Questions and Answers to Medjugorje Seers

1. About heaven & hell.  
 Four of the visionaries have seen hell and have been told by Our Lady; “This is the punishment for those who don’t want to believe in God. Many go to hell; this is the punishment of the unfaithful.” Many do not believe that the devil exists and rather speak of the forces of evil as being esoteric. However, the devil is a being who wants our damnation and fights against God. All the visionaries have seen heaven. Our Lady say’s that a very small minority go directly to heaven nowadays. Most of the people go to purgatory because they die without being prepared; they are not ready to accept God and His grace.

 2. How could God, who is merciful, lack mercy to the point of send someone to hell for all eternity?
 People who go to hell do not love God. Moreover, they hate Him and curse Him more than ever. They become a part of hell and they do not think about their own salvation.

 3. Has the Blessed Virgin shown you purgatory?
Yes, She told me: There are several levels in purgatory There is the lowest level, where souls are closest to hell and then there are intermediate levels which get closer to heaven. These souls are waiting for our fasting and our prayers.

 4. Do many people go to hell today?
  Most of them go to purgatory. Very few of them go directly to heaven. The blessed Virgin said to the four visionaries who saw hell: “Here is the punishment for those who do not love God. Many people go there.”  

 5. How does the devil act today?
The devil infiltrates couples. He does not posses them; but he influences is such that there are many divorces. The Blessed Virgin says that family prayer is the only way to keep the devil away. We should have at least one blessed article in the house (e.g., a crucifix) and also the house should be blessed regularly. The devil also infiltrates monasteries. He seeks to turn true believers into non believers. Prayer, renunciation and charity become unimportant… One begins to live only on a human level, forgetting the spiritual and supernatural dimension: prayer, fasting and penance.

 6. How does Our Lady stress the importance of faith and its expression?
Our Lady told Mirjana that everyone must be converted before it is too late and must never put aside God and faith. “Let everything go but this.” How many Christians are contenting themselves with praying occasionally to a far-off God! They have abandoned everything” Mass, Communion, the Sacraments of Reconciliations, Prayer and Fasting. They no longer live for God, Christ and the Church. Do they know that they are heading for damnations? Do they know that they should not laugh at God, and that Christ willed the establishment of the Church? Perhaps the Blessed Virgin is coming for the last time to show us the way to salvation.

 7. What does Our Lady say about different religions?
One day, She told the visionaries: “In God, there are no divisions nor religions; division has been created by you (men) in your world. The sole mediator is Jesus Christ. However, the fact that you belong to such or such a religion is not without importance.” “The Spirit is not the same in all the churches.”

 8. Should we pray to Mary of Jesus?
At the request of a priest, the visionaries asked whether one should pray to Jesus or Mary. She answered: “Pray to Jesus. I am His Mother and Intercede with Him for you. But, all prayers go to Jesus. I will help, I will pray, but everything does not depend on me; part of it depends on your own strength, on the strength of those who pray. As for your requests, come to me; I know the will of God better than you do.”

 9. Is Mass Important?
The Mass is the greatest prayers. You must prepare yourself for it, and must celebrate it with a pure and humble heart.” In Medjugorje, the three to four hours of daily prayers always include Mass.

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