A Few Thoughts About Praying
By Michael K. Jones

We all know prayer is a powerful thing. During the apparitions at Fatima in 1917, Our Lady told the young visionaries that through prayer Russia would be converted, it was. In Medjugorje, Our Lady said praying the Rosary can stop wars. What a wonderful invitation for us not only to become closer to God but to change the course of events in history.

Even so not all prayers are answered in a fashion that we may understand. Many who pray for love ones find that the illness continues leading to the passing of those they have prayed for. From time to time people have written me saying they are angry at God for not hearing their prayers. I personally have never understood this line of thinking. Scripture tells us that from the time Adam and Eve took of the forbidden fruit, (having been fooled by the serpent) death is now part of life.

Scripture also tells us that, "children bear the yoke of their forefathers." If we look at what has happened to our air, land, sea, lakes, it is clear that many of our forefathers (those who lived before us) had little regard for our children's, children. When the balance of nature is change, negative results will happen.

In the Book of Genesis we learn that we are created in the image of God. This means we were created to reflect the mirror image of God. To go against our design, is to cause us to break down, as an automobile would if you removed the oil and drove it. The longer you drive an automobile without oil the greater the danger. The longer we as a nation and world family decide not to reflect the image of our design, the greater the risk, and suffering to our children who bear the yoke. We reap what we sow.

When we lose a love one it is not God whom we should blame. We should give blame where it is due. Man who refuses to reflect the mirror image of God, having been touched by the serpent (also called devil and satan) seeks gain for himself eating up the inheritance of the children of the world who follow him. This leaves children bearing the burden of disease and suffering.

So are we to blame God for what man has done to himself, for himself? Or should we consider that man touched by evil has created his world which has caused great suffering to our children's, children's, children?

God has given man free will, so the sufferings of our children, friends, and family is the direct result of those who lived before us who thought of themselves, raping the fruits of the earth, leaving a legacy of doom by way of suffering and disease. How sad children reap the fruits of those before them.

To change this we must return to reflect the mirror image of God by which we were created. In this I say we must not do our own will, but do the will of Our Father in Heaven. Our Father in Heaven desires to create a beautiful work of art in us. If we place ourselves into the loving hands of the Father, He will shape and mold us.

In this I tell you brothers and sisters that we must conform to the will of God, knowing that the will of God is good. So for those who do not receive a miracles through their prayers, not do not blame God. God is not the author of suffering. Regardless of what may happen in our lives we must always trust in the will of God, knowing that the will of God is good, and He desires to mold and shape us into a beautiful work of art.

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