(enough salary to pay bills)(Joseph-health issues/strength/family strength/God's will)(Jude-greencard success) (Gregory-autism/Divine intervention)(Francisca-Loss of faith/Divine intervention) (Kristina-health/safety for family-conversion-career change-home-end child abuse/abortion) (John-healing&forgiveness,Gordon-healing of health,Fr.Rick-openess to Medjugorje,Michael-successful back surgery,No War in Iraq)(Gloria son Coleman Hanrahan' illness)(Dick-stroke/paralysis-speech) (Ginny-salvation)(Bill-cure cancer)(Cathy&Greg-heal relationship)(Thomas-grace of change/same sex attraction) (Michelle-healing/Irene,Michael-pureconversion/peace in family/Cabrini-healing)(Maggie-Lupus/high risk pregnancy/poor health) (James O'Flaherty-depression)(Crowley family & friends, living and deceased) (Genny-conversion of daughter and other family members)(Shawn/Healing/Wholeness, Karen/Healing/Wholeness) (Allison-prayers for unborn baby)(Cane K. for bld testandbiopsy to be normal. 4yrs old/nonhodgkins lymphoma) (Ray-healing of liver disease-very sick/conversion of heart/continued employment/peace of Christ/end of addictions/help in his needs)(Marcel&Irene-conversion of hearts/bless with peace of Christ/help in their needs)(Dick and Annie-conversion of hearts/end of addictions/peace ofChrist/continued employment/help in their needs)(Pauline-conversion of heart/peace of Christ/help in her needs)(Roger-matters of health/finances/bad situation/conversion of heart/help in his needs) (Diana and her soulmate-divine guidance/overcoming challenges through the power of faith and true love/December 12 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe-united in love)(Cindy-4fingers-sucessful reattachment surgery,healing,comfort,energy for 6 children) (Mike S.-find job)(Nick-liver disease-very ill/Tom-help keep house/divorce) (Doug-a good job)(Paul B./Brain Tumor/need a Miracle)(Yvette Enriquez-no serious injuries from car accident/get closer to God) (HolySpirit please Divine Intervention/LD-successful surgery-no complications/find Peace within/Hepatitus with severe complictions very ill)(Blessed Mother Divine Intervention for DS/health/family and present needs)(Holy Spirit of God please Divine Intervention/CM desperate situations)(JF/academic success)(V&BD/guidance in their marriage)(Susan-Employment/faith/hope)(David Rivera-rest in peace) (healing/highbloodpressure/gums/teeth/arthritis/anxiety)(Mom-healing back problems/restless legs) (M&Em-to find best husband&dad)(Katherina-alcohol problem)(Ruben Montanyo-hodgekins disease) (Dr Georje Paul,Principal of a catholic medical collge in Kerala, rest in peace)(Mark happiness/love no more axiety) (Rachel-good Holy Catholic friends/protection of God's grace/ guidance in where to go to college in accordance with our Lord's will ,and the money to go)(Sarah-protection of God's grace /grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/restraint in spending habits?Holy friends)(David-grace to do theLord's will/academic success/ graduation at the end of this semester/restraint in spending habits/Holy Catholic marriage or vocation to priesthood)(Joe-online sex addiction/help for our marriage)(Lucy, Ralph, Ginger, Eddie-go to Medjugorje)(Gloria Jones & sister-improved health)(Mary Jo-Mary's blessings on me beginning a new life in a new home)

(Diana-Gui/New Years Eve together/unconditional love/healing/faith/blessings) (Salvador Castilleja/brain tumor)(Arturo and Aaron/their school/job/relationships) (Maria and Guadalupe/health)(Lisa/job/health/parenting)(Claudia-all her needs met/good job,peace in her heart & mind) (Clarissa-healing diabetes/renal failure-kill the flesh-debt-peace-family)(Michael-healing from drugs) (Dennis-return to Health/blood pressure/poor health) (Joseph-guided by holy Spirit /healing/alcoholism)(My children-Tito,Adam,Amanda-inner peace/conversion) (Lee-find the answer to his mediacal problems-help with Lee & Bev's financial problems) (Carmel's-leg healing)(Thibodeaus'-career success-over dyslexia) (Gloria-special intentions)(Special intentions that Terry will realize)(Healing Prayer:Son Dennis-Conversion/Love&Peace) (Camilo-lung disease/tumor/loving father)(Bren[bayougaltx]'s mom/cancer/hope for full recovery) Lauren-vocation to be revealed at December retreat/conversion of Jonathan Seifert/cure of my facial skin) (terry-kind heart/wise mind/loving spirit)(Almeida-at peace/kind heart/good grades) (Marylou-conversion incurable cancer-healing)(Maria-a devout Catholic fighting cancer)(Andrew&Sandra-financial-help) (Juanita-surgeryrecovery/financialhelp)(Katlyn Morford, age 8/ tumor on tibia bone)(Grainne-breast cancer, surgery November 15) (Diana-brokenheart/pain loss of soulmate love/recovery/guidance/peace)(Emilie-today's decision to be put on liver transplant list) (Ria Zannelli-physical/emotional/mental strength/health)(Nancy Brandon-terminal cancer-chemo treatment starting 11/11-full recovery)(Madeline-MS)(Joyce-diabetes/high blood pressure/over weight)(Kathleen-diverticulosis/arthritis) (Angel-illness)(Marlene-heart condition/diabetes/losing vision)(John-lung cancer/M.S)(Marianna-lupis) (Eliene Frias-lung cancer)(Abigal Biegal-battling cancer)(JohnH-goingtomedgugorje-prayforcancercure) (Virgina-health complications)(Mara-pregnant-healthy baby)(Michelle-career)(Tito-needs a job)(Ed Jr-drug addiction) (American soldiers in Afghanistan & overseas-stay safe, come home soon)(For All Cancer Patients) (Marlene DeLude-cancer found/more treatment ahead/full recovery) (JaneBurgchardt-being baptized mormon/seeking the truth) (Lonnie-Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/getting to Sylvan Springs/God's Will be done)(Dennis & Sarah-Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/protection & care)(Terry & Laura-Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/Grace & Strength/make thier hearts like Our Saviors/forgivness)(Susan- thank you for hearing My Prayers/God's Will be done.) (Ray&Sue/healing/faith/bless marriage/continued employment) (Dick&Annie/healing/conversion/bless marriage/continued employment) (Marcel&Irene/faith/bless marriage/peace of Christ/perseverance) (Roger/healing/financial help/conversion) (Pauline/peace of Christ/perseverance) (David-grace to do Lord's will/academic success/graduation/restraint in spending/Holy marriage or vocation priesthood) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace) (Rachel-protection of God's grace/good holy Catholic friends/good score on her ACT/money to go to Catholic college) (Judy-terminal cancer Sparks, NV)(John-renewed health/ stronger bone marrow cells)(Donna W. renewed health) (CRW-renewed health)(Nick-renwed positive good future/job-career/find a good woman like minded-marriage-children) (Robert-heal residual brain tumor)(John-Heart Disease/spot on lung/HBP/successful return to health God willing) (Laurie-Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/Grace/strength/Jesus Peace)(Matthew-health issues/Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/God's Will)(Nagel Family-Blessed Mother's Divive Intervention/Grace and strength to heal from death of 16 yr. old Kristen/lukemia)(sipenafrancia-ovarian cancer healing/strength&peace for her/family) (Nick-ADHD/behavior)(15 year old son Brandon - Non Hodgekins Lymphoma /relaps) (Holy Spirit please Divine Intervention/LD-successful surgery-no complications/Peace within) (Blessed Mother Divine Intervention/JF-successful outcome withserious situation)(StaceyD&children safe roundtrip FL-NY) (DorisM/successful medical proceedures)(MT/successful court outcome)(Emily-please heal/help parents/grandparents/find peace) (Kalpana-want to conceive a baby)(Greg-alcoholic/getting married/abstain alcohol/make proper decision) (Gail and her son-free from the abuse of husband and family)(Theresa, Andrew, Joseph, Lawrence-eceive God's peace)(Prayer for my children, grow in love and respect for God, and that I, their mother, can be a more patient mother with a kind and loving attitude)(Pray for Ruth's grandson's health to return.) (My sons-health/safety/happiness)(Son-job, wife getting pregnant)(My husband & my health) (Daughter-in-law toconceive a child)(Sister-in-law to remain healthy with her battle with cancer)

(Daisy-healing eyes/diabetes/conversion/finance)(Evern-to stop smoking cigarettes/healing/good health/love) (Ola j.-conversion/ become saved/healing mind /body/finance)(Jan/chronic pain/depression/anger/obesity) (Nicolas Bell, bone cancer)(Jan for mother/greater love/forgiveness/peace)(Marion/spinal pain/obesity/panic attacks/depression) (Marion & Jan/greater communication)(Dad-mm/make it and pain go away/Porfirisf family) (Husband-Gary-obtain truth/freed from grip cult group/unite with heart of Jesus Eucharist) (Evern-overcome addiction to cigarettes & nicotine/stop smoking/ healing/good health)(Almeida-thank you Blessed Mother) (Paul L's mother/pain/liver cancer/alleviate suffering/peace)(Corina-brain dead accident 15 years old) (Catherine/holiness)(MaryLou-successful knee surgery/quick healing/unconditional love) (Bev-guide doctors/heal lungs/heart)(Julie&Chris-conceive a baby/faith)(Mitch&Shelly conversion) (Meghan&Maria=find ailments)(Rene-strengthen her faith)(Chad-conversion/forgiveness)(Janice-conversion) (Doug-Divine Intervention/on or before feast of St. Jude Oct.28)(Gilfred-infection/complete total healing) (Moses-joblessness/tormented)(Holy Spirit please intercede/LJ/HepatitusC/serious complications) (JF/control behavior/do good in school and home)(DS/health/financial help) (Stacey&EricD/sucess in new business venture)(Divine Intervention/CM/desperate situations) (TheresaH healing cancer)(CA/success in job applied for)(Divine Intervention for Ed H/successful heart surgery) (Ethellollis-bodypain/bloodpressure/asthma/loneliness/stopsmoking)(Lucy-pre-cancer/family/loneliness/marriage) (Mrs. Brandon- my buddie, Bobbie's, Mom- riddled w/cancer, little hope -full recovery) (Caroline "Corky" Zannelli-liver ailment/depression full recovery/spiritual healing/strength) (Ria Zannelli-severe OCD/depression/anxiety-off meds 2 lose med wt. gain, withdrawal BAD) (Zachary Joseph Zannelli 2 yo-speech delayd/poss hearing probs) (Natalie Ann Zannelli-OCD/depression/anxiety/peace of mind/healing) (Ria Zannelli-thanks Mary, prayer answered job interview)(Joanne Torrelli-strength/peace of mind) (Catherine-suffering/anxiety/pray/for/right/medication)(Ken-pressure/stress/financial problems/relief) (Cheryl-love for life come to her/show sign/new challenge opportunity/quit doing right thing/send sign) (Karen-love/marriage/deep union before the end of next year)(Cheryl-eauty from inside to match outside) (Elizabeth/apartment from waiting list)(Sissy-depression/abuse/prescription pain medicine/back pain) (Amanda-depression/panic attacks/help)(Jill-reconcile with friends/peace)(Jill-stop smoking) (Ray/healing from & ability to take Hep C medication w/ocomplications/stop smoking/conversion of heart/bless work & marriage) (Dick and Annie/stop smoking and end to other addictions/bless work and marriage/conversion of hearts) (Pauline/bless with the peace of Christ/conversion of heart) (Roger/healing/financial relief/conversion of heart/stop smoking) (Steve-better health/prosperous/divine intervention/wisdom)(Theresa-better health/no complications) (Willistine-lukemia/Blessed Mother's Intervention/God's Will be done)(Angela-God's Grace and Strength/God's Will be done) (John B. K.-Greater faith/perfect healing/diabetes/blood pressure/kidneys/appiness/joy/gratitude/love) (Natalia-communicate verbally & clearly/end devlopmental delays)(Evern-stop smoking/good health/grow spritual/love everybody) (Almeida-good health/test results normal/academic success/love everybody) (Tig-asthma/general health)(Bruce-multiple myeoma)(Jill-stop smoking)(Charles Dailey-cancer) (Eustaquio Briones/repose of soul)(Let Mark feel my love and bring him back to my life) (Pete-recovery/ability to be compassionate/forgiveness)(Rita-conceive child/heal infertility/health/happiness of family) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/academic success/graduation December2002/restraint in spending/good,holy job and direction of the Holy Spirit/Holy Catholic marriage or vocation to priesthood. (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace) (Rachel-protection of God's grace/good holy Catholic friends/good score on Oct. ACT/guidance from Holy Spirit about college choice)(Virnigs-healing of family/guidance for business)(Almeida-good health/good grades/peace) (Intercessory prayer cell at 4 o' clock to 5 o clock everyday in the Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel) (My health-decisions, move or not move/son's health/children's need)(Paula-Blessed Mother pray for healing of cancer/) (Steven-Blessed Mother Intercession please grant this favor we pray for andprotect your son) (Aunt Jen-pray for recover from surgery/Blessed mother we love you please help and protect us. (My older son-health,happiness, safety)( My other son-health/happiness/safety/find a job/good girl to love) (My husband and myself-health/happiness till we grow old)(My daughter-in-law-concieve a baby)

(Julie-problems due to injury/God's will be done/Blessed Mother's intercession) (Tom Kennedy good employment/love)(Shannon/Tom-breathe/normally) (Robert/pancreatic cancer/healing)(Ferrence/twins/healing)(Mary/cancer/healing)(Jim-healing alcoholism)(Jennifer-grace/job) (Premature twins-health)(Colleen-faith)(Lucas-healing/autism)(Robert-healing/cancer)(Mary-healing/cancer) (Steven-Blessed Mother Intercession please grant this favor we pray for) (Paula-Blessed Mother pray for healing of cancer)(Aunt Jen that she recovers from her surgery) (Brenda & Steve-strength/strong faith) (Trisha (5 1/2 yrs. old)-autistic needs miracle/communicate verbally & clearly/eating/behavior/anxieties understand common sense & safety/learn quickly) (Brenda-digestive problems/anxiety) (Joshua (10 yrs.)-serious behavior problems)(Elizabeth-difficult times/anxiety/strength/faith) (Ruthann-health problems)(Zoya-seizures)(Connie-brain tumor), (Anna-brain tumor), (Lino-heart disease) (Bob/Jud-multiplemyeloma & lymphoma)(CM/Holy Spirit please Divine intercession for desperate situations) (Lou/nita/Kelly/Louie/Carol-Healing Relatonships/Lou-vocation/ministry)(Avid A. Hannula, Jr.-life support from dirt bike accident) (Precious Jesus Bless/LJ/Hepatitus C/complications/needs miracles)(Jessica F.control behavior/addictions/accept professional help) (DDS/physical/financial help)(Stacey D/health/family)(Holy Spirit Bless/CLM/health/family/ present needs/desperate situations)(Nicole/18yr.died/peace for her precious soul) (Louis (now 3) has autism)(Haley-healing of cancer)(Mary Crowley-old girlfriend bad thoughts and feelings) (Cheryl Marchette-Scoliosis/bone disorder genetic disorder on maternal grandmother's side) (CS-Divine Intervention)(Patrick-healed from this 3-year-ordeal)(Frank/financial/marriageproblems) (Eileen-Cerebral Palsy) (Pat-cancer/radiation sickness/feel grace holy family/healing from Our lady) (Caroline "Corky" Zannelli-unknown liver ailment/blockage/diagnosis healing soon/severe depression/emotional stress) (Ria Zannelli-thank you Mother Mary for not giving up on me/giving me another chance/strength & courage to get my life back) (For All those affected by the September 11, 2001 tragedy...For the survivors, may each day bring a little more comfort and healing to your hearts than the day before. For those who were lost(Theresa H. successful treatment for cancer return) (Jonathan Lee Daniels-tonsillectomy surgery)(Bobs-full recovery from heart surgery) (Chip/leukemia stage4/hepatitusC/needsmiracle)(Olive-weaknesses/depression/loneliness/special intentions for son) (Queen of heaven to interceed for me a poor sinner)(Gina-Financial blessing)(Jaime-help graduate nursing school/faith) (Jeff-help with his marriage)(Jim help with his job)(Mary Jo-a rose from my Lord that it is time for the move) (My son's health/successful surgery/safety/job)(My other son/safety/health/find a good job) (My daughter-in-law-conceive)(My husband-results of test to be okay/happiness in our marriage)(My health) (Steven-Blessed Mother Intercession please grant this favor we pray for)(Paula-Blessed Mother pray for healing of cancer) (Ray/healing of liver/related problems/conversion of heart/continued employment/bless marriage/work/bless with peace of Christ) (Dick and Annie/conversion of hearts/end of addictions/bless marriage and work/maythe peace of Christ be with them) (Marcel and Irene/conversion of hearts/bless marriage/and bless them with the peace of Christ) (Pauline/conversion of heart/bless with the peace of Christ)(Roger/conversion of heart/new job/bless with the peace of Christ) (Sue/conversion of heart/bless marriage and work/promotion)(Tricia/chemicalimbalance/headsmell/closerrelationshipGod) (Gracia-dementia/breastcancer/asthma/Parkinsonsymptoms)(Darien-teeth/recedinggums/cavities,Sophia-cavity) (Rachel-academic success/good holy Catholic friends/good college decision/guidance of the Holy Spirit) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/ academic success/protection of God's grace)(David-grace to do the Lord's will/grades necessary to graduate in Dec. 2002/academic success/grace to stay in Catholic college/Holy relationship and Catholic marriage or vocation to the priesthood)(Cathy-heal infection and liver condition) (John-heal kidney condition)(Chris Lee-craft store to turn a profit)

(Katie-control behavior/inspire to do well in school)(Gina-financial blessing)(Diana-healing multiple illness) (Mark-let him feel my love)(David-continue to heal)(Dad & Family successful cleanse return to health) (Mary and Sy to be cancer free and regain good health quickly) (Mel to be in peace as Bette rests in peace) (Kim's dad)(Ann-mild depression agoraphobia addicted to valium)(Kike to have a good friend) (Theresa O'Flaherty-peace)(Jimmy-depression)(Michael O'Flaherty-marriage/nervous tension)(Anne-marriage and good relations) (Vincent-cancer)(MaryO'Flaherty-sociability/depression)(Mary Crowley-jealousy/loving/caring)Colm(career choice) (Diarmuid-happiness)(Stephen-sloth)(Donal-compatibility)(Jerry-family)(Crowley family)(aware of hurting other people) (Gina-pituitary tumor, potassium level causing possible cardiac arrest or kidney problems) (Tim&Elaine-renew love/faith)(Elaine-weight)(Eunice-comfort/faith/alzheimers)(husband-hurt and work/can not pay our bills/help) (Maureen/Michelle/Robert/Paul/return to the sacraments/conversion for their families) (Maya-job)(Aaron,Mary/harassment)(Jean, cause illness unknown)(Jill-control temper/anxiety) (Tracy-needs much improved heath and better job,dental insurance)(Tonya-needs old job back with no stress) (TimB-NonHodgkins-lyphoma-please/help)(Tracy-needs decent heath insurance) (Tonya-needs better hmo Dr.'s/job back)(boy friend needs decent heath insurance so he can go to the Dr.'s) (I need better DR.'s so I can get a refferal to see specialist for thyroid diseases/need my job back) (Michael & Sharon's marriage)(Brooke's health, Parkinson's disease & depression) (Bernie, Breda/bereavement/mother-bridie)(Mother,Nanda Dissanayake-parkinson patien) (Jordan Marie -healingof ears -mother's health)(Ray-successful, safe biopsy showing little or no disease)(Christine-liver disease) (Stan Choate-successful treatments for heart)(John-cure of hepatitis for sake of children)(Norman-cure his depression) (Susan-heal tinnitus, my husband)(Rachel-cancer/healing)(Lorna-rheumatoid arthritis/healing) (Billy D-for his full recovery grand mal seizure)(Mary P-weight loss success for health reasons) (Mary-cancer/strenghth for family /God's will/Blessed Mother's Intercession) (Valerie-Grace to do God's will in recovery with alcohol/Blessed Mother's Intercession) (sons Kevin & Brian)(daughter-in-law-concieves)(husband & myself-health/happiness)(Ernie-cancer) (John-heart surgery tomorrow)(Chris-please remove obsessive behvior, quit smoking)(Judy-need full time job) (Dave-please ease stress from work/ help us find a way for him to be able to quit the job)(Sandhya-missing from home) (Kat-peace in work place)(Kathy-healthy baby)(Katie-grandmother-return to health/mother-relieved from parkinsons) (Holy Spirit bless-L.J.-Hepatitus&complications/poor health/ Jessica-School-direction/ Carol-safe plane trip-Carlee-Baptisim) (Janet Mary Caliguri-cancer)(Steven-Blessed Mother Intercession)(Paula-Blessed Mother pray for healing of cancer) ((Please God heal mysiste rmary is real)(PleaseGodlockmythoughts)(Vincent O'Flaherty/multiple myeloma/lung pneumonia) (James O'Flaherty/depression)(Crowley/O'Flaherty Family/jealousy/co-operation/love) (Ray-healing very sick/blessings on work/continued employment/conversion of heart/peace) (Dick and Annie-bless marriage/conversion of hearts/end to addictions/peace) (Pauline - bless with healing of her sons)(Marcel and Irene-bless marriage/healing/conversion of hearts/peace) (Roger-blesswith new job/financial help/conversion of heart/peace)(Harley-healing/bless with help needed/peace) (Jim-healing/peace)(Reggie-healing/conversion of heart)(Denise-put marriage back togetter)(Malyssa-Gyn/PreCancer) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/grades and classes necessary to graduate academic success/restraint in spending/Holy Catholic marriage or vocation to the priesthood)(Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace)(Rachel-protection of God's grace/good, holy friends/help of the Holy Spirit in making decisions in life)(Two Sisters-Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis)

July (Smitty-breast cancer surgery & uterine cancer surgery/now radiation/extreme pain in bone) (Rita-healing of uterus bleeding/Smitty)(Anna-wisdom/health/neighbors) (Barno-health)(Paula-surgery)(Jeena-shoulder)(Jill-Divine Intervention)(Bruce- 43, passed away from cancer) (Marie Thomas-Graves Disease/bless healing hands medicines)(Jackie Alex Roger Ann-safe travel to Ireland/England) (Andrew-complete GED/bless future endeavors)(Poor Souls in Purgatory) (Anna & Oscar heal marriage & bring the Lord into our hearts and lives) (Gina-tumor in her pituitary stop growing/medication shrink the tumor) (Bob-eyesight to be restored)(Ethyn-ADHD/ODD no father suffers terribly)(Lisa-successful surgery) (Dylan-infilling of the holy spirit)(Nicholas-bipolar diorder/odd/adhd)(Danielle-infilling of the holy spirit) (Melissa-single mom lonely/panic attacks/depression oppression financial need house/strenghth) Michael-conversion hurts his children emotionally needs light and truth)(Cathy-enabler infilling of the holy spirit) (Jimmy-conversion anethitised needs deliverance light and truth)(Robert-conversion)(Christina-need help, lady will know) (NatalieAnnZannelli-obssessive/compulsive disorder/peace of mind)(ZannelliFamily/IL,USA-peace/tolerance/understanding) (Caroline(Corky)Zannelli-unknown liver ailment/weight,health problems)(FrancesTorrelli-stroke/smoking) (Barb(Bobbie)Brandon-health/peace of mind)(Maria (Ria) Zannelli-health/strength/employmentFD-EMS/peace of mind/family) (Terry-willingness & trust to do God's will/Blessed Mother's intercession)(Bryan-relapse on drugs and alcohol/Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Joe-relapse on drugs and alcohol/Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Kristy-Blessed Mother's Intercession with healthy Baby)(Joe & Mary-strength & Grace with Grandson Bryan/Blessed Mother's Intercession)(David-Grace in drug and alcohol recovery/strength to do God's will/Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Susan-special intentions/Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention)(USA-Blessed Mother's intercession)(Preists-Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Souls in Purgatory-Blessed Mohter's Intercession)(people on Prayer list-Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Julie-Blessed Mother's Intercession/physical & emotional Problems) (DMD-heal liver/increase faith of family)(Kevin-attention/deficit/disorder)(John-als) (Kristina health problems)(Carol-desperate needs)(Bradley-guide/protect/bring to God) (Ryan-guide,strength,protect/special attentions)(Tina-anxiety/want to be a nun)(Cathy-love you/voices real) (Steve-prostate cancer/increase faith) (Kevin-myotonic dystrophy/law school reentry/increase faith) (Chris-myotonic dystrophy/increase faith) (Gary/cancer) (Betty's son-drug addiction) (Tom-HIV)(Melinda-Acoustic Neuroma/Hepatitis)(Lynn-that-she-may-be-enlightened-about-her-relationship) (Trisha-please heal her from spectrum of autism/non-verbal/anxiety/please touch her) (LaLa Lozano-good job-Juana Sanchez-good recovery-Virgie Mojica-healthy baby) (Victoria-asthma/safe and successful rush therapy)(MM & JLM wedding in 2002)(Fifi recover from coma) (Jim-recovery from brain surgery-his family)(MA-happy death)(Arnie-happy death)(Alton-return to health) (Joan-to be able to have children)(Jimmy&Kim&Amber-return to church/be able to have children) (Cody&Jana-healing for Jana, conversion/get marriage ok'd in the church)(Anthony-safe/happy year in Floriday) (Family-health/happiness/safety)(World-peace/end to sin/return to God)(Vocations and all religious)(Mom-happy death) (Melinda-healthy baby)(In thanksgiving for all blessings rec'd)(Thomas Edward Nagle/brain tumor/poor health) (Stephen-healing from drugs)(healthyfirst grandbaby/beautiful baby)(prayers for Craig Sue Kenneth & Connie) (Two Sisters-Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis)(Kathy-husband return/conceive a child)(Jesus,girlfriend/Carolina,work) (my health my husband Chris to stay happy/healthy)(daugher-in-law to concieve a child)(son's safety/health/jobs happiness)(Cheryl-monies for july-august rent/long-term employment/depression/good friends/safe new car) (AlissaRose/Melanoma/Asthma/forgiveness-greater love for God) (Ray-healing of liver disease/blessings on work/continued employment/bless marriage/conversion) (Dick and Annie-bless marriage/continued employment/end of addictions/conversion) (Marcel and Irene-bless marriage/peace of Christ/conversion of heart) (Pauline-peace of Christ) (Roger-bless his work/continued employment/conversion of heart) (Repose of the soul of George Sprenger)(Gwen,Bryce and Bailey asthma)(Bailey-eczema)(Gertie-pain/walk talk better)(Stacy allergies better) (Pray for me so that my husband Patrick comes back/pray for that I that I can conceive a baby) (Sally and Rocky-successful in their business)(Corazon-lung ailment) (Mary Jo-God help me please in all phases of my life)(Mary, Leonino, Jamie, Cooper, Mark,roommother) (religious aspect of education for children & school)(my father-our trip to houston) (peaceful summe/relief of stress/knowledge of purpose/vacation)(Micheal-drug free)(Michelle-stop smikeing) (Chris-patience and determination to continue his journey towards medical school)(Lorenzo family-health, prosperity, safety) (Clark family-health, prosperity, safety)(EBTL WAVES) (Evern-love/health/healing)(Nella's friend-breast cancer) (Sarah age 4-high blood pressure/kidney reflux)(Regina pearce/age 8/hip disease)(Paula-cousin-pray-cure liver/colon cancer) (Mother Mary please help your son/Steven-husband/father-give protection/divine intervention/end to this evilness/injustice) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/academic success/restraint in spending habits/Holy Catholic marriage or vocation to priesthood/graduation by Dec. 2002)(Rachel-safe trip to Canada and back for World Youth Day/protection of God's grace) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace) (Raycheal-special intentions)(Joe Dup-spot on lung & anuism)(Geraldine safe pregnancy/dissolve blood clot)(LJD medical healing) (Carol special intentions) (Debbie special intentions) (Jessica protection)(HelenC. health)(PatM healing/cancer) (Son's-safety/jobs/health/happiness)(Debra-concieve a child)(Chris-health/happiness)(Louis-that I may learn to pray pray pray)


(Gilbert Simeon- awaken from comatose condition)(Rosemary-deliverance from withcraft/desperate need of a job) (Jovanna-salvation and deliverance from destruction)(Wendy-urgent need of job and financial Blessing) (Meida-forgiveness)(Monte-forgiveness)(Pinkney-health/healing/blessing)(Chris & wife) (Evern-good health/healing/blessing)(Monte-wisdom/blessing/protection)(Meida-wisdom/knowledge/blessing) (Grace/non-hodgkins lymphoma)(MaryJo-that tests will show no Glaucoma)(Bob-successful surgery) (Gina-return to good health/shrink her tumor/cure her infection and spinal difficulties, we pray to Our Lady) (Barb-lungs/heart healed)(To all of the Mideast Countries to have PEACE/especially the Children) (George C/return to church)(Gabriella-married & blessed with healthy children) (Micheal & Mum-terminal cancer)(Mellissa-mental, desperation)(Chellsea/hard drugs.)(Cindylou & child Pregnant)( Wade & Mum,Jules /dying cancer)(Mothers&unborn babies)(Mary-bipolar/depression)(John W-epilepsy/alcoholism) (Michael K-prosperity/motivation, cure from lying/stealing)(Vicki-malignant brain tumor)(Lourayne-wasting body/spirit) (Financial help-D.B.& E)(Steve-improve-relationship-with-God/church/Blessed-Mothers-Intercession) (Marty-stroke/restored vision/peace)(Bret-noncatholic has lost his faith/panic anxiety attacks/depression) (Chrissy-emotional healing)(Ben & I-relationship healed/marry/family/good health/happiness) (Mary-financial miracle)(Danny-return home safe)(Garret-mental emotional problems) (Nick-happiness/return to sacraments)(my sons)(Sandra-pains in my chest hands/fluttering heart) (Two Sisters-Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis)(Donna-severe depression,Parkisons disease) (Mark-heart to be open)(Carlee-virtue)(Lacey to know God)(Natalie,Michelle,Nicole-return to the sacrements) (Paul 7 operartions/still in pain/make him well again)(Doretha/healing/raise on job)(Maria-special intentions) (Catholic Church-Blessed Mother's Intercession)(USA-Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Priests-Blessed Mother's Intercession) (Julie-motorcycle accident/ Blessed Mother's Intercession/speedy recovery)(Debbie- special intentions)(Terry-special intentions) (Susan-grow in Prayer Life)(Greg-lost Grandmother/my She rest in Peace)(Val-safe trip home)(Thank You Blessed Mother for hearing my Prayers)(Josie-shadow on lung)(James Lee-leukima/highblood/kidneymachine/breathingmachine) (Ray-healing of liver disease/conversion of heart/bless work and marriage/continued employment/end to addictions/joy) (Dick and Annie-bless work and marriage/conversion of heart/continued employment/end to addictions/joy) (Marcel and Irene-bless marriage/conversion of heart/peace and safety in old age/joy)(Peg.Z-enometriosis spine pain go away) (Pauline-peace and safety in old age/conversion of heart/joy) (Roger-bless work/continued employment/end to addictions/joy) (Bernadette-employment now, application for a CASA volunteer position, preparation for law school application, preparation for a vocation of Holy Marriage,prayer for my future husband)(Lorenzo family- general good health, prosperity,and safety) (Mother Mary please help your son/Steven-husband/father/son-give protection/divine intervention/end to this evilness/injustice) (Paula-cousin-pray-cure liver/colon cancer)(Ashley-strength/knowledge/courage/guidance/protection) (Beth-personal-healing restore-marriage)(Norman-cure of his depression)(John-healing of liver disease for sake of young children) (John and Betty Ann-safe trip overseas and back home/protection of God for their children while they are gone) (Rachel-protection of God's grace/good holy Catholic friends/good score on June ACT/safe trip to see Pope inToronto) (Sarah-grace make decisions guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace. (David-grace to do Lord's will/academic success/restraint in spending habits/Holy Catholic marriage or vocation to priesthood/graduation by Dec.2002)(Dolores Munoz has Hodgkins desease) (please pray for my children)(Isabel-concieve a baby)(Carlos-alcoholic attending A.A/strength/ability to stay Sober) (Mario Sr, Mario Jr, Nina,Roman and Mama Nelly, help us financially/ health)(Mario Sr-strength/will power)(Isabel-patience with children)(Sharon-whom tired overweight please help her to loose weight so she can sleep better and feel better) (Please lord protect my children:Mario Jr,Nina Roman and Husband Mario Sr & myself Isabel.) (Kevin-good results for health/job/safety)(Debra-health/conceiving a baby)(Brian-results from test/job/safety/health) (Chris and myself-happy healthy marriage)(Carol-Blessed Mother's Intervention/health issues/severe financial problems)


(Stathis-total healing-colon cancer)(Stacey-cervicalcancer)(Chris-brain cancer)(Free Angela from mental abuser) (blakely-takes much meds for addhd give her calm.she is 9)(feel good about myself/know the love of Christ in my live) (Trent/health/'s will)(wifeMe/health/workdepressio) (MommyCelestle-breast cancer metastatic tolymph nodes BlessedMother please heal) (Yvonne-Blessed Mother thank you for your intervention, continue to bless & protect family) (Matthew-good job)(Brian-onset of Parkinsons)(Ian-cure him of colon cancer/metastatic to lymph nodes and liver) (Hannah's Mom accept Blessed Virgin Mary)(Blake-good job)(Danny-safe trip/)(Brett-back in Catholic Church) (Derek-Salvation()Jen-Lose weight/Dan-depression)(Alexandra-high school)(4SJ/special intention) (Pray/healing/brain tumor/Derek Reed/surgery May 21,2002)(Terry-God's will in all things/no resentments/acceptance) (Cathy-addiction recovery/high blood pressure/polycystic kidney disease)(Joseph E. Barbot-Parkinson's diseasse) (take care of Tiw Taylor, Myung Park & Martha J Barbot)(Mary-cysticfribrois/lungtransplant)(Aunty Sissy-coma/wet stroke) (Laura-fear/anger/self-esteem/Dive Intervention)(Patty-Blessed Mother's Intercession/special intentions)(Audra-fear/anger/self-esteem/Divine Intervention)(Don-fear/help in addiction recovery issues/Divine Intervention)(Kristy & Mitch-God's Blessings on wedding)(Susan & Terry-Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Susan-Praise & Glory to Jesus)(Catholic Church-Blessed Mother's Divine Intercession in satan's attacks on Our Church)(United States Of America- Blessed Mother's Intercession for Our Country to turn back to Jesus and reject evil) (David-brain tumors please heal) (Yvonne-Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/forgivness/protection/love/peace/joy/wisdom/grow spiritual/clean heart/good health/stop smoking cigarettes, prosper.) (Pinkney-Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention good health/protection/love/joy/peace/prosper/wisdom.) (Meida-Blessed Mother's divine intervention protection/health/love/wisdom/joy/peace/prosper) (Mont-Blessed Mother's divine intervention protection/health/healing/forgiveness/love/peace/joy/ wisdom/business prosper) (Don&Kathleen-blessings on engagement and marriage)(J.Daniel-total conversion)(Mary&Eric-financial&emotional healing) (Hannah-protection)(Mary-heal eyes)(Jill-job/home)(Ed-my husband of only 55 has died/God bless his soul) (Bahareh-job in DC or Baltimore)(Chuck-severe financialproblems/unhappymarriage) (Father-in-law Willie heart/diebeates/lungs)(Ada and husband financial freedom) (Trish&Carlos w/ pain/meds/children/marriage)(special intentions for Jane's husband who is ill) (Prayers for our Priests and Parishioners & all religions)(Tom-health/family)(Verna-motherinlaw/myloma) (Chris-son/head trauma induced epilepsy/keep him strong)(Dorothy Tomaselli-died lymphocytic leukemia) (Aunty Pauline-recover and for the family)(Taumarunui-New Zealand)(Nella-Blessed Mother intercede keep sons safe) (Our Mother Mary please help your son/Steven-husband/father-give protection/divine intervention/end to this evilness/injustice) (Paula-cousin-pray-cure liver/colon cancer)(Larry-hepatitusC/verypoor health)(Carol-shealth blessings for my family) (Terry & Susan-Blessed Mother's Intercession/God's Will be done)(Jimmy-John recovery/return to loving family please Dear Lady) (Blessed Mother help Yvonne & husband-smoking cigarettes/grow spiritual/love/peace/good health/bless children/love everybody) (Blessed Mother bless Lamonte with spiritual wisdom/love/peace/good health/good job/serve the Lord) (Lorenzo Family-good health, prosperity, safety)(Bernadette-employment with the Peace Corps acknowledging her skills abilities/preparation for a vocation in a sacrament of Holy Marriage) (Chris B.-preparation for medical school; preparation for a vocation in a sacrament of Holy Marriage) (Barbara- marriage/forgiveness/depression) (Marcel-legal problems/spare him incarceration)(Dear Lady-please please continue to help my family) (Ray-health/healing of liver disease/diabetes/blessings on work/continued employment/raise/bless marriage/healing addictions) (Dick-health/continued employment/blessings on work/healing of addictions/bless marriage) (Annie-health/healing of addictions/blessings on work/bless marriage) (Marcel-health/peace/blessings on work/bless marriage)(Irene-health/peace/blessings on work/bless marriage) (Pauline-health/peace/blessings on work) (Roger-health/continued employment/blessings on work) (Kevin-successful surgery/safety/job)(Debbie-success in having a baby)(Brian-successful court date/job/safe/health)(husband & me-happiness/health)(Prayers for Michael/closer to Jesus)(Prayer for Patricia) (David-grace to do the Lord's will stay in Catholic college/academic success/restraint in spending habits/Holy Catholic marriage or vocation to the priesthood/graduation by dec.2002.) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace) (Rachel-protection of God's grace/good holy Catholic friends/good score on her June ACT)


(David-continue to heal brain tumor) (Mark-let him know who loves him)(Christine-give strength and direction)(Brian-out of jail/justice served) (Laura, healing of compulsions/alcohol/cigs/food)(Mary Jo-success in job/angels help to be able to do it) (Michael J.-special intentions)(Star-health issues/Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Susan-health issues/special intentions)(Dave B.- addiction issues/bi-polar disorder/Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Matthew-health issues/Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Laurie-God's strength with Son's health issues)(For all in alcohol and drug recovery/Blessed Mother's Divine Intercession)(Rev. Thomas Shutter-Divine Intervention)(For the Holy Catholic Church-St. Micheal the Arch Angel protect us/Blessed Mother's Divine Intercession)(High School Children in Germany-Blessed Mother's Divine Intercession) (Two Sisters-Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis)(Jeff-Spiritual/mental/physical/moral healing) (Vincent A Carre-salvation)(Elizabeth Ellsworth - chemotherapy/colon cancer)(Doroline Perry - depression/obsessive) (Blessed Mother please help me, my husband and children/good health/spritual wisdom/knowledge/prosperity/love) (Bernadette-for employment with the Peace Corps in Boston/peace/tranquility/soulmate/future husband/do away with fear) (Lorenzo family-good health/prosperity/safety)(Jason L.-forgive himself/contact Bernadette according to God's will) (Edith-healing/mother-daughterrelationship/maritaldecision/maritalrelationship/healing-pasthurts)(Helen-healing past hurts/healing from grief/healing-daughter-mother relationship)(Edith-healing/forgiveness/resentment towards parents especially mother/grief on father's death)(Brendan-healinggrief towards mother's death/forgiveness/resentment towards Edith) (comfort/healing for Bruce-brother/uncle suffering from cancer) (for our fallen priests and their families)(Ken-suffering from bone cancer/comfort/healing)(Tom & Mary Jo-adopt baby or infant) (Andre-bipolar disease/strengh/protection over his life)(my three children Draden, Paris & Travis) (Michael B.-Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/special intentions)(For All Who Suffer-Our Lord's & Blessed Mother's Intercession)(Susan-health issues/special intentions)(Rev. Thomas Shutter-special intentions) (Ada & husband-financial freedom)(Consuelo-lumps on both breast/pray not cancer) (Mary Jacques/cancer/healing)(Lisa-macular from getting worse/cure)(Gerard get old job back)(keep George healthy) (Ray healing of liver disease/control diabetes/conversion of heart/blessings on work/continued employment) (Annie and Dick/end to addictions/conversion of hearts/blessings on work/continued employment) (Dad and Mom/good health/conversion of hearts) (Pauline and Roger/good health/conversion of hearts) (Franciscian nun Sr. Janet-special intentions)(victims of the current church crisis) (Rosalee Henry-cancer healing)(Christopher Bingcang-discernment for a soulmate/future wife/recognition) (Dolores-not feeling well)(Lucy-cancer)(Paul-bipolar recovery/normal job/marriage)(Dave-peace of mind) (Stanley-chronic cough/half blind in one eye totally in the other)(mom/dad-financial freedom) (Daddy-be safe)(my husband and I-have safe trip to Italy/our 2 sons be safe while we're away) (Yvonne-stop smoking cigarettes)(goood health and healing for me and my husband) (husband and myself to stop smoking)(for our son and daughter-spritual knowledge/love/joy/peace) (Susan-Blessed Mother please help me!)(Bernadette-employment with the Peace Corps/preparation for soulmate/future husband) (Lorenzo Family-general good health/prosperity/safety)(Jason-general peace of mind/contact Bernadette) (Bryan-Blessed Mother's Intervention with drug/alcohol recovery)(Kristy-Blessed Mother's Intervention for healthy baby) (Terry-Divine Intervention in relationship/drug and alcohol recovery)(Susan-Blessed Mother's Intercession/special intentions/alcohol recovery)(Valerie-willingness to do God's Will)(Lonnie-willingness to do God's will)(Laura-Blessed Mother's intercession/special intentions)(Debbie-Blessed Mother's intercession/special intentions)( For the Intention's of Our Blessed Mother/Our Lord Jesus Christ)(Pope John Paul II-special intentions) (forgiveness Ty car accident hit guy on bike died) (Please pray for Taylor Edwards, Juan Asencio, Jason Rodriguez, Nelson Rodriguez, Wendy Olafson, Samantha Galletti, Jonathan Galletti, Matthew Galletti, Navonne Galletti, Carlos Camacho, Reuven Klappholz, Gary Edwards and myself, Rosalind Rivera. Please pray for our health, well being and a renewed faith in our father) (Uncle Willy-dying please give peacefu ldeath)(Richard/brain/tumor/not/return)(Beautiful neighbor Vickie 37/may be seriously ill) (Pray for our U.S. ground troops in Afghanistan)(Kim-conversion/russell-kim-alexander/healing) (Paul Sorgie-spinal cancer)(Njuki's-fulfillement of desire)(Uncle Solomon-peace/health/wholeness) (Duke Karani -healing of heart/hanksgiving)(Delores-bone cancer-healing-pain relief)(For Liam-illness) (Tomi's daughter, Gina-serious illness)(nephew-addiction)(Bob-illness/eyesight/employment)(Joanne-breast cancer) (DavidMark-conversion to Christ)(Gregg/Jason/Lisa/Herb/Sharon/Dolores/Carl-conversion)(Nanci's-son and niece-long term illness) (Janine-that the penalty of her sin will be cleansed out/to be reamined anew and Born again) (Renji-spirtual guidance/academic excellence/good health)(Rachel-knee pain/guidance) (Mary-a right match/guidance)(Steven-husband-protection/Divine intervention/special intentions) (Paula-cousin-cure her liver/colon cancer)(Bob B -congestive heart failure) (Steven-husband-protection/Divine intervention/special intentions)Michael Kwinn age 13-inoperable brain tumor) (Tricia-pneumonia)(Adrea-12 yr old who suffered a stroke, genetic desease)(Diane W-peace)(Melissa K-3 yr old brain tumor) (Fr. Jaques Amatiais-repose of his soul, killed in Bethlehem fighting)(Toni-healing)(Toni's son-safety)(Carol-healing) (Harriet-blood disorder)(Anthony-castleman;s disease)(Theresa-colon blockage)(Alice-rare blood disease /diabsetes) (Dominick-obesity), Christiano Grandchildren(physical and spiritual)(Cousin Phyliss-paralized one side,three little ones) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace) (David-grace to do the Lord's will and stay in Catholic college/academic success/restraint in spending habits/Holy Catholic marriage or vocation to the priesthood)


(Cheylynn Perrault and Barbara Collins-pneumonia) (George from India-my course on Intercession in May/register for Word ministry complete it successfully) (Tom-heart/spine/arthritis/carpal tunnel)(Lonnie-strength and courage for God's Will in relationship) (Debbie-God's Will in relationship)(Susan-special intentions/Blessed Mother's Divine Intercession) (Howard-physical healing of body,brain,depression,racing thoughts of old gone)(George-job/aptn/health) (Blake-salvation/good job/drug addiction/self worth)(Kevin-safety/health/job/being able to have a baby)(Tara-depression) (Jennifer-Peace/Divine Intervention/Good wife,mother,friend)(Dan-Salvation/Compassion for Our Family/Financial Freedom) (Derek-Successful Marriage/Love)(Brett-Back to Catholic Church/Salvation/AJ)(Blake-God'sWill/Stay out of jail/drugs/probation) (Danny-Protection/Military/Accept Catholic Faith)(Kristi-Accept Catholic Faith/Understand Blessed Virgin Mary/Good Marriage) (Brian-court date finalized/safety/health/job)(My husband and I happiness/health)(Chet&Anna-their marriage needs help) (Redempta-total healing;autism/restore speech)(Prayers for our children to recieve Christ into their Hearts) (Seymour 4 years old-suffering with cancer/for his parents, brothers,sisters in Taumarunui and New Zealand) (Carol-safe plane trip mar.27 from Cal. to NY)(Shawn and Dave, Substance Abuse) (Dr James Paul-special intentions)(Margaret and family-that they do God's will in life)(Rose Henry-liver cancer) (Dottie D.-that she may have a peaceful death/join her beloved husband/live happily in God's kingdom.) (Wiggins,husband and wife hepatitis)(Roseann-Iemma/high blood pressure)(Florence Vastano-cancer) (Alice Conway-blood disease)(Anthony-castleman's disease)(Estelle's friend-anemia)(Lori/husband/school/new job/family) (Nick-Blessed Mother's Divine intersession to find Jesus)(Joan Cirone divine intervention heal panchreatic cancer) (Mother Angelica-speedy recovery/Blessed Mother's Intervention)(Lil broken arm/pregnancy/possible surgery) (Rick shoulder pain)(Matilde acid reflux/chest pain/joint pain)(Albert parkinsons/back pain/depression) (Terri acid reflux/depression)(Susan chemical imbalance brain/high cholesterol/thyroid nodule/depression/weak teeth) (Michele scoliosis/urinary infection)(Rita asthma/teeth problems)(Kathleen mental illness/depression)(Betty's sister lung surgery) (Valerie-Gods Will be done)(Terry-substance abuse/anger/self will/Divine Intervention) (Tom-God's Truth/Divine Intervention)(For All on Prayer List-God's Will/Blessings)(Susan-Thank You for hearing my Prayers!) (Katie's brother-pancreatic cancer/his wife and children)(Larry-Hepatitus/very ill)(Ernst Charles Kohlman/cancer) (Raeanne-died from stomach surgery complications/prayers for her daughter&parents)(Aidan serious strep infection) (Beth-depression/Divine Intervention)(Christina/weightloss/holymatrimony/faith/guidance/love) (Michelle-heal back/left hamstring)(Jerome-finances/career)(Carol-that cancer test comes back good)(Karen-colon cancer) (Jason-to forgive Bernadette/cure for addiction)(AXP-Gods compassion/end suffering/if not Patricia find soulmate soon) (Arturo's son-colon operation)(reconciliation in Arturo's family/help them Holy Mother) (Lorenzo family-health/safety/prosperity)(Bernadette-application for employment to the Peace Corps Boston Office) (Darren,Hunter,Hope-a soulmate/future wife for Darren and a great stepmother for Hunter and Hope) (Rich-death due to drug overdose/God's mercy)(Laura-God's strength in time of grief)(Holly and Amanda-God's Love with loss of Father)(Rich's Friends-Divine Intervention with drugs and alcohol)(For the still suffering alcoholic and addict-Divine Intervention) (Schneider, Gadaleta, Emanuel, DeFelice, Angood, Christian families)(Karen-healthy baby) (Pat-colon cancer)(catherine-breast cancer)(David-heal-brain tumor)(Mark-heal spirits-give strength/insight)(Christine-heal broken heart)(Latisha-stubborn/will not listen to parents/ Blessed Mother's Divine intervention)(Heal Carls teeth) (Jackie-wisdom/peace/rest/health/solitude)(Prayers for family's health)(Test results come back with good report) (Miracle for Dawn)Special request for improved health for Robert)(Betty Zaragoza-sucessful studies/university graduation) (Seamus-cancer healing)(Mom and Dad-spiritual and physical healing/love/blessings) (Ray-heal liver disease/control and healing of diabetes/total spiritual/physical healing/end of addictions/continued employment) (Dick and Annie-continued employment/end to addictions/total spiritual and physicalhealing) (Pauline-spiritual and physical healing/love and blessings) (Carole-multiplemyloma)(Valerie-alcohol abuse/Divine Intervention) (Jesus Godly manifest)(Mother Mary-immaculate heart)(saints fulfillment)(love reflowering earth) (Susan-15 Yrs. sober/Thank You)(Colleen-young mother who has tried to take her own life) (Hannah-friends/happiness) (Sioban-Husband/Albumn)(Sherri-Health issues/intervention of the Holy Spirit) (Jared-Autism)(Evan-school)(Robert-special intention)(Aunt Marguerite-MS Cure) (Theresa-a good job)(Carreen-solution to inlaw problems)(Baby-Health)(Michelle-financial situation/career/health) (Pat & Tom to be married Aug 24th)(Deb-chrones diseases)(Bill-health & employment/)(Walsh family-needs) (Holy Rosary Church and her Priests)(Eric-anxiety/depression/no self esteem/stomach pain) (George-intrusive Tinnitus)(Tom-healing from anxiety & panic attacks, return to church) (Debbie -courage to turn from lesbian lifestyle)(Jake-healing from mental health problems)(Ziggy-healing from kidney problems) (Nancy-granted graces needed to restore health)(For Kate's intentions & for her family)(For Donna's intentions) (For healing from Menier's disease for Betty)(Barbara-cancer)(Nadia-not only to forgive with her words but forgive with heart) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace) (David-grace to do the Lord's will and stay in Catholic college/academic success/restraint in spending/Holy Catholic marriage or vocation to priesthood/safe trip to Europe and back)Marie-move to either Cape Cod, Mansfield or Foxboro, Massachusetts) (both son's-health/safety/good job)(Kevin's upcoming surgery on March 15th/God will grant him good health) (my kids-that they will conceive this year)(My other son-hearing is successful)(my husband and I-health/happiness.


(Most Reverend Anthony Ilonu, Bishop of Okigwe, Nigeria who was in a terrible car accident) (Charlie & Barbara's desire to adopt another child from China be granted)(Sheri-health issues/Blessings of the Holy Spirit) (Tom-employment)(Susan-employment)(Hedwig-Cellulitis)(Donna-MS, pain in legs)(Tom&Carla-conversion) (Claude-liver disease)(healing-patricia)(copd help to cope or heal)(Joe-conversion/healing)(Diana Lataif-cure her of her cancer) (Ray-may hepatitis C stay in remission/ heal of liver/pancreas dysfunction/control high blood sugar) (Elizabeth-now single mother guidance)(Pat-aids/broken leg)(Harold-father/patients to help Pat) (Andi-pregnant-considering abortion pray for adoption)(Ernesto-major depression/anxiety/low self esteem/age 38) (Monica-major depression/anxiety/losing faith/losing husband)(John-alcoholism/anger)(Irene-anxiety) (Alex-totally disabled/feels pain when fed) (German-Parkisons/Prostate cancer) (Palwinder-stroke/poor health) (Kalwant-very stubborn/hot temper/can't handle family situations)(Raju-hot temper/high cholesterol/can't handle family problem) (Ravinder-mother stroke/husband aeorta rupture/father brother,husband fights)(Balraj-aerta rupture/poor health/hot temper) (Aman-depressed of family problems/mother stroke)(abnormality surrounding the brain of the Kristy's baby) (Bernadette-stronger faith, meaningful employment with higher income)(Jason- forgiveness of Bernadette/free from addictions) (Nicole-letting go of the past hurts)(Lorenzo family-good health/prosperity/safety/stronger faith in God) (Mr. laromee-paralyzed from car accident)(megan-blood clots in the head she is a baby.)(A husband)(Cheryl Dianna Kevin suicide & depression/their families)(Leo-heart/kidney failure)(a spiritual father here on earth for a community)(Cindy-chronic collits)(Diane-marriage breakup)(Linda & family-all needs)(mychildren-their conversion to GOD the Father)(Holy name of JESUS prayer group-unity love patience forgiveness heal old wounds)(Kris Lovato-very ill in a hospital/needs a miracle) (BabyRobbie/seizures)(Ces-heal depression)(Dear Mother help Branden-bring him closer to you & our Father) (freedom from addictions and anger/patience on healing/continued filling with holy spirit/healing of marriage) (Renji-divine guidance/protection/academic success/good health)(Karen/very sick/lung/colon/cancer) (Gigi-broken hips)(Mary-diabetes/stress)(Santo-degenerative disk desease)(young man-neck surgery) (Baby Kevin-liver failure, 3 months old)(repose of the soul of Carmine M)(Sr. Mary H -healing)(Pat R-repose of her soul) Jimmy - mentally retarded just lost his Mom, peace(Dad-parkinson's/Mom-serious abdominal problems) (Peg-endometriosis+gerd)(Jim-job bid (Jjaime/college)(Jeff-future)((sisters-health)(brother-law/friend health) (Children's marriage/keep them together)(Parkinson's disease)(Per Kihenja family)(Dad-kidney revival/end of dialysis) (Greater love/wholeness/fulfillement of/family mission)(Success in selling AdMajoremGloriamDei in familia) (Joy-tumor in colon)(Leovalan-peace/love in my family)(husband Joe-non-hodgkins lymphoma) (son Matt-return to Church)(daughter Erin-fertility problems)(Patty,Winnie-healing/multiple myloma-breast cancer) (Hains-obsessions/become-spiritually aware)(Rachel-healthy/happy)(John-conversion)(Alice-lukemia) (David Lundahl-parkinsons disease)(Robert-special intention)(Patti/special intention)(Beth Stray-brain cancer) (Magie/Steve-happiness/prosperity/trust&faith in God)(Hans/Keefe-bless them with long/healthy/fruitful happy life) (Vasquez girls-accept God's will/grace of God/do well in competition)(Dan-justice/ mercy/truth/peace) (Linda-breast cancer/miracle cure/family strength)(Manuel-health issues pray for financial situation) (Renate G. winter/Olympic Games/safety)(Virginia McKenna's health/family/friends health)(listen to Carl Hagen rosary prayers) (Mr. Kizer & family-wife killed in car accident by drunk driver/also prayer for the drunk driver & family)(Ray continued employment/healing of liver disease/end to addictions) (Dad/Mom good health/total conversion of hearts) (Dick/Annie continued employment/good health/end to addictions)(Raymond Canilao-enlarged heart) (Son's-safety/health/job)(My husband and my health/happiness)(Pregnancy for daugher-in-law) (Anna Marie-cerebral Palsy)(George & Gabriella to be married and blessed with healthy children in 2002) (Clyde-unemployed/depressed/desperately-needs-job)(Catherine's family-live the Commandments)(Nicole/possible bells palsy) (Lise/bipolar/addiction)(John/weening off meds)(Marie/bipolar episode)(Tina/surgery)(Peter G./Mary L.-Body healing/Career) (Grandson to be able to talk/conversion-of his father)please let them-need-me at this catholic job) (Scooter/poor health)(Denise/lung&brain cancer)(Sam/Heart surgery)(Barbara/love)(Mona/Finances/love)(Corky/Finance/love) (David-grace to do Lord's will/stay in Catholic college/academic success/restraint in spending /Holy Catholic marriage or vocation) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace)


(Linda Santo-cancer patient) (margarida-afford house-scot-marry)(Soares family/margarida afford house on lincoln park/scot asks me to marry him) (Elanor Rohwan-cancer patient)(Jon, Kathy, Jon, Jr., Jen, Theresa, Matthew-faith/hope/love/health/happiness/peace/safe from evil) (Mazie-healing Multiple Myloma Cancer)(Maria Cosemerra-son killed in accident)(Denise-depression) (Baby boy-born premature/best possible outcome/strength for him and family)(21 month old boy-mother died-help him) (Michael-chest infection)(Ernesto-depression/anxiety/low self esteem/age 38) (Susan&Wayne forgive her brothers/courage to change/draw closer to family)(Bob heal cancer) (Monica-depression/anxiety/losing faith/losing husband)(John-alcoholism/anger)(Donna-breast cancer healing) (Bob-lung cancer healing)(Joe B-Parkinson's Disease)(Billy D-lung bone cancer Blessed Mother heal) (Mary Jo-healing touch to arm and muscle/no more surgery)(Ralph-colon surgery/severe anxiety/depression/confusion) (Conversion of Rob)(Claire-leukemia)(Ivka-stroke/heart attack/give her peace) (Cindy Hogman, age 32, one child, married, diagnosed stage 4 cervical cancer)( bmdil cancer) (Sarah-suicide attempt/overdose/multiple mental disorders)Gabi-special intentions for a dying man) (Josephine-husband left after 50yrs/findhappiness/compassion,forgiveness)(Conversion of Nick/Kevin/Ross/Pat) (Eric-free of depression/anger/happiness/peace in life)(Debra: good health/peace & happiness in life & work/success/faith) (Johnny Walsh-Healing/Cure of multiple sclerosis&depression/anxiety) (Jan/MS)(Magnus Emilsson-rest in peace)(Raychel-surgery January 29 for ovarian cancer) (Marie/Intervention/Bipolar Episode) (Joe/healing/Cancer)(Michael/keep quit/smoking addiction) (Tina/keep quit/smoking addiction)(Katlyn-ollers diease)(Coleen-cancer)(Steve-cure/T-cell lymphoma cancer) (Annie-stop smoking-end addictions to material possessions-blessings onwork/job) (Ray-healing of liver disease-stop smoking-save job-blessings on work/job)(Mom-end to depression-increase love-good health) (Dad-increase love-good health)(Dick-end to material addictions/stop smoking/blessings on work/job) (Jason-musculardystrophy-conditionworsening/muzo-ocd)(Sebastian-daughter suicide/depression/anger/lost love faith in God) (Janet Melton-cancer)(Tom-Divine Intervention)(Janet Mary Caliguri in our prayers) (Dee-Divine Intervention)(Susan-special intentions)(Blanca Gabriela Gonzales Cruz gravedad en su corazón) (mam/dementia/sick.breda/sick.bernie/asthma/sick)(Janet M Caliguri-cancer heal her Lord love her son Robert) (Neony C-addiction gambling/ find job/support children/ find peace/contentment/straighten up her life) (Christina-severe/depression-please/heal)(David/Gregg/Jason/Homer/Cecil-conversion)(Carlos Ferrer-pneumonia/weak heart/pray for recovery/strengthen his heart)(trouble with neighbour)(Mother Angelica-stroke) (Two Sisters-Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis)(Kevin-health/job)Brian-health/job)(my husband & me-health happiness) (Sonja Jo Taylor-divine intervention for recovery & healing ofhodgkins disease) (Peter-health for high blood pressure/confidence for successful/conclusion to spiritual books projects & songwriting after 30 years)(Michael, Linda, Stella + Peter -forgiveness/solve a longstanding family crisis) (Jason-cerebral palsy/unable to walk/talk/sit up/use hands/arms)(Joe-remission from Multiple Myloma/Miracle needed) (Leo-lung cancer/has spread)(Lonnie-acceptance/strengthen Faith/Blessed Mother's protection) (Renegade-heart attack/good health)(Susan-Blessed Mother's Intervention/health issues) (Star-keep the faith)(Star's kid's-death of their father/strength in greiving)(kid's dad-may he rest in peace) (Jonathan-divine intervention/endurance/healing)(Jonathan-forgiveness/faith/healing/love/compassion) (Carolyn-heal pancreatic cancer)(Marty-Grace of a happy death)(Sal & Audrey-forgiveness) (Steven, Chris, Tim-conversion & faith) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic college/academic success/restraint in spending habits/holy Catholic marriage or vocation to the priesthood)(Kristy-happy/healthy/baby)(Eric-thanks be to God for putting him in our life) (Grandchild-may the Blessed Trinity and all Angels watch over protect our baby) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace at all times) (Jack-heal spot on lung)(Regina-self control/weight loss/health)(Katie-healing pain lower spine)(George-healing/increase faith) (David-brain cancer-please heal)(Mark & Christine-heal their hearts/keep strong)(Aaron-alcoholism/depression/anger/family/job) (George & Gabriella to be married and blessed with healthy children in 2002)(MT-depression and anxiety)(MT's son-autism) (Dotty H.-cancer)(Carmel-forgivness/courage/solve family crisis/conversion)(Ray-forgiveness-courage-help solve family crisis) (Eve-forgiveness-stop smoking-spiritual healing)(Ray-forgiveness-family oriented)(Diane-help Ray) (Laura-forgiveness-greater love for family)(Juan-give up games-greater love for God)(Kim-forgiveness-greater love for God) (Norm-watch over him during war-greater love for God)(Frank-courage-love of God-encourage life-infertility) (Sissy-forgiveness,relationship with God, love for God-stop smoking-infertility)(MaryJane Wagman)(Mary Ann Banning) (Sue Hunt My special intention)(Brenda LillyCarey Hunt)(entire Hunt Family)(Bates Family)(Barry FamilyPatrick Morrison) (Lonnie-loss of Faith/Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention)(Valerie-Divine Intervention)(Steven-Divine Intervention/Special Intentions)