. In her destructiveness, she will release her growing hatred towards the world that abandoned, abused and exploited her. Psychologically, by attacking others, she is telling the world that she is ready to be punished and even killed. Anger, defiance, self-punishment and self-destruction are attitudes and feelings identified with an aborted woman.


Psychologically, she tries to prove to herself that destroying others doesn't hurt. Once you have killed, you should be able to do anything. By doing every conceivable wrong, aborted women hope to strip themselves of conscience and destroy all values they ever held.


If she could prove to herself that everything was meaningless (including the innocent child she killed through abortion) perhaps she could have the peace of total meaninglessness. Now the natural center of this destructive escapist world is drugs. (Maybe that is why we have an increase of drug consumption in the world, proportional to the abortions committed. If we get rid of abortion, then maybe we can get rid of drugs too)*. Abortion gives birth to cocaine, heroin and crack.


Drugs are the refuge, comfort, slow fuse to self-obliteration. Being stoned, you don't have to think. If you can't think, you can't feel. If you can't feel, that is as good as being dead and then you can face yourself. Then you begin to sell drugs to get drugs. One prostitutes herself or burglarizes houses to get the money. The promise of forgetfulness is worth any price since to remember is a hellish life.


The aborted woman represses herself in speaking about her abortion and only speaks about it when drugged.


She has a restless fear and is afraid to sleep and of night itself.


Four years later after the abortion, the self-destructive attitude turns into an open desire for death. She sees no reason to live and doesn't feel she deserves other children or is worthy of their love. Life is pain and loneliness. She feels like she needs to die, but is afraid of the unknown terrors.


Only after three years of a religious experience is she able to come to forgive herself.


Abortion is a trap, a curse, a cheap substitute for love and support, a tool for manipulation and exploitation of women that society has abandoned.


90% of aborted women have severe emotional stress

10% require psychiatric hospitalization

2% suffer severe traumas that render them incapable of work

Aborted women suffer suicide risk nine times greater than non-aborted

Those who aborted for reasons of rape, incest or defects in their child suffered more severe emotional stress than those of normal abortions.


Aborted women have a tendency to beat their children


62% of aborted women felt suicidal and 20% actually attempted it one or more times

30% of aborted women became alcoholics or increased their drinking

40% of aborted women became drug addicts

50% of aborted women experienced sexual coldness and revulsion towards the fathers of their aborted child.

40% of aborted women had nightmares or insomnias

20% had complete mental breakdowns


Other common psychological symptoms of post-aborted women were:

Profound remorse, regrets, grieves, sense of murder, fear of punishment, general sense of loss, bitterness, lack of forgiveness for self and others, anxiety, fear of others finding out, loneliness, isolation, feelings of having been exploited, feelings of helplessness and inability to make decisions.


Only less than half (48%) of the aborted women were able to get over their abortion experience (and this only after three years)...Ē

*my commentary 


Father Anthony Mellace


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