Pro-Life & Pro-Choice
By Michael K. Jones

There is no question that Pro-Life and Pro-Choice advocates have been known to stand in front of abortion clinics, and or march to promote their agenda. The intent of protesters is to bring attention to the issue and to seek support in government. It should not be the intent of any group to create violence resulting in deaths, bombings, or any other attack on any one person or clinic. Efforts should attempt to follow the letter of the law, under the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

It is a sad state of affairs that some unstable individuals decided to go beyond the letter of the law. The anti-abortion or pro-choice groups' surely do not agree or condone the actions of individuals who take matters into their own hands, through acts of violence. Should there be concern that some Pro-Choice individuals will now take matters into their own hands, as President Bush comes into office?

In the past a few radical Pro-Lifers have gone beyond the letter of the law, as we have see in the news. To say you believe in life, and then to take life, is wrong. Most Pro-Life supporters understand this concept. The question is, do Pro-Choice defenders also understand that taking life is wrong? Would Pro-Choice individuals resort to violence, if their right to choose was taken away? They already believe they have a right to remove life from the womb prematurely, which Pro-Lifers believe is the ultimate act of violence. Would Pro-Choice radicals think they have the right to obtain freedom of choice, though acts of violence?

The answer to the abortion issue is clear, in that what must be done is according to the law. However what law should be considered? The law of men, or the Law of God? Should the Law of God and the law of men, be the same? There is no doubt that a true God would allows us, freedom to choice under the letter of the law. So if the law of men and God are the same what is the correct law which should be followed? In the "Pledge of Allegiance," we state that we are "One Nation under Godů." Because the United States of America pledges this allegiance, it declares that the people therein are under the Law of God. The allegiance states that we are "under God," not above Him. Therefore the Law of God, should also be the law of men. This was the original intent of "Our Forefathers." If we as a nation do not live up to this foundation then we no longer live according to the foundation by which we were created. We were created to be "One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Any laws created by the court system that do follow this rule, are not Laws of God and men in "Allegiance" but the vanity of men who desire to seek out their own self-image. Any law created that is not in compliance with, "One Nation under God" should not even be considered by the court system, as the foundation of the United States of American is that, " we confess that we are, "One Nation under God."

The Pro-Life, Pro-Choice issues would seem to stem from, " The Separation of Church and State." Having reviewed this document exhaustively, I believe Our Forefather's created this document to say, "The State should not decide on matters of religious freedoms, under the letter of the Law, because it is God who controls such matters." In the 1960's the court system set out to redefine the meaning of "Separation of Church and State. The court handed down a decision that, "Separation of Church and State, meant, "The Church is religious and the State is not." After the release of this court decision, the following day the New York Times had only three words on the front page, "GOD IS DEAD!"

Our Nation and court system was founded on the principle of, "One Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. While testifying in the court we raise our hand to the Bible and agree that we will, "Tell the Truth, so help God. Anyone who looks at the Constitution and Bill of Rights will clearly see that the United States of America was founded on religious principles. The redefining of the "Separation of Church and State in the 1960's, took away the foundation of this country, which was founded "under God," not above Him. The courts took away the belief that we are "One Nation under God." We now stand divided, the Church being religious and the State not religious. The court system took away "The Pledge of Allegiance." The courts took away the foundation of America. They removed God and in the place of God they created, "The Man God."

When you remove God from a society that was created in the image of God, that society can not stand without foundation. Believing in God gives a society a sense of morals and discipline. Remove God and you remove morals and discipline. Look at our school system today, drugs, sex, guns, and violence. Look at our streets, drugs, sex, guns and violence. America is a Nation without God. America stands on shaky ground, because the foundation of Our Forefathers has been removed. Until this Nation once again becomes, "One Nation under God, and returns to the foundation of Our Forefathers, there is no hope for the United States of America except the hope that God will show mercy.

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