(John-healed of lonliness/depression)(Gina-healed of unknown virus infection)(Guiliannas-white blood cells restored to normal) (peace, joy, love hope and great faith for all family members)(Anna-financial blessing/wisdom)(John-peace/wisdom) (Killean Donahue-newborn heal/seizures & loss of blood,help family in this crisis) (AJF-Blessed Mother, please hear my prayer and send me JM or if not him, the man I am to be with) (MichaelJ-diabetes/valleyfever/meningitis/depression/otherillness/need health/house sold) (JB_Need help on losing 50 lbs asap, overweight/suicidal)(Conversion husband/son,healing-peter's back-arthritis) (JB-God, please send me the man I am to marry this Spring)(JB-Need help on finding career for life, asap/no more $$ problems) (Joan-heal ulcerative colitis/pain in spine & hip/understand & get along with spouse&children/husbands gambling/have friends) (Merkel family/financial help/protection from harm/reuniting with each other and with God) (Margaret- special prayer for my family friends all the poor people who pass away before christmas) (Prayers for intentions in Denver needed, Blessed Mother)(For My mother's tumor to be benign) (Beloved Mother, have pity on and grant my husband a job and grant my kids good spouses) (DonWeberg/special-intentions)(Daniel-for his soul/passed away on Jan. 28, 2003). (Olivia-improved health)(John-bring him closer to you Lord/return to attending Mass)(Chris-a better job/improved finances). (Zachary-help him with his schoolwork) (Melanie-strength to be completely healed & removed from drugs and alcohol)((For all the souls in Purgatory, especially the souls that have no one to pray for them)(Kathy-find a good husband soon, who is faithful to you Lord,/graduate with honors/improved financial status)(Maria-find work/improved finances)(Jenny-find work soon/improved finances)(Victor-return to attending Mass/spending time alone with his children)(Jose-improved health/removal of unnecessary sin) (Margarita & Alexandria-bring them closer to you Lord)(Chris/special-intentions)(Kathy/special-intentions)(4W-Farm/intentions) (Rose-for a successful job interview Thursday & financial relief)(Pray for Richard/faith/hope&love) (Ervin Bendzick-repose of soul/comfort & peace for Audrey & family)(John&Rene-comfort,peace&healing)(Bev-healing of cancer) (Anthony G.- 3 Mo. recover upper respiratory ailment/maintain good health)(Ron-get part time job/ also for poor souls in purgatory) (me/blessing;husband/job;daughter/healing and blessing;son/blessing)(Roger-help in situation he's in) (Ray-healing/conversion) (David-protection in prison/help in appeal/conversion) (Dick and Annie-conversion/end of addictions) (Marcel, Irene and Pauline-peace of Christ/conversion/healings)(Tom-c6completequadroplegic)(Niece,Bertie,surgery 12-11-03) (Young Fm-Pray for brother dying and i dont know what to do. Thy will be done,God help me to decide) (Abby-bad back/chronic pain/stop smoking/exam passing/out of debt/safe)(Joan-stop smoking/employment/safe) (Cely-health/open mindedness/success/peace/safe)(Eddie-eternal rest)(Alan/Liela-healing/peace/safe) (Gigi/Archie-peace/out of debt/safe)(Ghio/Erika/Nye/Andrew/Alyssa-obedience/no tantrums/safe)(Agring-naturalization) (Chris,Ray,Rachel-healed of bronchial infections/all who have beenaround them spared from this infection) (Cathy-lungcancer/radiation/chemo/smallchildren/healher)(Stacy-marriageunhappy/strength/wisdom/healthychoices) (Kathy/Eve/Kyle/Chris/special-intentions)(Eve-special intentions and protection) (Stephen-anointing/bring glory & honor to God/wisdom/righteousness/joy) (In thanksgiving /for blessings/success/ careers of Martin & Peter/ for world peace) (myself, husband & son backs)(my parents health and family) (Pope John Paul)(Ed-be employed with good paying job soon) (J_lose50lbsasap/findjobasap/findhusband)(Anna-husband poorest soul purgatory) (Chuck & Rose-financial relief/Rose-find a job)(Pam-health/employment)(Carol-reconcilliation of marriage) (reconcillitation of marriage/keep health of mother,daughter,child & family/dentis visits pleasant/) (health of Pope John Paul)(J-lose50lbs/notworryaboutmoneyproblems/findrightjob/findtherightmantomarry) (Betty W-healing/ good health/financial blessing/bless family/save souls) (Evern-bless me with fruits of the Holy Spirit/stop smoking cigarettes asap/son to succeed/daughter good grades in school/healing for me, husband, brother in law, family/financial blessing, save souls)


(All Souls in Purgatory, most especially for souls who most need of thy mercy/bring all those souls to Heaven to God) (B-gaile-pleasehealneckASAP/guideheratalltimes/successfulcareer) (B-ann-stayhealthy/finishcollege/achievegoalsinlife/guideheratalltimes) (Nino-guidehimatalltimes/spendmoneywisely/peaceinfamilyandfriends) (Nina-guidemeatalltimes/getcpalicenseasap/successfulcareer)(All-prayforusall/forgiveoursins/bringusalltoHeaven) (Kathy-special intentions)(Christopher,special intentions)(Angela-special intention) (Randy change of heart)(karen/eric/josephine-love/strength/acceptance)(Fritz family-special intentions) (Anne-struggling with childhood molestation)(Patricia L.- Remission of cancer) (Family Peace & Mother Mary Blessings in J.Louis, B.Rathna Mary, L.Charles Anthony & L.Regina Mary family) (forgiveness of husband's soul/peace love in family/peace of mind for all of us)(Milder-stroke/poorhealth) (Steven-family member conversion)(Luke-emotional health/peace/maturity) (Christina-emotional health/happiness)(Brother/lung transpant now w/ pnemonia and blood disease/critical condition) (JB-miraclelooseweightasaphavehadlongbattlewithobesity-findrightcareeraemployed4neverworryaboutmoney) (Beloved Mother, please hear my prayer and grant my husband a job and grant my kids good spouses, thank you) (JB-asking4miracles/lose30lbbyx03/findmantomarryasap/findnewcareerasap) (Stephen-walk with the Lord/financial matters/grace/wisdom)(Kathy-special intentions)(Christopher-special intentions) (Cathlyn-operation recovery)(Cass Ivey-internal health not sure right now)(Traciís unborn baby/ good health-happy life) (Blessed Mother and Precious Jesus protect my son Greg in service gone to Iraq,keep him safe) (Sharon-anxiety/that spinal cyst is benign)(Sandra/healing for cancer in colon/pancreas/liver) (Baby Charles-newborn-struggling to survive)(Aileen-brain tumor-terminal)(Cecil-healing for pulmonary fibrosis/last stages) (J-Miracle-please-lose-50lbs-bbd04)(Jane-direction to choose right person)(Margaret cure for eczema) (Janet-Heal-BipolarMentalIllness/get out of debt/not worry about money/find right career/lose 50lbsasap/find right man to marry) (Fran-Amiracleplease-Helpherto-lose weight-gettohergoalasap/StFrancis-help-hertofindthemanshewill-marryasap) (Aimee-marriage problems/nondevout husband/Mental problems/keep children safe from harm) (Dave W-mercy/overturn harsh charges/sentencing/conversion/protection/help his family)(Neighbors-help in all situations) (Jesus/Holy Spirit/Mary-intervene in LJD health)(CLM-end very personal need)(AM-broken hip)(SD-strength/broken marriage) (Sarah-grace make decisions guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/restraint spending habits/Holy friends/safe job) (Mother-Maria Ramirez-diabetes/dialysis/overweight/heal illnesses)(Jesus Ramirez-heal diabetes) (singles in family/marry within God's will)(true conversion for all in the family/keep safe from all evil)(Safe trip for TJR andSJG)(love/peace/joy for family during holidays&yearround)(families/friends of family/have peace/joy/love) (Rachel-protection of Godís grace/safe trip/Holy Catholic friendís/academic success/choices guided by the Holy Spirit) (David-grace to do the Lordís will/restraint in spending habits/Christian engagement/Holy Marriage/job guidance/holy friends) (Allison-protection/conversion/job here in town next summer/marriage with David in future if it is the Lordís will) (John-guidance of the Holy spirit/good health/enough good money making jobs to keep the men working for the remainder of this year)(Traci/cure ms/healthy baby)(J-Miracle-please-lose-50lbs-bbd04) (Bill/mentalhealth/goodpayingjob/stopwatchingpornography)(Pam's health/employment)(For Pope John Pauls health) (Janet-Heal BipolarMental Illness/give strength to fight for rights of mentally ill/get out of debt/not worry about money/find right career/lose 50lbs/find right man to marry)(Elizabeth-healing-addiction-too food/sweet) (special pray for me and my friend Margaret Joyce)(Margaret Joyce's mother-heart propler) (Sister-9yr.old-takes fits)(Elisa's father-conversion,peace, healing)(Elisa-comfort,peace,strength) (Janet-HealBipolar/Getoutofdebt-notworryaboutmoney/loseweight-obese/findrightcareer/findrightmantomarry) (Sam-wife left him)(Ashley- son/spiritual guidance/becomes more sympathic & caring person to family) (Carolyn-dying from emphysema/COPD lung disease/ peaceful death or healing whichever is God's Will) (Janet-HealBipolar-FindbestJob-FindHusband-Notworryaboutmoneyproblems) (Jaime-healing/cured of leukemia/cancer-free/forever)(Joe-healing/favorable/test/ results/cancer-free) (Michael-overcomes/alcohol/problems)(David-heal/bodymind&soul/life&findsjob) George/heal/bodymind&soul/complete/healing/illness.Sally/heal/bodymind&soul (I pray Mother that Heath gets the job/working for Jessica,I ask this in Jesus name,Thanks Mother for always being here) (Florence/colon problem)(pray for God to bring an end to the criticism of all authentic visionaries) (pray that God would provide me with protection from ridicule as related to the vision & spiritual events of my life) (Pray that God would help me to make my presence known in a subtle way) (Heath & Julissa-happy marriage/career guidance/economic condition)(US troops in Iraq/Peace in country) (please help us in are presant needs all my trust in you please give me the faith to do that Ann) (pray for diane/surgery on Tuesday/Mother keep her safe and be well, thank you Mother for everything) (Molly guidance/removal feeding tube/grace of peaceful-death)(Neva /wisdom & best treatment for health problems) (David-mercy/protection/legal help/conversion/peace of Christ) (Ray-healing/conversion/end of addictions/bless marriage/peace of Christ) (Marcel & Irene-healing/conversion/bless marriage/peace of Christ) (Dick & Annie-conversion/end of addictions/bless marriage/peace of Christ) (Roger-healing/end of addictions/conversion/peace of Christ) (Pauline-peaceof Christ/conversion) (DW accusers-conversion/peace of Christ) (Brock Waggoner/6month old/tumors inside the heart)(Jose-job/son-guidance/Bob-leukemia) (My Grandson Junie Joseph is 12 and doesn't speak, has Tubular sclerosis) (Dearest/Blessed/Mother-Owen and I work out marraige/see what he is doing/and see the pain he is causing)


(husband-job/daughter-healing from Bulimia/son-guidance/peace/blessing on all our family) (Corky Pharr/successful heart surgery/peace &hope for him & Diane)(Veronica wisdom on why she should remain Catholic & seek annulment)(Al-cancer of the brain/prayers for his healing) (Ray-healing of liver cancer,hepatitis,cirrhosis/end of addictions/conversion/peace of Christ/bless marriage) (Marcel and Irene-conversion/peace of Christ/bless marriage) (Pauline-conversion/peace of Christ) (Roger-healing/ssd benefits/conversion/peace of Christ)(algebra/becca/financial help/rudyhelpwithcourt trouble) (Dave-mercy/help with legal trouble/peace of Christ/protection in jail) (Dick and Annie-conversion/end of addictions/peace of Christ/bless marriage) (healing for Rob-diabetes/high blood pressure)(Bill-legs/financial needs)(Louise-financial needs/prayers answered) (Andy -protection/blessed future)(Frank-protection/blessed future)(Kyle-protection/blessed future) (rain heal drought/solve financial problems ranchers)(Melinda-health/special intention)(Bill-health/special intention) (Steve-job/special intention)(Jon-special intention/health job)(Lily -children/health/job)(Lisa-health/special intention/children) (Sue-special intention/children/husband/protection)(Mary Ellen-special intention/health/thanksgiving)(Mary Protano-brain tumor) (Delores-breastcancer)(teenage son-temptations/girlfriend/peerpressure/grades/moral college guidance) (Eve-heal breast cancer/guidance for family/happiness/unity/compassion/love in family) (brother Robert-diabetes/HIVPos/comfort)(mother-compassion/reverance/patience/love/strength/wisdom) (husband-diabetes/anger/happiness/success/comfort/joy/strength)(wife-work/home/children/) (daughter-innocence/purity/sweetness/integrity/interview)(Family problam/after the sagereysweting/toomuch) (Ken-banish evil spirits/protection/coversion/peace)(Katherine-peace of heart/mind) (Laura Eric-conversion marriage)(Lewis-meaningful work/financial security/spiritual guidance) (Brother-John/surgery/prostrate-cancer)(Sandra and Gerarod Vazquez-healthy baby) (Jean/my mom-incurable cancer/pancreas, liver, stomach/very sick)(Gary-peaceful death) (Frank&Ethel-successful re-location,Shane&Margaret-heal marriage)(Chris-new job) (Reegan -help obtain meaningful work) (Alisha-admission MBA college/Indian Institure of Menagement)(L.Charles Anthony-Loss in business-Job&Money Needs) (Bless Joanne and help her in the best way she had a stroke)(Bless Joanne's daughter, Donna & her husband & children) (Blessings in efforts to get teaching position inBroward county)(madre mia,dale salud y proteccion a mis hijos Michael y Francis) (Deb-employment/housing)(Perlita-Faith/courage/strength/friends/help with her children) (Bob heal depression/ employment)(Chuck/Rose-financial relief/health problems)(God Bless and thank you for your prayers) (Our Lady Blessed Mother help my cousin Paula-cancer)(Thank you-for prayers you have answer for my family) (Daughter-Lorraine-healing/of fibroid tumor/uterus/pregnency/baby full term)(Richard/Kidney Cancer/Heart/Diabetes) (Daughter-healing from bulimia/guidance)(Husband-job)(Son-guidance)(Dave to get a job)(Angela to be happy again) (Michelle-David-conversion-marriage)(Janae-true love of God)(Miguel-conversion-return to family)(Healing-depression/Michael) (Eleanor-conceive a healthy baby)(DaughterMaryann-fatherAlansr-patience/love/forgivenessforeachother) (Pimentel&Ricefamily trip/TN/safetravel/love/getalongtogether)(Stephen-spiritual walk/stop financial bondage) (RylieJones-downsyndrome/lukemiababypoorhealth) (Parents-grandparents-RylieJones/strength) (Maryann&DarrenRice-continuemendingtheirmarriage/prayforbirthofnewchild) (DarrenRice-healwithin/murder/deathhismother) (Evan4-protecthimalways) (World Peace) (Alanjr-Kelly-mendrelationship) (Darren-inlaws-relationship/improveagain) (Maryann/Alan's-syblings relationship to improve with each other) (Lovingfriendsprayfor them)(Maryann-Alansr-pray/33+morehealthyyearstogether) (Joanna Musiimenta-problem with her muscles/convlusions)(Rosa-negative results/Teresita/no need kidney transplant) (Vern/daddy-safe bypass surgery oct 10/speedy recovery/quit smoking/long happy&healthy life) (Christine-release interest in New Age/depression/good Catholic friends/HolySpirit) (Matthew-blot clot in thigh/conversion)(JayWilliams-needs job)(Traci-cure MS/have healthy baby) (Barbara"Grim"Morse-cancer)(Ted DeNardo-pancreatic cancer)(Ralph DeNardo-Parkinson's Disease) (Lil AshleyC.-5yr/ill/no cure/praying for miracle)(Narrissa & Darryl-trouble-concieving/health-problems)(Dianne-cure from cancer) (David-grace to do the Lordís will/restraint in spending habits/Christian engagement Holy marriage/guidance in job/ holy friends) (Sarah-grace to make decisions guided by Holy Spirit/academic success/restraint in spending habits/Holy friends/safe job) (Rachel-protection of Godís grace/good holy Catholic friends/academic success/choices in life guided by the Holy Spirit) (John-good health/guidance by the Holy Spirit/good money making jobs) (Lauren-healing of pre-cancerous cells)(Loci-God provide assistance releasing all spiritual events within my life for publication) (bless my search for and find a permanent teaching position in a good school; Edith) (Guide my daughter Susana lead to good holy people bring her back to faith) (Luis-happiness in marriage(Luis V-listen to God's voice and guidance)(Sara-listen to God's voice/guidance become innocent/ calm restlessness(God please intervine God I trust you/I am not afraid-Please heal me of OCD) (keep my friends and family in peace and love)(CathyMitchell-prayer-troops/Afghanistan) (Ed-special-healing)(Kathy-special-intention)(Chris-special-intention)(Stephen-spiritual walk/finances)


(Beatriz-diaz diverticulitis/hemorroids)(Armando Garcia-very sick)(Maria, Elsa Ramirez-diabetis)(Juan Olalde-diabetes (Magdalena Diaz-high blood pressure)(please keep family together)(cbc-heal, no surgery, physical power) (brother-in-law,girfreind havingproblems)(husband in Iraq pray he comes homesafe)(daughter's that they always seek God for their ansewers),(for all children that they become moresympathetic and caring for all),(mother-in-law and father-in-law to stop all the bitterness between them and family)(brother-in-law starts acting like the adult I know he can be) (all my husbands friends that are in Iraq with him that they come home safe also)(Melissa Salazar-unknown sickness) (Phylis-healing bone cancer)(CLM-desperate situation needs immediate help)(me all my familly & fruen) (Hugh-cease losing temper/heartproblems/bleedingretinas)(myeyes)(fdee/roxanne-quit/smoking) (Paula-conception/healthy pregnancy & baby)(Ellen'sSpecial-intentions) (Jerry & girlfriend-in darkness, drugs, gambling)(baby Alan-5 mo. old, critical)(my son Chris-job/glorias love) (Paul Jette-cancer, make him well without pain)(Nancy-peace in family/better paying job/for marriage) (Dad-find happiness within,Mom-good health,C&J-everlasting love,K-find true love,me-same as K) (John-surgery/open heart/five by passes/given blood thinner/too much/tonight bleeding inside/back in surgery/young son/two daughters)(Mike, Jake, Charlie, Lucy-keep safe)(Blessings for brother, Nick's-life/vocation/find right woman to marry) (Edith, new teaching job/may it become permanent)(Blessings on my Dad's health)Blessing on my family's health and well being) (L.Charles Anthony&B.C.Mary Metilda-good child birth)(L.Regina Mary F, Jeyakumar & Children/family's peace/love/affections) (John Paul II, poor health)(L.Charles Anthony-profitable reliable money needs job) (Mother's Divine Intervention/son Dennis-conversion/reconciliation/transformation of hardened heart/peace love/return to faith/husband/Jordan)(Barney-health&weight lose()Joseph-freedom from alcohol) (urgent need of healing from Bulimia/for my children/job for my husband)(Eve/Kyle-special intention) (Kathy-special intention)(Grace-healing)(Fr J Bijak-stroke)(Please help Kathy)(Brian-in prision in Thailand) (pray for my daughter, me, grandchildren & family so we become closer to God) (Marilyn-prayers for healing of manic depression/financial burdens)(Bill-Job stability)(Suzie-store) (Kay,Karen,Suzanne,FatherSyracuse-miraclesforhealth)(Conversion-Joey,Anne-Marie,Frank,Rosie) (Junior AtteaLawsuit ended)(Husband-inIraq)(Myself-abnormal/papsmear)(Raquel-fighting with family)(everyone fightin for our country)(that good overcomes evil)(brother-stays well after/kidney transplant) (niece & boyfriend-find/jesus in their heart/stays working/better/life)(my daughters-stay on right path with God) (my husband & I-have knowledge patience to teach daughters everything they need to know) (Melanie-health problems with/bladder)(myself-help me to lose/weight/be healthy)(my daughters-/stay/healthy) (Cheryl- come around again)(dad-heart/stays healthy)(mother-/less/stress/from my father) (father-have more patience)(Husband-make right decision about leaving job/& /working for family) (father in law be less angry with the world)(Husbands family-more considerate of others) (help anyone who is sick and in need of J esus's hand that they accept Jesus in their hearts) (Craig-employment)(Beth & family-return to the faith)(Carl-heart condition/attitude adjustment/family healing) (Monica+Christopher unite in loving relationship)(Nancy/ heal lungs and spinal injuries) (Ray-healing of liver cancer/cirrhosis/fibrosis Hep C and all relatedeffects in his body/bless and protect marriage/healing of addictions/conversion of heart/peace of Christ) (Dick and Annie-healing of addictions/bless protect marriage/conversion of hearts/peace of Christ)(Mom and Dad-bless protect marriage/conversion of hearts/peace of Christ)(Pauline-mercifully hear the prayers of this poor mother for her sons/peace of Christ)(Roger-receive ssd soon/survival needs/physical healing/healing of addictions/peace of Christ) (Adam-physical healing/conversion of heart/peace of Christ) (Lolie-healing/peace of Christ) (Traci-cure MS/have healthy baby)(Elizabeth Cook-come back to God/cancer has been removed, but she loss her faith in God) (James and Rosemarie Bui-their marriage)(Rosemarie Bui-pain on her right knee) (Lauren&Nick mend their relationship so they can spend their last of year of high school together happy)(Chris to find a job in the home area so we can afford to stay here )(Healing of Mary's heart from childhood wounds by family) (don't feel terror I feel/don't loose my job/reputation is not distroyed/keep job & name clear of gosip/that I can forgive) (Dan-find job in another state)(Eleanor-conceives a healthy baby)(Please continue to Bless my job search for a English teaching position in agood school)(Please Bless the people in Instructional Staffing in Broward County Public Schools, Florida)(Please Bless and Protect my husband Curtin all things) (Please Bless and protect our children in all things)(Harold-physical/emotional problems) (Kim and family-jobs/back to faith)(Blessed Mother please grant my husband a job before your birthday) (House-no problems)(For Roy to finish airline school)(For Andrea to help her decide to put her child in Catholic School) (For Lauren to help her get through difficult days at school)(For Lisa to help her get a job near her home) (Michelle-restore hearing/heal nerves in ears/remove all blocks to wellness/able to conceive a healthy child)


Bless my family and friends in health and happiness) (Kerri-heal/remove tics)(Please Bless and Protect my fathr and brother for health and prosperity and happiness) (Joseph T.-passed away)(Michelle-House no problems)(heal scar on heart/Phealfamilydiscord) (Kerri,7yrs.old/eye tics)(Michael-new job/guidance/love)(Grant family-health/restore faith/peace/love/understanding) (Patrick-2 bonemarrow transplants)(Irene-2nd bout cancer)(Annmarie find husband/child/peace,healing/family conversion) (Barry-suicidal)(Maria Mai-fast recovery of lung cancer)(Beth/child custody/support/9-08-03 hearing) (Robert-heart/serious,heal his heart) (Jimmy-ms-bad health)(Janet-Help me find work that serves you, Holy Mother) (Art-successful bypass surgery)(Craig-new job)(Tracy-mind/body/soul healing) (Roseanne-healed of parkinsons disease)(Sr. Anne Marie-Dr's will find out what is wrong with her) (Mary/Chris-special intentions)(Natasia-special intentions)(Lamonte-clean heart/forgive all/love/peace/good job/respect parents) (Almeida-clean heart/forgive all/love/peace/good grades/respect parents) (Poy Lan-hypothyroidism)(tom-colon cancer) (daughter-bulimia, husband-job, son-guidance) (Repose of soul of my parents; good spouses for my children; Leila conceive a healthy baby) (Blessings to find a teaching position/also, bless whoever hires me as a teacher)(Bless my efforts to correct the paperwork) (Pray for my family, may health and good works continue)(Bless Pope John Paul 11)(employment for Pam)(peace for mankind) (Blessings/deliverance for my family,being terribly tormented)(Lamonte-clean heart/forgive all/love/peace/good job/respect parents) (Almeida-clean heart,/forgive all/love peace/good grades/respect parents)(urgent prayer for-my friend in danger of sin) (bless-mcbs-ashram)(LJ-life threatening serious/health problems)(CLM-emphysema/serious feet problems/desperate situation) (Sue-lung cancer)(Joyce-breast cancer)(for my daughter Mary who is on a destructive path) (Dolores-stomach cancer)(all Souls in Purgatory)(Sarah-guidance college/protection/Godís grace & safety!) (John-progressive ms/falls alot)(Thank-you Blessed Mother & Jesus)(Judy-healing/special intentions/liver-ok) (Kyle-very special intention)(Eve-very special intention)(Kathy-special protection/healing/safe trip) (tonya-broken heart guidance in a Christian relationship)(Eve/Kyle-special intentions) (Andy-OCD,depression/anxiety)(Katie-healing of stomach disorder)(Marv-heal lukemia)(Mark-rn,peace/conversion/change of heart) (Shaina-conversion/obedience)(Terry-Healing of mind,body,and Soul/continued sobriety/help with relationship) (Bryan-mental illness/drug & alcohol addiction)(Beth-to find forgivness)(Kristy-drug addiction/keep family safe) (Laurie-find peace/serenity in Christ through Intersession of the Blessed Mother)(Dad-my his soul rest in God's Light and Peace) (Susan-strength,courage, & wisdom in this fearful time)(Mom-mental Health/strength, & courage after Dad's death) (Glory Be To the Father,Son, & Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and forever shall be, world without end, Amen) (My Most Blessed Mother-thank you for hearing my Prayers!)(Jeff-tonsil cancer-poor health) (Judy-cancer/oral)(Sal-cancer/bladder)(Carmen-cancer/colon)(Linda-cancer/breast)(Dec/MS)(Deirdre-multiple birth defects) (Christine Antenucci, Ohio)(Katie-heal marriage/support/peace/comfort)(Katherine-conversion/peace/friendship) (Ronica-conversion/peace/support)(Rene-guidance/conversion/heal marriage/husbands relationship with son) (Kris-comfort/support/peace/strength w/kids while husband's away) (Kristi and Brian- safe and healthy preganancy & baby)(father/critical/pray)(Michelle-House work out fast) (Pray for the Episcopal Church and intervention in the problems caused by the Convention, may the resolution be positive) (Prayers that the Leadership of the Episcopal Church USA will come to its collective senses and resanctify itself) (Thank you for blessings and the job interview opportunity today, please help me continue on to the job) (Thanksgiving & Blessed Mother's intervention for Peter/protection/guidance & success in exams on 18/16/03) (Somer-cancer, dying)(healing/Bonnie's swallowing problems)(Pat&Donna Passe/healing of marriage)(Kris help w/children) (Evern-stop smoking cigarettes/overcome addiction to nicotine)(Lamonte-forgiveness/find a good job) (Pink-blood preasure/kidney problems/good health)(Meida-lose weight/good grades college/love/forgiveness) (Gmol and husband, special intentions)(Mable and family and prayer group) (MikeSr.-bad smoking habit for 35yrs.canítquit)(Mary-cancer and problems with her leg) (MichaelJr.-diabetes/nerveitching/careerdecision/relationshipw/dad-marriage/family/sellhouse) (Brenda-onlydaughter-financialprob/mediation for time w/son Jordan3- Anger, Frustration of Brenda & Jordan) (Me-very thin unhealthy works hard not enough financial gain-marriage &,relationship w/son & daughter so angry, frustrated) (special intentions for Chris)(special intentions for Kathy)(healing for Amanda)(healing for Helen) (my daughter and Demetri, pray that she makes the move that would benefit her life)(Mary-cancer can not walk without a walker) (pray for daughter, lost husband, raise small children alone, heath, love happiness, fortune, and come back to God) (Bless my father and brother in all things good and wonderful, protect them)(Bless my husband, Curt, may he get the job promotion)(Bless my children in all things)(Please continue to Bless my job search, Thank you, Edith) (Adriana/physical-spritual health,healing-releasing pain)(Luisa's breast cancer pls.take into your hands) (Rachel-protection of Godís grace/good holy Catholic friends/academic success/moral choices)(Nancy/for work&mate) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/good health/Holy friends/restraint in spending habits)(David-grace to do the Lordís will/restraint in spending habits/job and city to live in chosen by Our Lord/promotion in job/Christian engagement and Holy marriage(pray for Nancy, Bob, Jim, Peg, Deb, Felice, Sam and Ben)


(Kathy-broken marrage) (Frank-verysick/ronarecovery from stroke)(Mom critically ill/heart/pressure/kidneys/mental status/starvation/dehydration) (Rick Tietz-with our Lord in peace, give family-comfort/support/peace)(Michael-recovery from drug addition) (Father Martin Israel an unwavering servant of our Lord Jesus Christ in his time of need)(Sanders-ankle injury to heal quickly) (April-Age 6-has aggressive cancer)(Lisa-completion of house before September so children can be settled in new high school) (healing of Dave & Tim's relationship) (healing Renee's kidney problems) (Maria successful tonsil & adenoid surg) (healing Mitch's hernia) (Barb no cancer)(Connie-restore hope for schooling) (Chuck & Rose-financial relief/health problems)(Son Michael Athiest daughter Jacqui agnostic conversion needed) (Precious Jesus, Holy Mary, St. Gerard pray that Eleanor becomes pregnant)(Mary Jane-daughter makes right decision) (Salvador Castilleja-cancerous brain tumor)(Peter/Qquito/conversion/travel/exams)(heal Dan-mental illness) (Darrell/anger/problems/drugs)(Ernest Rutaganda-missing)(Roxie-heal stomache tumor)(Lisa-stay at home with kids) (Kara Jennine 19-pray for guidance & protection of God's grace)(Mrs Sisulathervy- Battling reocourence of cancer) (Chris- healing of his heart and being at peace with his decisions in life)(Bernadette- future husband and family) (Kathy-special intention)(Linda-special intention)(Dick-speedy recovery)(Chris-special intentions)(Pat&Ed(special intentions) (Manuel Garcia-passed away from a deadly illness caused by mosquito bites) (Anna-allergies/health/marriage-understanding/stepchildren/husbands ex-wife) (Hunter-asthma/foot/ankle/skin/growth,height)(Gabriela-marriage restoration/reunite family/Husband Rick repentance) (Steve-graves/illness,eyes)(Annie-neck pain/ankle swelling/BP)(Ken-Melanoma-pray for healing) (Karen S/ surgery Tuesday, July 8th)(Ida Sidderio, lung cancer, stage 4)(Dr. Onopochanko/ surgeon/ healing) (Tim/family healing)(Tom/ family healing)(Susan/ lou/ phillip/nickey family healing)(Stephen/mike/david/steve/karen/ family healing) (Theresa-pregnancy/downsyndrome child/peace/healing/comfort/husband's support) Rene-peace/comfort/support/courage)(Mandy-peace/comfort/miscarriage/support) (Cari-peace deal w/autistic child/husband's support)(Mary Ann S.-rest in peace/family comfort&support) (take Louise's body pain away)(Christina-sees injustice/unfairness happening to others/wants fairness for all) (Barbara-heal my health stomach issues)(Heather-killed in a tragic car accident on May 17, 2003) (David-grace to do the Lordís will/direction/good job that he enjoys and will support him/path to a Holy marriage or vocation) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/restraint in spending/protection of Godís grace) (Rachel-good Holy Catholic friends/protection of Godís grace/academic success/patience/direction) (Bill-NewJob)(JuniorAttea-LawsuitDismissed)(Cancer-SeanMiller)(Store-Suzie)(Conversion To catholicfaithJasha,Anna Saviano) (StrokeKayAttea)(KarenAtteaLumpon Throat)(FrankAndBrendasTo Work)(Janet Mary Caliguri-cancer) (Thank you for help in the positive job interview on 7-10-03, for Edith;prayer for a positive result. Thankyou) (continued health for John Howard, bless his platlets into abundance and help him be stronger) (Bless my brother John Nicholas in all things)(Especially, please Bless my brother's budding relationship with Amanda) (Bless St. Peters Episcopal Church in Niagara Falls NY, let it become rich in the Spirit and prosper) (Bless the Cities and County of Niagara)(Bless Frank Pritchard who passed into God's Hands at the age of 92) (Bless my husband,Curt, in all things and bless our children as well)(Thank you for all of the Good things that have begun to happen for our family)(Don-Ulcerative Colitis/conversion)(Abby-colon,thyroid,alcohol addiction,successful business venture) (S.H.Jones-conversion)(Mary-Peter-Joeseph-conversion/health)(Clair special intentions) (Paula-graces)(Virginia-graces/health)Keck's-health)(Palellas-Blackburns health conversion)(Daniel V.-Leukemia)


(Judy's dad/brain cancer/conversion)(Kathy Price-cancer)(Bryan-eye problems/reading deficit/Tourettes/respect/reverence issues/adoption issues/sibling needs, our finances)(Bruce-all his needs)(Jean-knee problem)(Jan-knee problems)(Minnie-hip problem/surgery)(Sandy-hip surgery)(Di, Mary Karen, Christine- Sisters of Life-first vows)(Sr. Maria Kateri-final vows)(Priests for Life, Catholic Answers-defeat rapture theory/conversions back to the Faith, for increase in vocations to priesthood)(Fr. Doheny-all needs Fr. Keating-all needs, Fr. John and Fr. Ambrose -all needs)(all unwed mothers to keep their babies, end of abortion)(Jackie-leg virus, Planned Parenthood-conversion)(Jeff homeless/conversion/health/healing) (Eileen-healing/conversion/mate)(Janice-conversion/mate)(Matt-nnulment/healing/mate)(Vin-healing/conversion) (Michelle-conversion)(Judy-birthday blessings/continual renewal of Faith)(all our God children-know and love their faith)(Mercy on us all -enter Heaven/love others unconditionally on earth/repair any relationship damage/friends with all)(all in conflict-peace) (Adoration chapels-to always be filled/promoted/adored/visited by Catholics and non-Catholics/realize and teach True Presence) (For the Poor-God multiply food/supplies/prayers)(Jonathan/guidance overdecissions/heal his soul) (Blessed Mother&St.Jude'sDivine Intercession For my sonDennis/Converssion/Protection From Evel) (Irine, Dustin, Clarissa, John-aching hearts. God's blessings on us all. We love you and miss you Irine) (Don-tumor, Reegan,Jed-work)(jude/annie- pray for good health and a baby) (Jude-to get a good job)(Osborne/Owen/Kenney to obtain visas from Abu Immigration Authorities) (Gary save his soul & mend broken relationships)(Nigel-help him to get a better paying job & in his field of work) (Jaime/had bone marrow transplant/testing for genes & blood cells/may God bless her with a healing cure of leukemia) (Bob P. returns to good health very quickly)(Pam's mother to get well/give Pam guidance to take care of her needs) (Kellie,Ed their marriage/new baby/good job with benefits for Ed)(Danielle-infertility) (Marty-alcoholic/needs intercession)(Michael Duncan-Cystic Fibrosis)(Nicole&baby during delivery & after) (pray for Tiw Taylor, Myung Park & daughters, Robert Barbot, Margaret Erlitz, Brian & Family, Debbie, two daughters, William Wells, Junior & Senior, Connie & Don Sieber & family, Jamie, Peter, Robert Jr., & Fa. and new kid, Joseph Barbot-cure from Parkinsons' disease)(Richard, Len, wife, Warren & Jeff Jensen, the Lomas Project, Jay Rodgers, Scholl districts) (Dee Dee Diana -Hepatitis C/mother of a 3 year old/be together with her soulmate)(Jerry-return to me lost love/children) (Steve-reuniite with God and family/bring personal peace and love/family in trouble facing divorce) (Mike M.-heal brain cancer/faith/support for family)(Jim-back to the hospital after knee joint replacement surgery) (Donna Elizabeth Stagon, who lost her life in a car accident on November 11.2002)(Trini-healing/depression/financial) (Sarah-grace on decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/restraint in spending habits/protection of Godís grace)(Rachel-protection of Godís grace/good holy Catholic friends/the grace to pray with the heart) (David-grace to do the Lordís will/pray he will pass Marta with car this week/Christian engagement/good holy marriage/promotion in job/guidance)(Tafera-daughter mental illness)(Yvonne-smoking addiction/& to find love and happiness) (Joan-fast recovery surgery)(Anne's Grandma-healing stroke/hip)(Bev-healing chemo)(Paul's Grandfather-peaceful/happy death) (Dennis /mother/Relationship/Comunication/Restore UnityFamilyBonds/Relationship/resstored/abundance/of Compassion and forgiveness/Specifically/Strained relationship Lord I Pray that you will drive the wedge of division and bring healing) (Arvind Kumar Varma,Avinash Kumar Dwivedi,Vikrant Rana,Arun Rai,Javed,Ashok,Rajnikant-jobs as seamen) (St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Niagara Falls New York, bless with Divine Mercy allow Church a rebirth as a spiritual center) has fallen on hard times, this will help)(Edith, divine intervention, blessings in teaching job at a new school) (John H. strengthen his body even more and bless his platlets into abundance) (John Nicholas-be a husband, bless Amanda his friend from school into noticing that JN loves her) (John Nicholas feels called to the Priesthood in the Episcopal Church, bless his efforts in that regard and in regard to Amanda) (JN needs a good job that pays well, bless him in that regard)(Bob Michels-cancer)(Eve-special intentions)(Ed-special intentions) (Maryanne-CNS lupus/avascular necrosis/antiphospholipid antibody syndrome/need miracle healing) (Rosalina-motherhood and marriage enlightenment) (Michael & Renario-nervous breakdown illness) (Sharlene/losing battle with cancer/very sick/please pray) (Kia Johnson/execution 11.6.03 texas) (Ray-very sick liver cancer-Mother please help him) (Mom & Dad-peace/conversion/bless marriage) (Pauline-sons are in desperate situations-Mother please help her) (Roger-sick and disabled needs social security disability) (Dick & Annie - conversion/bless marriage/end of addictions)(Susan-weight loss/world peace)(Gary- lung & brain cancer) (Uncle Cono-lung cancer/needs miracle)(Mr. Pathrose J., his wife & son)(Anna healing/children be close to Jesus) (Chaucer-promoted on job, prayer of thanksgiving)(me & my sister-do well at school)(Francis-good health for our family/blessings) (Mike-pass National EMT & practical exams)(Don-successful surgery & quick recovery)(Marion & Todd -start healthy catholic relationship)(Colleen-direction&peace)(Margaret Shortt/Bi-polar depression)(Patricia cronic pain)(Josephine lung cancer) (Holy Spirit of God please intercede heal and grant peace/LJD/HepatitusC with serious complications)(JohnF-ancer)(Safe plane trip from Fla./Ca. for DS/JF/SD/RD/CD June 10 and return June 18) (Divine intervention/CM/desperate situations & healing from serious medical problems/peace and guidance) (for Marissa Casimiro to start with her New Job Urgently this->June 2003)(Sophia-teeth/cavities) (almightyGod/grant/grace/conversion/forgiveness/all sins/with/tears/Amen/alphonse/kikwai)(Bill-44/nursing home/stroke) (heal Mark's heart/bring him back to my life) (help Marie and Sean's marriage) (please bring me peace of heart) (Kim-miracle)(Marie-healing)(Elizabeth-children who are going through hard times,and my husband too) (Marina-healing)(Van-healing)(Fred & his family-salvation)(Darleen & family healing)(Barbie,Jose,Ava,Alex healing) (Ed-excellent health)(Leona-successful operation&excellent health)(Kathy-mental&physical healing) (Edwin-sickness to be healed/success of our present mission/renewal in Jesus Christ/get my dear aunt back rid of all headaches from my life/my future in Jesus Christ)(Evelyn-healing of mental illness, Bill and Gerald, healing of mental illness) (Celia&Rogelio Couder that the Holy Spirt guide us in doing the paper work free of errors and all our applications being sent in be approved)(Ed-habitualsin/lack of peace)(Brandon/Vincenzo get a job)(Lydia's diabetes/blood pressure) (Lanny-battling advanced colon cancer-also in lungs)(Mike-courage,strength,receives raise)(Richard-brain tumor will not return) (employment for my husband, healing from Bulimia for my daughter and assistance and guidance for my children) (Aunt Emily just died last Monday pray for her peace and for her family) (Francis-prayers that I may have peace and strenght to move-on on my personal life) (Prayer for help/guidance regarding financial crisis)(Prayer for my daughter safety home) (spiritual healing for Booey and her family) (healing of brain metases for Susan)(Mama Catherine/skin cancer) (Janet & Dereck Kane,Cindy Johonson & Kevin Johonson,Martin & Rhonda Neynens,Theresa & Colin MacLean (prayers for the families that seem to be falling apart all over the world)(Maryann-weight loss-financial management-inner strength) (Francis Ann lorette who is expecting twins on Christmas Day)(Cure Illo of bone cancer/face swelling) (Aunt Emily She has 50-50 chance of survival)(Haraldur, Son/Brother/father,has lung cancer, need a miracle to save his life) (need some prayer for my 21 year old son may have lymphoma and hodgskins disease) (Sharlene/malinoma/very sick/pray to get well and relieve pain) (Mike M. successful brain surgery)(Rene&John-guidance,increase faith) (Mike-job promotion)(Mark&Deb-heal marriage)(Kirsten-referral peru adoption)(Bob&Shelly-healing,conversion) (Mitch-conversion,peace,healing,forgiveness)(Colleen-guidance,peace)(Matt&Amy-bless wedding,happy life together) (Cindy&Bob-peace,forgiveness,healing,comfort) (Eric Moor-execution may 21/Texas USA) (Shaina-guidance,discipline)(Dennis -Depression/Conversion/Reconciliation/Stop Smoking/transformation in body/heart/soul.) (Michael-happy life, special intentions)(Daughter Lisa-abnormal pap smear-healing if needed) (Franny-husband, diverticulitis)(Albert/Gerardo/David/Abraham/Teresa-Return to Catholic Faith/growth/Respect others/love one another/assist aging and sick parents)(Shenita/Kathy/Gerardo/Regee/Avonte-peace/love/God's watchful hand/love for family/respect for others family) (MariaG/Jesus Ramirez-health issues/Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/God's Will) depression, regain peace/healing for family/leave peaceful family life, like the Holy Family) (Rafaela/Oscar/Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention for family unity and extended family) (Geneva L-healcancer/comfort for family/Accept God's will) (SanJuanaG/Teresa/Eva-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/health/Holy Godly man for marriage) (MariaGM./Magadalena/Peace/Godly wisdom/Familyhealth and spiritual life) (JoeHarper blood clots be disolved adn restore his health) (Martin Ruiz Kidneys respond to medication and his health be restored)(Josefa Santiago health be restored) (healing of my broken and wounded marriage and for the whole family of Rudi and Sharon Mol) (Marty-esophageal and liver cancer)(Jerome and John Clayton executed 14.5. in USA)(James/boy/melonoma) (Judy/ovarian cancer/fear)(Amanda/anxiety/depression)(Joel/Tourette's Syndrome)(Kathy/quit smoking/gift forgiving) (Tawny/conversion)(Shannon/blessing)(Ann/ blessing)(Terry/guidance)(healing for Aunt Josie/Cioci from stroke) (Ray-healing of liver disease/stop smoking and all addictions/conversion of heart/bless marriage) (Dick and Annie-end of addictions/conversion of hearts/bless marriage) (Pauline-healing/peace of Christ/conversion of heart) (Mom and Dad-healing/conversion of hearts/bless marriage/peace of Christ) (Roger-healing/help with social security disability/conversion of heart/end of addictions) (Harley-healing/peace of Christ/financial help)(DavidMoore/return to good health) (John P. healing of depression/anger/resentment/lack of respect for mother) Acceptance of his adoption and return to God)(LauraRaczyk-restored to good health) (Jim DeMola/many health issues/depression/return to good health)(Grace/patience-motherhood) (Ed-peace/prayers/first anniversary of death)(Joe & Mary-Our Blessed Mother's Intercession/Peace/God's speed) (Rachel-Good health/healthy closure of av fistula in heart/protection of Godís grace/good holy catholic friends) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/good health/protection of Godís grace/good job this summer)(David-good health/grace to do the Lordís will/promotion at work/restraint in spending habits/Christian engagement and good holy marriage/no car problems)(Jaime/bone marrow transplant/for/leukemia/may/she/receive/healing) (Lillian-successful bipass surgery thursday-healing & comfort)(Deb&Mark-strengthen marriage,guidance w/Bryce)(Thanksgiving for Baby Mary)(Heal R&C relationship)(Somer Doll-needs Jesus and Mary's healing hand has terminal cancer) (Hokula & Mazur families-special intentions)(Chris-find good wife)(Nancy-lesions on her liver)(Hannah-brain tumor/infertility) (Josh and Ashley M.-healing of ADD/depression/anger/return to God)(Rachal M.-relief of financial woes) (Donnie M.-quick healing of surgery on foot)(Rachal M-healing of obesity and all illness caused from said obesity) (Patty-heathy pregnancy/Rich-husband-smoking addiction-happiness/Fr.Sudac-many retreats/Donna-poor health-living angel among us)(Sharon-safe surgery/better health)(Barbara-Dercums Disease)


(Mary-prayers to go to Lourdes) (Regina Kroger-come home to her parents she ran away)(Samantha-has a mucle disorder in a wheel chair at 11 years of age) (Justin 14 yrs age with brain tumor left side)( 34 yr old Na Malinko he is searching for the lord Jesus Christ) (Jennifer-children August,Paris, Kelly please heal their father bring him to Jesus) (Suzette-dieing)(Bill-new Job)(Junior-do the lords work and recieve monies back) (Mary-trying to conceive) (prayers for DD with alcohol, & drug addictions)(Terry/Kathy/marriage/bless/heal) Deb&Mark-give strength,comfort,guidance for son Bryce)(MaryLou-insurace issues)(Bev-strength,conversion,comfort with cancer)(Cari&Jeff-strengthen marriage)(Mike-pass EMT course)(Rene-rearrange priorities)(Dennis Reconciliation/forgive all-Pease LoveTransformation of harden/heart)(Mary Ann Meniere's/tinnitus/vertigo/TIA..direction and action with love/trust)Franny-stomach pains)(Susan-rheumatoid arthritis)(Emily-Lupus)(Steve-drug addiction)(Jenn-heart problems/pancreatitis)(Heather-Depression) (My children-church)(Fran & Dave-work)(Amanda-anxiety/depression/anger)(Gordon/Dale/Kelly/Tyler/Tinay) (Mary/Tawny/Dona/Shannon)(Jason)(Joe-emotionally ill)(Cory/Gay/break stronghold) (Christy/Mike/Kevin/Eric/ryan/Kim/Meagan/Seth/Tyson/Rick/Leslie/Jen/Jamie/Kathy/Wendy/Tim/Kristen/Shelby/Tom/Terry) (Kathy/smoking/drinkingalcohol/breakadditiction)(Joel/tourette syndrome)(Ernest-kidney failure/coronary artery disease/poor health/bowel problems)(Rosaline-healing of womb/ conceive healthy baby/ pass Access Certificate in English Language Teaching exam)(Daniel-wisdom/ excel in studies)(Louis-financial breakthrough/ blood pressure)(Angela-heart problems/finacial/housing)(Gary-back injury)(Terry-Blessed Mother's Intercession/depression/confusion/drug & alchohol addiction)(Joseph-Return to physical health / free of cancer)(Thomas-Return to physical health)(Herbert-Return to physical health / free of depression / find a job)(Mollie, mother-altzheimers/depression/attitude)(Dad-find co.check)(Kim-confidence/strength raise Samantha)(Bev-healing/comfort/faith)(Mike-pass EMT course/strengthen family provider)(Kris-healthy delivery/healthy baby)(Aunt Emily-Myoma,kidney stones/family can keep up with finances)(Sharlene-malinoma/very sick)((JimDeMola-many health issues-depression)(Gail Odgen and Family/melonoma caner/take care of her 3 children)(Jon-pray for the return of my son back to our family)(Ushamme-mother that she is physically healthy and God grants her longivity/I meet my soul mate and my marriage partner)((Lisa-thyroid condition causing multiple health problems)((Thavanasen/needs a job in his profession/needs guidance with business idea/needs spiritual upliftment)(Bob-help with finances/quadroplegic)(prayers for DD with alcohol, & drug addictions)(Gospa-help Hansueli/operation)(Calvin-heal cancer)(pray for Mr Thomas and Mr. Dixon)(Rachel-protection of God's grace/good holy Catholic friends/college choice made by Our Lord)(Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/good health/safe apartment next year chosen by our Lord/protection of God's grace)(David-grace to do the Lord's will/restraint in spending habits/ Christian engagement and Holy marriage/promotion in job)(Mary Beth & John - heal their marriage)(Martha total coversion accepting Gods will)(pray for my children Garron & Jason Carmichael-return to a realtionship with God/return to church)(Susan-Bulimia/work/livingexistence/Damian)(Ashley-protection from evil/perserverance/ clarity/not nervous/acceptance of God's will)(Dick and Annie/bless marriage/conversion of hearts) (Mom and Dad/bless marriage/conversion of hearts) (Ray and Sue/bless marriage/conversion of hearts/physical healing for Ray) (Pauline/bless/conversion of heart) (Roger/bless/conversion of heart/physical healing/SS disability approved) (Harley/bless/conversion of heart/physical healing/financial help)(Edwin-grace to forgive those who had wounded me)((Neva Cavill/complete healing hip infection)(Mary Jane/healing shoulder)(Julie guidance for marriage/return to faith&Church) (Randi/heaing from miscarriage)(Randy relieve stress fears & anxieties/be able to sleep)(Cindy/complete healing eye)(Bob therapy/knee relieve depression)(business for Rob)(Dick & Mary peace/death of son)(Amy-comfort&peace w/adoption process) (Therese-find Good Catholic Husband)(Kim-healing/faith/strength/courage w/down syndrome baby) (Baby Samantha-comfort/healing/love)(Jenny-adopt child/God's will)(Rene-guidance/faith)(Janice-FT job)(Kris-healthy pregnancy) (husband needs to find doctor to handle medical papers for disability insurance company by April 17)((Neva Cavill/healing hip infection)(Mary Jane/healing shoulder)(Julie guidance for marriage/return to faith&church)(Randi-healing from miscarriage)(Randy relieve fears & anxieties/be able to sleep)


(RoseQuisay/lupus/kneesurgery/arthritis/JeromeFukuhara/diabetsLu-pemphigus)(Andy-depression/OCD) (Magaly/children-deliverance from evil)(Fr.Israel-health/strength)(Marlene/family-deliverance/protection from demonic cult) (M.P.B.-strength/clarity in action and direction)(Chris-Life mate Doretta)(Pamela Lynn -Conversion/Mental Health) (Mary-cancer)(Sue-cancer)(Donald-cancer)(Kris-stop drinking/find good husband/have a baby/be a better Catholic)(Charlie-cancer) (Mary-Chronic back pain due to surgery/BVM intercession overwhelming serious financial employment problems due to health) (Mrs. L.-health issues/Blessed Mother's Intercession/Jesus Comfort/family strength) (conversion of heart, deliverence of alcohol and return to the catholic faith for son Lee Roy) (Please Blessed Mother That my husband fine the job that is right for him)(JohnH/healcancer&prayforfamily) (Michael-healing/schiziphrenia/depression/spiritual/increased faith/healing from two failed marriages/acceptance of self/retainment of job at bank)(Shane who is 5 years old and suffers from autism) (Heavenly Peace for the soul of Charles Nordin Ritter whopassed into eternal life on Sunday March 16, 2003 at age 84) (Joseph-dying of terminal cancer/God's Speed/Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Terry & Susan-continued sobriety)(Joseph's Family-Jesus walk with us)(USA&Iraq&Korea-Peace/Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Holy Father's Intentions)(Susan-Father dying/Trust in Jesus Promise of Ressurection/Blessed Mother's intercession in overwhelming situation) (Carol - abdominal tumor/ chrohns disease)(LJ/serious life threatening health problems)(CM emphysema/a clear CAT SCAN report with no Cancer/end to a personal problem)(BD give up Smokimg and Alcohol)(Jess/protection and send her a good positive friend)(DS relief from pain and send her a good companion to share her life with) (Dear God please Bless America and bring Peace to our World let your will be done and guide us to find it) (Sue Ellen-special prayer for me and my family/peace) (Adriana's-health-and protection/ Blessing for Stepps Family)(Kathy-conceive a baby) (Kevin/suffering from depression/alcoholism/Blessed Mary, heal his heart) (Lony-my grandchild Myrjam, 7 years old, crying every night)(Joyce-special intentions) (Thavanasen/needs job as town planner/needs confidence in himself/trust in god) (Puthenveetiil-eczema/bleeding gums/things go well in marriage) (Dick-gets job soon)(Ray-healing/conversion of heart/continued employment/bless marriage/peace of Christ) (Dick and Annie-healing intentions/conversion of hearts/bless marriage/continued employment) (Pauline and Roger-healing intentions/conversion of hearts/peace of Christ) (Marcel and Irene-healingintentions/conversion of hearts/peace of Christ/bless marriage) (George Bush-to do the Father's will/conversion of heart) (Peace)(Pray for Ms. Shanti having Kidney failure for her recovery) (Mr. Thomas Gomez and Dixon Thomas who is working in the US to get green card) (Carolyn-daughter Nicolette, she may do well and be o.k. in the face of the adversity (Carolyn-I can do better to provide for all of Nicolette needs, financially/emotionally/spiritually) (Don Garrett/emphysema, respiratory problems/return to physical health) (Nancy Brandon/Rest in Peace with Our Lady) (Sharon-sons/need job/heal mother's cancer)(Kitty-heal daughter kelsey/bring her home/heal Kitty) (Gloria-very sick)(Sally-be healed of copd)(Scott-career-well-being-life companion) (Dennis-Pease/Conversion/Blessed Mother protection from all evill.)(Joseph-Conversion/healing/Alcoholism.) (Nicolas and wife who are asking the Lord for a baby thru the intercession of Our Lady) (Deacon Paul-very sick and suffering)(Reunion of forcibly separated families)(Laura-pray for no war with Iraq) (Rachel-good holy Catholic friends/ protection of God's grace/ go to the college that is the Lord's will) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/ protection of God's grace) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/restraint in spending/job to support himself/ good holy marriage or vocation to the priesthood) (Donovan family & sick and poor)(Laura-left eye)(Laura-my family including Chris who has a bright future) (Fr. Alam- for Cindy suffering member of the Mystical Body of Christ)(Lydia-age 8/Severe headaches/Migraines/Pray MRI -OK) (Frank-health issues/alzheimers/eye-problems)(Rachel-come back to God/do God's will in her problem/peace for Barb and family) (Brody-healing/mother-pregnancy wellness/peace/conversion,Sandy-peace/conversion) (Nancy Krocak dying brain cancer-angry-spiritual healing-last rites-healing for family) (Francis Michel repose of soul - comfort for Bernice & family)(Char-self-esteem/love/marriage/health/Tom/children) (Ashley-safe trip, God's protection from all evil, insight to make right decisions and ability to feel God's gifts deep within her soul)


(Rene-healing,forgiveness,strengthen marriage)(John-love Nik,conversion-strengthen marriage)(Ann-heal family ailments) (Lisa-breasts healing)(Katie-healing,forgiveness,strengthen marriage)(Kris' friend-healing,financial needs) (healing & relief from back pain for Michael - thyroid is normal)(more work for service dept.) (Precious Jesus/Holy Spirit/Blessed Mother Divine Intercession/LJ serious health/ Hepatitus C with serious complications/CM health/serious personal need) (DD/mental health)(JohnF/cancer and family)(BD/safe plane trip) (Total conversion for ann)(marriage ken & ann laura & jeff conversion& living together without marriage)(Pagie-a child cancer) (kenn steeves gay & has cancer)(christiane in her 40's miscarriage now in hospital with problems of red blood cells)(Conversion by all family members)(Conversion by all coworkers)(Jesse-breast cancer)(ann-confession to repent search my soul for my sins & confess them)(ann to truly trust in God)(lose weight linda p ann linda k karen stephanie)(stop smoking john william & ann) (jennifer 's mother mentaly unwell sends hate letters to her daughter)(francine's mother alziemers)(jean pierre father Leg cut off. his parents divorced mother very bitter)(margaret-breast cancer)(cliff- work accident cut fingers bad)(valerie musle problems) albert stroke.rita & jean paul l love & forgiveness tolerance of other short comings) (Linda emphazima)(jamie eyes losing vision(sandra-mother of 3 young children/blind) (ann-gall baldder liver gass tomach problems)(ken-health back problems) (john william-lose weight/be converted) (Karen-conversion)(Joe Cristina-fire burns)(juniorlawsuitdismissed)(suziegetsbuilding)(billnewjob) (Diana & Guilherme/acceleration in the transformation of our love/healing sacred wounds/strengthen our unconditional love, commitment and faith in each other through divine intervention, AMEN) (Jordan-peace,conversion-cureSchizophrenia)(Joseph-alcoholism/maintains his sobriety) (Dennis-Willingness to stop Smoking/Blessed Mother Divine Intercession) (Ms. Ligi-suitable life partner)(Justin/StopSmoking)(Alex-job)(Justin V-good job and wife) (my faith and love for our lady grows more and more/bring Jesus in the lives of my children & wife/make their faith even stronger) (Jim-healing rare skin disease, gift of faith) (Pete-successful angiogram) (person to take incoming phone requests for St.Mike's prayerline)(relief from pain for Margaret)(Matthew&Jennifer-repair marriage)(Sue Ellen & family-pilgrimage to Medjugorje) (Susan's successful surgery on lung cancer)(Gabes family-under satanic attack/God stop permanently) (God heal Gabes family)(Nancy-healing of depression/drug addiction/conversion)(greg/tonyfinancialdifficulties) (Char/Tom job direction/Family healing for children & grandson/char-inner healing of self-worth/doubt) (Kori receive permission for PHD tests today - pass PHD tests on 2-22-03) (Pat & Harland guidance health decisions for Jeffrey) (John & Pat heal alchohol abuse -safety for Missy) (Jim successful surgery) (Renee-no smoking/startmusclebuilding/ms walk may 30)(Marie-healing from Lou Gehrigs to raise my girls) (Dave/Dad-understanding,direction,comfort,peace,support-find good work replacement for Colleen) (Betsy-good health/myself-happy marriage, miracle childbirth/family-united) (junior wrongfull lawsuit dismissed)(bill new job stress killinghim) (rose,joe,frank,to find jesus love)(suzieto do gods will makedecission on store,building)(Allen B.-good test result) (Edwin Gomez-guidance/intervention of Almighty God on our present mission)(Beth-holy-death,Family&Friends-comfort&peace) (Lisa-healing,Tim-peace)(Tina-healthy-pregnancy,safe-trip)(Ann-healthy-baby-delivery,Richard-peace)(Jodi-comfort-peace) (Grandfather-peace)(brothers-conversion)(parents-conversion)(Cari-Jeff-Nicholas-strengthen-family-hope)(Katie-conversion-peace (Colleen&Mike-fast-sale-home,support-wisdom,children-security&peace,Dad-comfort,wisdom,support,peace) (Marty&MaryLou-safe-travel)(Kris-witness-peace)(Gloria-peace-heaven) (mom-severe back and leg pain, find comfort) (Tim-find patience and gratitude for God's grace in healing his throat cancer)(Becky-find warmth and grace towards siblings) (Jimmy-bring him home safely from Saudi Arabia)(Tara-continue her strength and love for Jimmy) (Pierre-stop smoking)(Paul-severe arthritis/itchy rashes)(Cynthia Arbaje-coma, non responsive) (my brother Nick-his journey to Heaven is quick and peaceful/ that our dad is there to greet you after such a long wait) (YvesSanJuan-graduate/nursingschool/may2003)(Ashley-perserverance, feel the gift God has given her) (Lee-find healing/health/prostate)(Bev-faith belief that everything is for the will of God)(Bev-find strength/carry on/self Esteem (prayers for Kathy,Sue,Cindy,Eve,Mary,Chris& Carol)(prayers that Mary is completely healed)(Eve and Cindy's intentions) (Chris-find good lady that will love his children and him)(June-severe scoliosis/eyes)Mary Jane-healing of my throat) (Baby Isaac-born early two heart operations/blood infection)(Kalpana-give peace and conceive baby soon) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace) (Rachel-grace to pray with the heart/good Catholic friends/go to the college chosen by God for her/guidance of the Holy Spirit) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/good holy job that he can support himself with/restraint in spending habits/holy girl to marry) (Sy and family to be at peace with the passing of wife and mother as she rests in peace) (Mary L. is home safely with God and loved ones as we are promised) (Willy maintains his sobriety) (Mary P is at peace and able tocontinue eating healthy and exercising to lower cholesterol and remain healthy) (Lisa has healthy pregnancy and baby) (Shelly regain health quickly) (Elaine-bi-polar illness)(brother Jim & Cathleen-gifts/guidance)(strengthening Jane & Demetri's relationship) (Gloria-help family)(Edwin-repentance-anointing of Holy Spirit/marriage/finances/present/future/mission/co-workers/family) (Diana and her soulmate love/United by Heaven/Trust and commitment/Passion and Love/healing and faith/Amen) (Ray and Sue-healing of mind, body, soul/conversion of hearts/end to addictions/peace/bless marriage)(Marcel and Irene-healing/conversion of hearts/peace/bless marriage)(Dick and Annie-healing/conversion of hearts/peace/bless marriage/end to addictions)(Roger and Pauline-qualify for SSD/conversion of hearts/healing/peace/end to addictions) (Sue-conversion of heart/bless upcoming marriage)(Don-conversion of heart/employment)


(Brenda-breast cancer) (Christine-liver disease) (Tony-cure Schizophrenia, conversion & meet holy mate) (Tom-stop smoking cigarettes)(Bobbi -plantar's fascitis in left foot) (Mary Kushner-completely healed from accident)(Jane Kushner-Roswell Cancer Hospital needs prayers) (Lou-good report from doctor)(Darryl-reconcilation with L.A.M./united by God/joined in body/heart/soul/spirit)(Margaret-cancer) (PTL for good healthy test results; healthy pregnancy for Jennifer)(good speech test results for L.) (Tony-prayers for finding work/desperate financial need)(Maureen's & Tony-relationship be blessed) (Mary Jo-Courage to begin job search, Mary's help in finding one)(Marty-Continued success in beating alcohol addiction)(Dear Jesus & Blessed Mother's Divine intervention for my son Dennis healing of torn ligaments of Knee/Good MRI. Pray that he would not nead surgery.)(Dad-cancer/Blessed Mother's Divine Intercession)(Son Bryan-Alcohol and Drug addiction/Blessed Mother and St Jude's Divine Intecession)(Joe-Special Intentions/Blessed Mother's Divine Intercession)(Terry-smokoing/Blessed Mother's Divine Intercession)(Susan-Willingness to stop smoking/Blessed Mother and St. Jude's Divine Intercession) (Family-Most Holy and Sweet Jesus,Blessed Mother/help us!) (Jake&Charlie-choose right school)(Mike&Colleen-direction on moving)(MaryKay,Dave&Terry-safe trip) (Precious Jesus, Blessed Mother and Holy Spirit intervene for a successful foot and leg surgery for CM and climax to a personal situation)(Thanit-heal Bell's Palsy/get good job to support family) (Bernie-successful surgery and return to health/special intention) (Joseph-healing/alcoholism/Depression/Return to Faith)(Dennis-healing knee/Depression/Peace,Love in his Heart) (joe/maryann/marriage problems/gift of children)(Dennis-healing/Peace/Conversion/Reconciliation) (Bill/newjob/sue/newplaza)(JrAttea/lawsuitsettled)(joe/work/suegoodyearbusiness)(rose/love)(JenniferDoreen/Arthiritis) (Marina-gall stones/liver problems/safe surgery)(Gilbert-new job/stop smoking)(Alice-stop smoking/happiness) (Gloria-unspoken prayer request for family)(Molly change heart/discontinue living with boyfriend/confession) (Jamie-healing deteriorating muscles/good EMG test/compassionate doctors)(Jenny Leppert-complete healing/mutiple injuries/unfaithful husband change heart/children well cared for) (Mark-cancer-healing)(Chris-pneumonia recovery/improved eyesight/memory/physical appearance) (Chuck-appointed Probate Judge)(Jane-help-withdecision)(Lynn-enlightment)(Anthony-back in law school soon) (Diana-healing in pelvic floor muscle/no more pain/no discomfort/no anxiety/blessing-guidance about love/heart/body) (Mike & Kari-please bless them with a healthy baby)(Mom-cancer/Dad-poor health/Joe&Karen-infertility) (Ray-healing of HepC/liver/all disease/peace/end of addictions/continuedemployment) (Marcel-healing/peace/conversion) (Irene-healing/peace/conversion) (Roger-healing/peace/receive SS disability/conversion) (Pauline-peace/healing/conversion) (Dick/Annie-healing/bless marriage/peace/conversion/end of addictions/continued employment) (Sue-end of addictions/conversion/peace)(C-job/peace of mind)(E.G. special intentions) (Rose-new job/financial guidance/peace of mind)(Evern-stop smoking cigarettes)(Lamonte-good job/spiritual growth) (Meida-money for college)(P-job security/stop smoking cigarettes/love/peace/joy)(dtr.geevery-sick aids) (Mary & Joseph-special intentions)(Gloria-for those in the world who are without) (Cathy Monica D-thanksgiving for surgery went well/now recovery over/asking our loving Lord for good job) (Joanie's Mom-less physical pain in back/arthritis painful leg/peace flood her tired spirit sweet Jesus) (Timothy-recover from surgery/find a job)(Gordon healing&no surgery)Art/good stress test)(no strike/St. Lucas Care Center) (Eddie-complete recreation)(Eddie & Ginger-Medjugorje trip)(Eddie & Ginger-lives and marriage recreated by Holy Spirit) (Dorothy-healcancer/comfort for family/safe surgery)(Greg-find happiness and peace)(Kara,Randy-conceive healthy baby) (Rodney-restore health)(doctors find correct medication-manic eposide /stay out of eastern state instution) (Mike increase self esteem/John&Chuck honesty,integrity&fairness to employees)(niece,Mary Stephanie/stay in Catholic faith) (Larry-Michelle-ability to conceive a healthy child)(Paul-need of a job)(Dianne-need of a better job) (Gina-forgive herself/husband/understand & put in the past forever)(peace/health/mother to call me/darman/patience/love) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/restraint in spending habits/good holy job and career/Holy marriage with faithful wife) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace) (Rachel-protection of God's grace/good holy Catholic friends/guidance in college choice according to God's will) (Cole Hanrahan's illness)(Peg slough-several medical problems) (Lisa-healing from OCD, depression, regain peace/healing for family/leave peaceful family life, like the Holy Family) (Cindy Schloegel-healing leg infection)(Effie Mother Alzhimers) (Clarence Father Itching, nerves anxiety)(Brother Rod anxiety fear/needs job)(Debbie for work in home city) (Bob seeks medical advice)(Blessed Mother and Precious Jesus intervene LJ-life threatening serious health problems) (Gloria-healing for reconciliation with true love/united with Jesus Christ our Saviour and God our Heavenly Father joined in body,heart,soul and spirit/healings that all my family will be blessed in the same way that they too will know that our heavenly Father loves us all)(Mike-work hours promised)(Jake-healing)(Fr.Freeman-go to Medjugorje) (Ethel-seeks treatment-heart condition)(Prayers for the Russiani family in Canada)(Helen-healing/relief from itching) (healing for my sons Dan & Mike Gingras and increased faith for my husband Mike Tessier) (For all of my family/husband Mike/2 sons/Dan & Mike Gingras/brothers & sisters/neices & nephews/inlaws) (Jim Cikanek healing-gift of faith-Bishop Dudley more days in Medjugorje-Michael Rohr successful back surgery) (Kalpana-want to get pregnant soon)(Bridget-arithritis/bad heart)(Joe-diabetes/bad heart/prostate) (Bill-bad shoulder/arithritis)(Anthony-please give confidence during baseball season/confidence when making decision for college) (Diana/reconcilation with true love/united by God/joined in body, heart, soul, and spirit) (Randy-tell wife whole truth/heal his heart/Wife will forgive all /heal) (Joseph-health issues/Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/God's Will)(Olive-bad back/Parkinsons/In pain all the time) (Bob-heal knee/Marion-husband&holy catholic marriage/Mike&Colleen-direction/Orphans-find families/Peru Adoption Office-openess,divine intervention overseeing adoptions/Waiting families-patience&love) (Chris-severe depression, help him make contribution and keep evil away,Mom-weight loss, lupus, and evil away)