Reasonable Conclusions of the 4th Medjugorje Commission
By Michael K. Jones

Article date, April 05, 2017

Pope Francis concluded, the pastoral needs of pilgrims require greater consideration for the future growth of Medjugorje. Pope Francis concluded a special envoy should be sent to determine these needs.  Based on the media interview April 5 by Special Envoy to Medjugorje, Archbishop Henryk Hoser, there are some liberties we can now consider related to possible findings of the 4th Medjugorje Commission (2010 - 2014.)

The findings of the 4th Commission as of April 5, 2017 remain hidden from public knowledge but some reasonable conclusions may now exist. The fact Pope Francis decided to send Archbishop Hoser to Medjugorje for greater pilgrims needs for the "future growth of Medjugorje" is a statement that offers convincing speculation of the 4th Medjugorje Commission's findings. If the findings of the Commission were all negative, Pope Francis would not be sending a special envoy to Medjugorje for its future growth.

In the envoy Bishop's media interview, he mentions the many good works taking place in Medjugorje, such as "Mother's Village." Bishop Hoser say's, "these places are worth visiting." "Worth Visiting" tells us, there are many good Catholic works taking place in Medjugorje. Bishop Hoser goes on to talk about 47 thousand priests who have gone on retreat to Medjugorje for silence and prayer who are profoundly moved by event taking place there. The Bishop adds, many different seminars in Medjugorje, show the intensity of life that could be applied to other places.  He also adds, "Medjugorje is fertile ground" where pilgrims discover extraordinary things. "They discover peace of heart, spirituality and encounter sacred space and time, reserved for something divine. They rediscover prayer, something sacred and holy."

Archbishop Hoser claims he has not read the report of the the 4th Medjugorje Commission. Even so, what Bishop Hoser say's in the interview clearly are points that a 45 month inquiry and investigation by the appointed Medjugorje Commission of experts in their fields, would have also concluded as interesting points of positive considerations. These points of positive consideration would most certainly present themselves in the completed 4th Medjugorje Commissions findings. It would therefore seem probable an examination of 4th Commission findings given to the "The Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith" in 2014 has now been fully examined. Considering all Bishop Hoser offered in his interview on April 5th, the public can certainly offer reasonable conclusion there is a great deal of positive considerations in the 4th Medjugorje Commission's findings.

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