(Joe-sorrow over seperation with wife)(Joe's mother-diagnosed with terminal lung cancer) (Fran-to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit and follow the signs that are given/love/finances) (Carole/B-cell lymphoma/remission or cure(Christopher-cured of cancer)(My convertion&family) (Cure my prostate cancer)(peace for all special myfamily)(Steven-addictions/anger/self esteem/Divine Intervention) ((John-compulsive gambler/conversion)(Pete -heart bypass surgery soon/dialysis patient) (Jack-emotional healing)(Pam-conversions and unity for family and prayer partners) (Pam-Thank you Jesus and Mary for your constant outpouring of Grace and your never-failing intersession) (Magnus-brain cancer)(GavinLee-brainswelling)(BrianCarla-pregnancy)(Jose-find a good job soon/wife conversion/son's health) (Lucy-poorhealth/financial)(Tim-find a job and his daughter Beth who has a bone disease) (Steve-heal cancer/lead him back to Christ and Church)(Tony-take away addiction to look at pornographic material) (David-trust in Jesus for emotional healing)(Bobbie-trust/physical and emotional healing) (Candy&Brian-Direction for Christian marriage)(Marc-healing from intestinal problems)(Bill-congestive heart failure) (Marshall & Bob-special intentions)(Josie-increase in faith/special intentions) (Carmela-recovering from breast cancer) (Mary-improved health of mind & body/direction regardingcurrent health problems)(Amanda-safe healthy pregnancy & delivery) (our dear mother/finincial help)(Ryan/Cancer and only 18)(Louie-lung remove serious set back) (Denni-brian curt/return to church/straighten out lives)(judy/bless her health) (Bette P.- may she rest in peace.)(Bette P. family-May they find strength and peace in our Lord at this timeof greiving.) (Katie-young single mother/faith and courage to raise her son) (Ann Marie-find a catholic husband/courage of her convictions)(Two Sisters-may Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis) (Son's-health/job/happiness)(Health and happiness for my new husband and myself) (Rob & Karla-reconciliation and healing)(George Harrision-rest in peace)(Sister :Teresa/mental health problems/depression) (Kevin & his future Bride Tracey-special intentions)(Clair's husband-conversion/reconciliation of marriage) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protections of God's grace at all times) David-grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic college/academic success/restraint spending habits/holy Catholic marriage or vocation to priesthood in near future)


(Paul healing of marriage)(Nanci-very ill) (Muriel-special intention)(Jose-find a good job soon/wife conversion/son's health)(Mary-for special health concerns) (Amanda-for successful amniocentesis/delivery of a healthy baby)(Catherine-faith-filled spouse)(Michael Daily-deceased Nov. 25) (Irmgard-diabetes II/rectal pressure from colon cancer sugery 5-98)(James-prostrate cancer/arthritis/swollen ankles) (Fr. Sudac and priests-protection/help from Our Mother Mary/guidance by the Holy Spirit) (Rita-heart murmur/high blood pressure/glaucoma/closeness to God/assistance from Mother Mary/guidance by the Holy Spirit) (Stuart's soul/souls in purgatory-for eternal life)(Beth-find peace in mind and Spirit)(Lonnie-Divine Intervention with finding a home) (Peter-thanks for the miracles (many) so far)(Peter/-full recovery from last two surgeries/no more complications enroute) (Donna-full custody of her child)(Rumelia Dec 3rd dental board exam)(Heal Joe B. from disease of Parkinson's) (Ímer-needs success in his exams/enter a good university/happiness in life/friendships) (Pennie's son-Autism Spectrum Disorder/special intentions) (Mary-resolution to current health concerns/improved health of mind and body)(Amanda-special intention) (Elisabeth-cocaine and alcohol addition/anger issues/possible jail/faith in a Higher Power/Divine Intervention) (Susan-deepen and keep the Faith/Divine Intervention/closeness with my Blessed Mother and Her Son) (Bridget-back pain/mental deterioration)(Breda-mental/physical problems)(Bernie-mental/physical problems)(Don-spiritual healing) (Moey suspicious lump on body fears it is cancer)(for Queens N.Y and vicims of plane crash) (Flavia-chest pain/good result)(Laz-peace and healing)(Ryan-peace and health)(Pat-handle new job)(Mary-improved health) (Connie-lost use of left side, blood clot on brain)(Two Sisters-may Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis) (Vera-underactive thyroid/possible arthritis/about to give birth)(Lorraine-health and addictions) (Carlos-health and addictions) (George-return to the church and again be a couple with Gabriella at Christmas)(Shirley-rid of cancer/lifelong health) (Buddy-very sick)Mary-successful appointments at Mayo 11/12)(Jeffrey and Angie-reconcilliation and healing of marriage) (Caroline- ulcerative colitis/very ill)(Mary Jo-successful shoulder surgery/no cold to hinder)(Kalani-lonely/lost of husband and son) (Christopher and Shaun twins 10yrs both severly autistic)(Judi-husband to cherish and a joyful marriage) (Ann-conversion/peace in soul)(Mary Ellen-losing apt./return to sacraments)(Rebeka-faith,/good judgement in relationship) (Chris-shoullder injury/kidney trouble)(Kathleen -needs conversion/about to quit school confused/unhappy) (Robert-needs to be converted) (Patrick-needs to return to sacraments/new job) (Edward-help with failing marriage)(Katherine-health on dialysis) (Mary-extreme anxiety/needs conversion) (Connie-joint facial neck injury)(Tommy-granting of all things neglected of) (inner strength and courage)(Connie-discernment for surgery and doctor)(recognition and inner truth) (Tommy- peace, healing of emotional hurts)(Antoniette-employment) (Jordan-safe flight and departure) (Kyle-premature-grade4 brain hemorrhage-immature lungs)(G.T-healing marriage/sins of flesh) (Mary-improved health of mind and body)(Kathy McElwee-very sick, needs a miracle healing)(Connie-brain tumor) (Sarah-grace to make decisions guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace at all times) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic College/academic success/holy marriage or vocation to the priesthood in near future/restraint in spending habits)(Nina Salter Vernon/very ill with ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease)(Tricia-brain tumor)


(Dino Zeko, multibale sclerosis/financial problems)(Michelle-plantar's fascitis in both feet) (Terri-39-Advanced stage of pancreatic cancer)(Agnes-started chemo today pray it works)(Sara-10 yr. old sexually mollested) (Joe B-to go into remission of Multiple Myloma with experimental treatment)(Teresa-brain tumor) (President Bush-wisdom/strength/protection)(David, Patricia-long journey-please protect)(Andrea-diagnosed with Breast Cancer) (Kataraina-a prayer for all religious/peace/love)(for people that have no one to pray for them ) (for our spirisual healings and guidance for everyone)(take good care of New Zealand as well as the earth our loving home) (Gina-strength/knowledge/peace)(Alex-put God first/heal/renew promises to Annette) (Katarina-(pray for-our Animalsa and Farm and are on our Farm)(Take good care of my family/school/Taumarunui and USA) (bless all living things and things that are not living like homes , amen) (James-conversion)(Cecilia-guidance in occupation)(Michael-faith)(David-protection/faith/wisdom/happiness) (Kristina-protection/wisdom/faith/happiness)(RS-business/resolve-financial-problems/increased faith) (John B Kihenja-kidney function restoration/healing of hypertension/diabetes)(divinely appointed job for Don & Maria) (Val-safe air travel to Arizona)(Audra-possible breast cancer)(Don-Grace/strength to help Audra) (Jimmy-Divine intervention for Audra's son/whole Family) (Peace, blessing for children/ family/safety/protection/careers) (Renee-healing/infection after pregnancy/fallopian tube)(Husband, children, grandchildren,myself-come back to god\world peace) (For the whole World-St. Michael & Our Lady of Peace guard Us)(Katie,-fell out of a tree house last night and fractured her neck) (Marcia-find a new job)(Marcia-evil in her job/pray for her to find a new job(Carolyn's uncle-in ICU)(Joann-peace of mind/new job) (Kelley & Chris-may God bless them with a healthy baby)(Kerry & Jeremy-may God bless them with a healthy baby) (Two Sisters-may Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis)(Keith-conversion)(Dash-humility and compassion for needy) (Garrett-healing of seizures/healthy soul)(Dave quits smoking/grace to come into the catholic faith) (Son's-health/job/happiness)(for allof my friends who are having problems (Good marriage/health)(George - to return to the church and for him and Gabriella to be married in 2002) (Judi-seeks husband and joyful loving marriage)(Tom-closer to God and also the Blessed Mother) (For intercession of God's angels and our Blessed Mother in our American intelligence attacks on terrorism) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic College/academic success/holy marriage or vocation to priesthood) (Sarah-grace to make decisions guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace while away at college)

SPECIAL PRAYERS- for all the loss of life and suffering in the attack in American on September 11, 2001.


(Antenette-travel on a plane)(Anna Marie-a prayer to stop this war)(Kasia-MS/asthma) (Mary Jo-healing of rotator cuff tendonitis without surgery)(Bryan-Divine Intervention detox from alcohol/loss of his child) (Theresa-Divine Intervention with loss of child)(For my Grandchild/may he or she be with God) (Guenther-terminal cancer)(Ben-in the Marine Corps/God be with you as you await your orders) (Jennifer-in the Navy/God be with you as you await your orders)(Bob,Mike,Kathy,Steve,Anne-come back to the Church) (Jody-found lump under arm/Divine Intervention)(Mary-addictions recovery/Divine Intervention) (Brent/Heidi-turn to God/belief in God) (Joan/Kathy-crippling rheumatoid arthritis) (Joseph/Teresa-safe delivery/ healthy baby) (Andrea-Huntington's Disease) (Elizabeth-depression/heart) (Me-anxiety/insomnia/weight loss/chastity/thanksgiving to God for blessings received) (Pat/Stacey-turn to God/chastity) (Judy/Howard/Ida/Martha/Harry-peaceful death) (Mona's mother-thyroid tumor; successful surgery) (Regina/Joyce/Kathy-God's graces/forgive others) (Lucille-healing of memories) (Cindi/Ada/Claudia/Louise-stop smoking) (Stranger at health club-car window smashed/ valuables/school contents stolen/peace) (Sharon-alcoholism) (Dennis/neighbor-healing/peace/good will btwn us) (Ivy-heart attack) (President Bush and Leaders- be led by God's Hand) (Christian/age 5-parent's divorced/normal emotional/psychological development) Susie-hurt/betrayed/angy/peace/forgiveness/compassion/return to our family)Mother-heart/peacful death) (Jacob&Astrid-healing/deliverance/redemption of debts)(Judy/Joe-peace/contentment/forgiveness) (Bernard-forgiveness,healing/deliverance/restoration/promotion)(Maryleen-inner peace/patience/perseverance/new job) (Ernest& Kate-healing/reconciliation)(Anthony&Matilda-healing of marriage)(Joslyn-salvation/healing/deliverance) (George& Esther-emotional,spiritual/financial healing/redemption of debts/protection from enemies/promotion/restoration) (Maryse& Wilfrid-salvation,healing/deliverance)(May-forgiveness/salvation/deliverance/healing) (prayers for Kelly and her sister)(Leslie-quick sale of former house/emotional/financial/spiritual stability) (world peace)(health and succesful surgery for son)(job for other son and happy marriage for me) (Two Sisters-may Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis)(Dona-job) Lee-father, business)(Nicole-conversion, job) (Victor-stable job/good income)(Joyce-healing-concentration-memory gain)(Mila-malignant CAof the breast) (That is war will be over quickly and without many more innocent people loosing their lives and world peace will be on this earth as God will againbe worshipped by all) (George-financial miracle/critical situation)(Wendy-deliverance from destruction)(Rene- healing)(Jacob-healing/emtional& physical) (Emmanuel-healing/physical)(Mom-home, peace) (Tom-healing/peace/strength ) (Con-healing/peace/strength) (Jennifer-arthritis)(Benert-healing of mind and spirit)(Issac-asthma)(Ivan-cough and running nose) (Nanci-very ill-depressed)(Pablo-financial difficulties and stress)(Vicki-chronic bronchitis/COPD/heal lungs that are bad) (Healing of Randall's marriage)(Mary Jo-that MRI will show no need for more surgery) (Thomas-conversion) (Joe -physical healing)(Ronnie-healing of body, mind and spirit) (Virginia-healing of body, mind and spirit)(Eileen Brougal-healing from stroke)(Jim Flanagan-healing of tumor on voice box) (Ashley-protection, guidance and strength)(Lonnie-Blessed Mother's Divine Intervention/health problems) (Katlynn-safe trip home) (Val-recovery struggles) (Billy-health issues) (Tom-conversion) (for We who are going to Sylvan Springs-Divine Intervention/will of Our Blessed Mother)(Pius-remains cancer free) (Debbie-Spiritual happiness)(Rhea-healthy baby/Spiritual well being)(Lonnie-Spiritual well being of Children) (Susan-Son Bryan/suicidal/Divine Intervention)(Theresa-Divine Intervention/No abortion) (Kristy-Spiritual well being)(Beth-Spiritual well being)(For poor sinners and all Souls in Purgatory) (For Our Holy Fathers Intentions)(For Our Blessed Mothers Intentions)(For The Most Special Intentions of Our Lord Jesus Christ) (Chris -depression/loss of self/loss of faith)(Mom-house, peace, family)(Tom-conversion/healing)Con-peace/health heart) (J&A, strengthen marriage/jobs/health/faith/and end bad habits)(Help AB's Trust in God/Jesus/and the holy Spirit) (Show John the light of God/Jesus/and the Holy Spirit/ Returnhim to the church)(Cure Chris B life threatening illness) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic College/academic success/holy marriage or vocation to the priesthood/restraint in spending habits)(Kevin-shaking in his hands)(Madeline-intestinal problems) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/protection of God's grace while away at school)(Kim-conversion and healing of marriage)(Dear Mary, please take my Dad home with you in heaven)


(Susan-found spot on lung)(Becky-healing/obesity/direction & purpose) (Neilson-healing/correct partner/vocation)(Chris-healing/partner/help with all plans)(Don-healing/direction/guidance) (Christ to stop the abortion of my son's child)(Amanda Bundy (6 yrs. old)-malignant tumor inoperable) (Happy/healthy/successful marriage)(son's recovery/ cure of throat surgery/happiness)(son to find a job) (Ruth-heart trouble/strokes/liver not functioning/swollen legs)(Jim-stroke recovery/heal aorta/prevent other strokes) (Parish Family-hearts to be softened/healing of anger)(Angie-terrible eating disorders)(Bonnie-leukemia) (Latife our mother-Guillian-Barre Syndrome/on life support)(Stephen-going blind)(Scott-on respirator/ Lou Gherings Disease) (Bubba-husband died)(Mary L-skin cancer)(Mary P-depression/continued weight loss for health) (Group at St. Joseph's in Addison-may Our Lord Jesus Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph keep us close) (for all those who have asked for Prayers and intentions)(Ramona-Conversion/with a Love for Mary)(Peter-find a decent job) (Valerie & Susan-Divine intervention of Our Blessed Mother &Our Lord Jesus Christ/make our hearts like Christ's) (Lillian-finances,health,job,grief & loss)(Kevin-find a job and happiness)(grant a miracle for Dennis) (Natalie-healthy marriage)(George-end the relationship he is in forever and return to the church with unfailing love) (my son is having throat surgery)(Dorothy's father-Lou Gerhig's Disease)(Dorie-special Medjugorje pilgrimage intentions) (guide work, inspire, humble, give me voice from God)(absolve charges,send Dennis home)(Susan-baby/can`t conceive/) (Happy Birthday Precious Mother)(Mary Jo-healing touch for arm pain)(Joe B.-remission from multiple myloma) (Regis's uncle-operation on Friday)(Jim-mental and physical illness)(John&Michael&Doug&Micky coversion) (Terese-congestion H2O heart-lungs-soul ablazed by The Holy Spirit)(Roseanne-kidney failure)(Pat-uterine cancer) (please grant me the spiritual and temporal needs to care for myself and family)(Teri-chronic pain/environmental illness) (I ask,seek and knock, please grant a miracle for my son)(Sandra and family-special intentions)(Myrt-colon cancer) (John B Kihenja-kidney function restoration/healing of hypertension and diabetes) (Two Sisters-may Jesus heal them from Cystic Fibrosis)(Amanda-16 yrs old, 5000 miles from home, close friend just passed) (Sarah-grace to make decisions guided by the Holy Spirit/academic success/the protection of God's grace while away at school) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic College/academic success/holy marriage or vocation to the priesthood) (Kevin-successful surgery/happy marriage)(Brian-health and job)(I will be getting married on August 19th, health/happy marriage) (Dennis-absolve charges/send home)(J Kline-husband)(a prayer for Douglas)


(Grandpa Jim-lukemia/Blessed Mothers Intervention for healing/Grace for family) (Jimmy-Divine Intervention with substance abuse/family in crisis)(Bryan & Theresa-Divine intervention with Baby/No abortion) (Susan-Blessed Mother's Help in being there for my Children/to make my heart like Christ's) (McDermott family-Christ's Peace, Love, and compassion for one another) (Joseph & Mary Verba-Christ's peace/Divine Intervention of Blessed Mother) (George and Gabriella- that they be married and blessed with healthy children in 2002 and all glorify Jesus) (Ofelia Torres-et her health back)(Jim-needs Carol's love)(Jim-divorce-needs to forgive) (Terry's breast biopsy and my financial miracle in Jesus' Name & Blood, amen)(Claire-release her from this mental illness) (Patty-mercy for parents of abortions) (Andrew-Divine Intervention to keep on the right path/help with his school) (Susan-My Savior Jesus Christ My Blessed Mother's help with resentments/healing with illness) (For the finalization of Annette's annulment and renewed faith)(Joseph-operation/tumor/stomach) (Barbara Hieb-heal the returning cancer from her heart, lungs, esophagus, abdomen and her whole body) (For Linda's healing of her mental state/for her to get a job and get back on her feet) (Ed-to find the new job meant for him) Rafter Family- intersession of Our Blessed Mother, and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ/health, happiness/peace) (Melvin Hignite lung cancer spreading through body 6 week's to live)(Beartha health and peace)(Donnie M. Ritchie liver failure) (Ricky to believe & put trust & faith in God)(Mary Ann-arms and legs)(Jackand Millie)(Joan cure of cancer)(Joyce-MS) (Moe-health)(Jackie and Robyn emotionalhelp and reconcilation)(Maynard,Judy,Mary and Annabelle,and Bob eyesight) (Lisa-cancer)(Michelle-guidance in job and finances)(Martinez family - guidance in job and finances) (for small boy in Florida who was attacked by a shark and for his family)(Ryan-family forgiveness/healing/reconciliation/special intentions)(B&L-their marriage blessed with children)(Roy and Peggy-for their safe move/a secure retirement) (R &M-happy marriage and Divine assistance in parenting their children)(T&K-for resolution of K's annulment and growth in faith) (A.I.B.-for a holy,Catholic, loving and kind spouse)(B&K-for their happy marriage and generosity of spirit to have children according to God's plan)(G&K-chastity of relationship and guidance of Holy Spirit concerning their jobs and future marriage)(J.M.B.-for guidance of Holy Spirit in decisions about future and a holy, Catholic spouse) (Michael-help through Our Blessed Mother for Her Word to be spread) (Kathy-Divine Intervention come back to recovery/for her children) (Shannon-Divine intervention/wisdom to get out of bad situation) (Lonnie-keep a strong Faith through the intervention of our Blessed Mother (Dennis-God's help in recovery program) (Rhia-Peace-comfort/grace in recovery program through higher power)(Tom-God's Grace in working through serious anger issues) (Susan-that the Holy Spirit speaks through her in recovery talks/take away all fear) (John-God's help with resentments) (Dave-God's help with getting over resentments)(Anona East/higher powers guidance for unity in all recovering alcoholics) (Katlynn-Thanks to All in Heaven for giving my friend one yr. of sobriety) (For Valerie/continued Grace, strength, and courage in her recovery)(Grandpa Oli-tragic accident/now deceased) (Thank you Blessed Mother and My Savior, Jesus Christ for hearing my Prayers)(Nishad-ankylosing spondylitis/depression) (Shilpa-work,trip to India)(Lenar-God to free and vindicate me and our family business from the civil suit) (Bebet-scheduled heart surgery Aug 7/for family's faith & trust unto Our Lord; & doctors and staff). (David-Divine intervention from Our Lord Jesus Christ & Our Most Holy Blessed Mother, help with addictions problems,and hi family for God's grace and strength)(For Katlynn, Billy, Julie, Valerie, Lonnie,Tom, and Susan/continue to have God's Grace and Wisdom in recovery)(Jamie-acute Transverse Myelitis much pain, head, spine) (Michael-Divine Intervention in addictions and family life)(Grace-strength and total trust in Higher Power)( John-Divine Intervention in getting help through AA/God's Will)(Susan,Tom, and Lonnie/help in protection from evil. Marie-single mom with terminal cancer special prayers for her 5 year old daughter Sabrina) ((Oliver Laine-eternal peace)(Magnus-brain cancer)(J&A, strengthen marriage/jobs/health/faith/and end bad habits) (Cure Chris B life threatening illness)(Help AB's Trust in God/Jesus/and the holy Spirit) (Show John the light of God/Jesus/and the Holy Spirit/ Return him to the church) (David-grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic college/academic success/holy marriage in future) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/that she might make higher score on her ACT this month) (Sandy for depression/children to return to Jesus by going to Mass) (Chris-back problem healing)(Noreen-back health)(Dolly-for health overall) (Ed-healing of stroke)(Marc-back healing)(Pray for peace, Terasina,Rose, Joan, marriage, commitment) (Eunice-may she be comfortable/at peace as she passes on to be with our heavenly father) (Bill-find comfort in the Lord during his time of bereavement)(Willy-he is able to let go of ex-wife/move on with his new relationship) (Sophie-hiv positive)(Tom-hiv positive)(Lonnie-thanks to all in heaven for hearing our prayers)(Mary-come back to AA/Divine Intervention/God's Will)(Susan-keep total trust in the Blessed Trinity &Our Blessed Mother/keep doing God's Will) (Chris-Divine Intervention with recovery and family life)(For Tom and Susan-Divine Intervention in friendship that's falling apart) (Brian/job/health)(Kevin-health/happiness/job)(Happy successfully marriage for me and my finance Chris wedding in August)


(Janet-pure mind, heart, and soul)(Kenneth-healing of depression) (Vickie-healing of depression, discovery in the potential that she has in her)(Lili-to walk on the path of God) (Anna-emotional healing, renewal in faith)(Tina-keeping it strong in God)(Lawrence/regina-the strength to lead the youth of STKCC and be role models and inspirations to the youth)(SOL-unification, that we can all be BASIC) (the world-to realize what we're doing with our lives, and to live CONFORM and CONVERT Romans 12:1-2) (Gerry-Breast Cancer)(J-reunite with Micah/let it be God's will)(Lila-heart problems)(Mary-breast cancer) (A daughter-marriage/financial problems)(Fran-successful surgery)(Halen-good test results)(Several special intentions) (Fran-intense leg pain)(God's guidance for a divorced family, a friend-liver cancer, my family-financial pain) (Jarred-surgery &hearing be successful/eyesight improve)(Michael reversal of Brain Atrophy) (John-walking pneumonia)(Joey/Francesca-recovery)(Steven-return home)(Carol-wife's test for cancer come back negitive) (Anna's son-healing of kidney failure)(For Shannon/her Mom,Dad,Grandpa,BrennaBear,Ryan,Chloe/Divine Intervention/God's Will) (Karen,Dallas,Todd,Tony,Chris&Tony,Tiriny,Alicia/Divine Intervention/God's Will) (Treehugger,Miranda Star,Jilly,Dot,Erica,Frank,Jay & Amy,Jacob,Becca,Cassidy,Corrina/Divine Intervetion/God's Will) (Tom/Thanks to All in Heaven For 3 yrs. of Sobriety/for giving me a very good friend) (Susan R. mother/breast cancer/ heart problems/God's Mercy/Strength/ Grace for Family) (Leo - successful treatment of prostate cancer)(Tatay Porfing & family-special intention)(Pepito & family-special intention). (Dave-died of drug overdose/may He rest in Peace/may God have Mercy on his soul)(Magnus)(5 Children in Houston, TX) (Michael-to be able to find a job he loves)(Ed-that his job is not in jeopardy)(Tina-pregnant with twins very sick) (Ed-Help in finding a new job soon as possible)(Matthew Cohen-undergoing surgery for cancer of the aorta) (Joseph/2nd biopsy/ in throat)(Cathy/doesn't cancel/ oncologist appt)(John-lung cancer/dementia/depression) (Pastor Eddie-Lymphoma)(Lois-breast cancer in bones)(Alene- colon cancer/migraine headaches) (Wilma-that she will have a happy spirit)(Mark-pray for peace,/health/prosperity in our marriage) (Jeremy-that God would gently direct him to a Christian marriage and great career) (Tom,Lonnie,Marilynn,Valerie,Debbie,Susan/protection from satan through Jesus Christ & Our Most Blessed Mother) (Irene-healing of memories/sexual assault/abortion)(Cathy/biopsy/breast cancer) (Ruben Reyes-God restore his health/Heart Problems)(Melanie/pregnant 9wks/wants abortion)(Kevin/son-health/happiness) (Brian/son-a job/happy life)(upcoming marriage for me & finance' Chris-for happiness/health) (Mr and Mrs Rusuku G. love each other more, stop drinking)(J&A, strengthen marriage, jobs, health, faith, and end bad habits.) (Cure Chris B's leukemia)(Help AB's Trust in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit) (Fr.Tom-successful outcome by mediator)(Joseph-abnormal cells in throat)(Danny Mulvey-4 yrs old terminal leukemia) (Marilynn-help with AA Program/ trust in Higher Power)(Susan-blessings on amends I am making/purity of heart,soul,mind) (Aaron-happiness/peace/forgiveness/conversion)(Tom-peace of mind/relief from bondage of self/trust in Higher Power) (Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit/help to make higher score on act) (David-guidance/grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic college/academic success/good job/holy marriage in future)


(Jo-OCD)(Tony-heart)(Larissa-melanoma, multiple lesions, Stage 4) (Sherri-depressed/needing direction)(All family members-come back to God/church/sacraments) (Donna-having marital problems) (Myself for gift oftrust/unconditional love) (Healing of our marriage/family) (Healing of ourfamily trees) (Thanksgiving for healing of Karen's headaches and many giftsevery day)(Sherri-depressed/children away from God/church) (niece-having marital problems)(for sick friends/healing of marriage/family and for all religious) (Garrett-6th grade, shot in coma)(Linny-depression/breakup)(Lynne-emotional help from depression) (Burton-needs lots of prayers)(Sandy-mega prayers/boyfriend died last fall)(family problems-please help/grandchild) (Verna-Cancer of nose spread to skull)(Carol(my sister)- Breast cancer/reconstructive surgery)(Bobby-lots of prayers) (Danny & Carla-find apartment here in Maine)(Catherine-lupus)(William Lissi-aplastic anemia/hope of healing) (Mary-Lymphoma)(prayers of Vidhya & family-continue conversion/consecration of Russia) (Cindy-recover from surgery/pnemonia/not give up hope/ for her family who keep vigil) (Andrea-fissure healing and she does not need surgery) (Linda-husband & son in auto accident)(survival of baby Dylan born with severe medical conditions) (for souls lost on cargo ship in Somalia)(Tom-poential autoimmune disease/Jesus and Mary's guidance) (Tom/the Grace to do God's will)(Val-she finds peace/truth through Our Savior & Blessed Mother) (Susan-keeps her commitment to Our lord Jesus and The Blessed Mother) (Fr. Richard-Diagnosed with kidney cancer which has spread)(Pauline-for my children)(Tom-conversion to catholicism) (Mary Jo-successful physical therapy results)(Pat&Rich-help for troubled son)(Michael-cure of prostate cancer) (Maureen-possible cancer/trust comfort in the Lord Jesus & Blessed Mother)(Fran-healing from frustration/anger/bitterness) (Laura-love herself, quit smoking, dieting)(Don-diabetise/employment)(Joe-alcoholic) (Steve-anger/controling others)(Karen,-self esteem)(Rose-health)(Ellen-come back to catholic church)(Irene-expereince god's love) Trish, anger, controling others(Elizabeth-chemically sensitive/environmentally ill)(June's son-bi polar disease) (Donna-healing of MS)(Lonnie/find Peace through Our Blessed Mother &Jesus our Savior) (Daimon-heart surgery/support of 5 children)(J & A, strengthen marraige, jobs,health, end bad habits.) (Cure Chris B's leukemia, make the transplant go well)(Rae Ann-coma)(Maralie-terminal kidney cancer) (Tracy Collins-lung disease)(Guy Campbell-blood disease)(Sarah-grace to make decisions in life guided by the Holy Spirit) (David-guidance/grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic college/academic success/holy marriage in the future)


(Sandy-bone cancer)(John-third heart attack)(Daniel-help in fight against drugs)(Bill-colonoscopy test) (Kevin-cure of illness)(Willy-employment which he will enjoy & stay a long while)(For baby Ana-found dead by father) (Lisa-do well in her new job)(Bob-his tests are normal/enjoy good health again)(Nicole-tumor) (Mary & Bob financial relief)(Bianca-gain excellent health)(Peg-recovery soon/improve health)(Dottie-stay well/improve health) (Mary & Sy-remain in good health)(Aaron-loneliness/deep depression)(Elly & her baby- let test results say baby is healthy) (Julia-severe fatigue)(David-unknown illness)(Mary Jo-healing of cyst on back)(Fr. Tom-mediation will be in his favor) (Connie Pendergast & Kosta Xiacos-terminal cancer)(Natalie-son's surgery/other son's job happiness/friend facing breast cancer/relationship of mine to lead to marriage)(lead Tom,Ann Marie, Kathleen, Joseph towards Heavenly Reward via direction of the Holy Spirit)(Ms. Maria Lawriw & Mrs. Alethea Burroughs-ull health recovery)(Tom & Ann Marie-extended family) (Prayers for our government leaders that they will grow in Wisdom and learn to put God first in "All of their Decision Making!") (little Patrick's fight with autism let his stepmom stop resenting him)(Mary-ill)(Pat-special intention) (Tom/liver cancer) (Denise/eating disorder)(Vasquez girls-protection/school/truth)(Mario Alberto-sucessful business) (Kathleen & children-abuse by husband-father/need mental healing/monetary support)(Kathy- MRI) they have been physically, & mentally abused (George-cancer)(Michael Tutton-conversion) (John-depression/work/cancer cure)(Holly-stop use of drugs/get closer to God)(Cathryn-need of healing)(Ed-special intentions) (Eunace Grant-depression)(David Hatton-depression)(souls in purgatory who do not have a person to pray for them) (parish priest who appears to suffering from depression and grant that Our Blessed Lady will call him to Medjugorge) (Tricia-coma)(Annie-special prayers)(Marie Cotterill-return to God)(Svjetlana-depression) (Anna&Carlos sousa-stay in current home)(Christine-heal lung cancer multiple scelrosis) (Kevin-finds God/marriage in future)(Eli-finds God)(Nancy-happiness/strength)(Jimmy-mental health/marriage in future) (Leonardo Sr.-peace with God/mental physical healing)(Leonardo-mental struggles/marriage in future) (Frank-mental struggles/marriage in future)(John-find God/happy marriage)(Frank-pray for soul/past away a few month ago) (Sara-finds the love and security she needs)(Mark-finds God/happiness)(Nina-peace happiness wih God) (Betsy-finds God/hapiness)(Carrie-finds God/happiness)(For the departed souls of Christina and Susan) (David-guidance/grace to do the lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic college/academic success/ holy marriage in the future) (Sarah-grace to go to the college that our Lord feels is best for her morally,spiritually, scholastically, & socially/guidance) (Michael&Larinda&family peace)(Ashley-compassion/grace of god)(Kevin-health/surgery/job/happy marriage) (Brian-health/job/happiness)(Barbara-small miracle to keep her alive)(Eternal rest for myparents) (Chris & myself-successful happy marriage)(John/complete cure/manic episode/or any in future)(Tina/needle biopsy/benign) (Larry-MS)(Christina-brain surgery goes well)(Sue-successful interview)(Maria-understanding Scripture)

March 2001

(Vasquez girls-open hearts to do God's will)(Brothers conversion)(Sisters family conversion) (Westminster Maryland-eucharist adoration restored in small parish)(Betty S-cancer/chemo)(Jo Ann's neighbor-leukemia) (Madeline/hospital heart)(Tina-2nd mammogram/pray for clear exray)(Peter Armendarez-bad liver) (Judith Ann Ryan-breast cancer)(Mr Ryan-MRI testing)(Ernestine-mental healing)(Lusia-diabetic) (Justin, 3 yrs. old-healing of seizures/visual impairment/cerebral palsy/developmental delay) (Ronald-stressed)(Ellen, 26, Barbara 25, Lisa 23-special intentions)(Kevin-melanoma stage 4 cancer) (prayer for unbelievers)(for Richard,Joan,Teresina,Nick,Sal,Isabella,Katerine)(all mothers & fathers) (the unborn,sick,dying,homeless, poor,& all souls in purgotory)(Ramon-depression) (Margaret-laid off of job)(Vivian-depression/loss of career/desire for holy marriage & children)(Catherine- car tissue) (kristikristi-Chris and I can find compromise)(Penny-special family intentions)(Kevin-health/job/happy marriage) (Brian-health/job/relationship)Natalie-goodmarriage)(For the friends who are ill)(Barbara & Florence-speed their recovery) (Ethel's daughter-drug addiction)(Mary Jo-Complete and thorough recovery of disc fusion) (Dave-Catholic faith strenghtened in college)(Chuck-job satisfaction & financial relief) (Rose-back problems)(Special intention-to follow the Lord's intentions)(Laura F-Hepatitis C) (for the youth of the world)(Chris & Kristi-all intentions requested)(friend who will be having hip surgery) (friend-be cured of cancer)(cure for my sons health, he has had a condition since he is 2 years old)(My son emotional health) (Charles Hogan-special prayers)(Please pray for my niece)(Braxton & Brianna -stop abuse by stepfather) (Gladys&Jimmy-reconcile differences & remarry)(Harper Shank & Kenneth-marital problems) (God will touch Kenny's heart/send him home)(Ann-very sick depression/panic disorder/thyroid malfunction) (David-guidance/grace to do the Lord's will/stay in Catholic College/academic success/holy marriage in future) (Michael James-removing a lung because of tumor)(Torey-4 year old, severe burns on torso-pray for him & family) (John Daniels-recovery/medicine side effect)(Jonathan Rangel-be cured of Parkes-Weber Syndrome)(Don Bird-colon cancer) (Steven-severe alcoholism/drug addition/God's grace/conversion)(Cheryl-mass doctors found is non cancerous) (Karen-headaches)(Paul-sore shoulders/hardened heart/,children/away fromGod/Church,)(Myself-want to trust/love unconditionally)

February 2001

(Barbara Pesek-mellanoma/dying) (Joshua-health & restortion)(John "Rocky" Riojas-police office, lost in the line of duty)(Anna & Carlos Sousa-love) (Patty-God's protection upon Woody)(Jerry's Daughter/possible severe brain damage/Grace for Family) (Monisha PintoBombay, India-all intentions)(Thank You to All in Heaven/14yrs. of Sobriety/02-19-87) (Justin-3 yrs. old-healing of seizures/cerebral palsy/visual impairment/developmental delay) (Gil-copd lungs very bad)(Tony-lung transplant)(Patty Sinclair-complete healing of breast cancer) (Glady-prayers for daughter & family)(Kristy-alcoholism/drug addiction/mental illness/conversion/back to Catholic Faith) (Jackie-fighting cancer)(Barbara- radiation pneumonia)(Annette-employment) (Cyndi-strength and Grace/Husband with cancer)(Scott-cancer/conversion to Christ/God's Grace) (Linda's daughter-work)(Linda's son-recovery)(Valerie-peace in her family life/doesn't pick up a drink) (Susan-go back to Church)(Patty-for conversion of sinners)(Husband-needs self-confidence/focus) (Robbie-healing for drug addiction/bring him home/not jail)(Barbara-pass test/help my future grandchild/find future love) (Tracy Woodward-recuperate after being hit by DWI person)(Glen for recovery from mental health/reacquainted with Jesus) (Mary&Michael Holdsworth-increased trust/obedience/wisdom/health/finances/follow todays callings) (prayer for an opportunity to visit medjugorje with family)(Nora-conceive a baby)(Son Robert-drug addiction) (repose of the soul of John Perez)(Christopher Michael Caputo-kidney problems)(Victoria-healing from severe asthma) (Craig-secure employment/come home to the Church)(Steven-severe alcohol/drug abuse/severe mental illness/conversion) (My son's health/job/successful marriage)(other son's health/job)(My relationship-lead to marriage)(Sick friend-cancer-recovery) (Antonio-spiritual healing/family relation healing/grace to do God's will)(Elsa-spiritual healing/housing financial problems) (Cathryn-healing of a incurable diease)(Prayers for Teresina)(Dick-poor health heart/digestion/arthiritis/incredibly devoted selfless)(Lisa-poor digestion/inner sadness/in need of true companion)(Sherry-overstressed mother/will not let herself be helped/troubled marriage)Daniel-young student/serious back ailment)(Michael's Aunt-may she rest in God's peace) (Luke-misguided anger/ troubled faith/ conversion)(Russ-possible severe health problem/peace/faith/hope) (Emily-severe mental problems/possible serious health problems/come back to God)(Joey-give him good health) (Lily-Christ's peace in greiving/substance abuse recovery/bi-polar disorder)(Mary Jo-successful surgery of disc fusion) (Chet's company)(David-guidance/grace to do Lords will/stay in Catholic College/academic success/holy marriage) (Valerie-substance abuse recovery/God's guidance)(Roland-Pres.Bush ok's his early release-lowlevel-nonviolent-inmate)

January 2001

(Aunt Ida-go with God/rest in peace) (Sue-employment)(Susan-toubled faith/mental illness) (for earthquake victims and survivors in India)(Ginger's husband-back surgery)(Eric-find a new job after being laid off) (Vicka-possible illness)(Dan-double lung transplant)(Barbara OShea-special intention) (Georgette Ceyoe-reoccurance of breast cancer now in brain)(Hank-fear following open heart surgery, healing) (Louise-special intention)(Sr. Julia Rookey-healing of eyes)(Steve Rainaldi-2 reoccurances of cancer) (Patricia R-peace)(Marie Ellen Spear-pregnant, safe and healthy delivery)(Susan O-peace) (James O-healing of cancer)(for the Renewal of the Spirit of love in the world)(or all the sick in body, mind and spirit) (an increase in vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life)(conversion of the heart for all mankind)(Amy-illness) (Allie-illness)(Tessie-elderly bad health)(Willie-elderly bad health)(Justin-healing)(Michael-healing of incurable brain tumor) (SR. Agnes-dying, grace & peaceof happy & speedy death)(Repose of the soul of Angela Maher) (Angela Ryder-special intention)(Sr. Maria Ann-special intention)(Veronica-peace with loss of friend) (Joe-stopped all/blood pressure medicine)(Bernard-conversion)(Joseph-conversion)(Thomas-court/crime due to alcohol) (Ed & Mad-grace to do lords will/ large debts)(Maricelis-diabetes)(Tonny & Maricelis-coversion)(Pedro-unknown sever stomach problems/conversion)(For the cause and celebration of life in all its sanctity from conception to natural death) (For all those who march for life today in Washington DC, their safety, holiness and love) (For all Priests Religious and children of God to understand the great gift of life)(Camille DePalma-uteran cancer) (Louie D-peace with wife's illness)(Patricia Costapile-repose of her soul)(Mateo-healing car accident) (Angela-healing car accident)(Neva-cancer)(8 month baby boy-double ear infection/pneumonie/rsv) (Solomon family-restoration)(Jo-single mom of 3- Multiple Sclerosis) (Patricia Buccannan-diagnosed with liver cancer)(Terry B-conjestive heart failure)(Maye McAllister-terminally ill) (Joe Fuentes-better health/closer to God)(Mary Jo-successful MRI/no surgery needed/return to health) (Richard-Leukemia/spots on brain)(Mrs. Scarfi was run over accidentally/serious condition) (John Scarfi Jr.-peace with parents accident)(Howard-alcoholic)(Debbie-neck shoulder pain) (James-asmtha)(Joan-serious illness)(Jim-illness)(all souls in purgatory)(Sr. Mary Rosa-healing from unknown illness) (Thea-deliverance from anxiety disorder, child of divorce)(John-employment)(Joey-concussion/fibromyalgea) (healing of family relationships&spiritual healing/conversion of all family members)(John-healing of stomach/nervousness) (Frank Salesto-car accident/need kidney transplant/broken hip&ribs/blood clots)(Kacie-healthy delivery due 3/23/2001) (David & Kacie find a good job/be on their own)(Blair-healing of Diabetes)(Kacie-David-Kayla-for conversion/come back to church) (Janet-healing anxiety & possible angina) (Deans wife-alcoholism)(Katie-14 yr.old/anorexic/suicidal)(Danny & Kathy-conversion) (Ed-recovery/heart surgery) (Marie-good health/mental illness)(Tina-good health/mental illness) (Michael-good health/mental illness)(JohnSr.-goodhealth/mental illness)(Anne-good health/panic disorder) (Donna-find love and happiness)(Marcelle-health and happiness)(Mary Jo-Healing of pinched nerves) (John-audition/acceptance in special H.S.) (Mrs. Milo-massive heart attack/life support) (Tonya-find a good job soon/get pregnant)(Helen-guidence/help in starting business/finding love) (Ale&Max-self confidence in work/marriage/find love w/ each other)(Eddy- finding love & guidence in financial matters) (Jen-finding love)(Lydia-lower high blood pressure &cholesterol-have good health) (Cindy-find a home)(Rosemarie-good health and love)(Lisa-good health and love) Caren-guidence in work/find love(Angela-diagnosed with multiple myeloma)(Mickey-loss of faith) (Jenny & Nick-dealing with infertility)(Dan-special intentions)(Danielle-problems in life/bring her back to family) (Patricia-healing of sciatica)(Pat-that x-rays show no breast cancer)(Barry priorities/job/finances) (Andrea/serious illness)(Teresina/illness)(Roger-mental-law)(Melody-mental won't take medicine)(Megan in foster care) (Valerie-mental illness)(Gina-suffers effects of 10 yrs severe anorexia)(AJ-Kathie-no acknowledgement of God) (Bunnie/Kenny-baby,unmarried,large debt)(Norma B-recovering from breast cancer surgery & dealing with chemo.)(Lori-cancer in breast and bones)(Ray-God in life)(A&J-do well at jobs/marriage/bad habits)(Wilson-billary atresia, needs liver transplant) (Florence-find true vocation to follow Jesus and Mary without reservation)(David-guidence/grace to do Lords will/stay in Catholic College/academic success/marriage in future)