Our Lady's Prayer Room 2000


(Maureen-ankle will heal)(Elsa & Felipe-healing & reconciliation) (Felipe J-good outcome of INS deportation charges.)(Yvonne-comfort)(Bianca-9 mo, cure from lung problems) (Karen-self-esteem and courage to let go of ex-husband)(Jack & Virginia-son 19 died) (Nick-drug problems/baby due in March)(Jackie-strength to get through this time/acheive goals through therapy/become the person she wants to be)(Norma-healing for a pancreatic tumor) (Tina- realizing she needs help and seeking it) (Jackie-reconciling the friendship and relationship with Billy)(Steve-reconciling relationship with his sister (Michael Novenche-brain tumor)(Fr. Daniel-leaving or has left Priesthood, conversion) (Shirley W-cancer)(Vern-emphysema)(Shirley S-heart problems)(Tammy health problems) (David-punctured rib and collapsed lung)(Loretta-cancer)(Sam-find peace in Christ)(LindaE-cancer) (David-guidance/grace to do the Lord's will/perseverance to stay in Catholic college/ academic success) (Sarah-grace to know the Lord's will/courage to do the Lod's will)(Sally Couder that she win her law suit for malpractice) (Eric-pulmonary fibrosis/scleraderma)(John-employment/healing of depression) (Jackie Hinojos-kidneys get healthy/better health)(Jovita Jimenez-better health/strength)(Kristin-scoliosis) (Robert-suffering from Lou Gehrigs disease)(Phil&Rosemary-reconcilliation)(Erin-safety while choosing to be homeless) (Danny-cancer)(Irene-stroke)(Mary-failing health)(Amanda-breast cancer removal/Chemotherapy Treatment) (Mary-siatic nerve extreme pain/alcoholism)(Kristina&Tom -safe & healthy new baby in July) (Elsa&James-troubled relationship/healing of emotions)(Jenny-infertility after 2 miscarriages) (health and happiness for my newly married son and his wife, my other son, health, job, and happiness) (for my friend Chris, hope we marry soon/ask the dear Lord for direction)(all of my family/repose of the souls of my parents)

November, 2000

(Scott-applying for a new job)(Eduardo-guide him so he can let go of all his hatred)(Cristina-help her stop the lying) (Maureen-healing of ankle to walk unaided)(Mr. Rudd successful hip surgery) (Bill-depression,hopelessness,substance/alcohol abuse,conversion)(Kathy-cancer/bad heart) (Lin-many health problems)(Ed-sores on legs and arms to be healed)(Robert-healing of alzheimers) (Sharon-clear test results) (Jennifer-inoperable brain tumor-please pray for her husband and small children) (Fred-conversion/find a Catholic wife)(Olga-find acatholic husband) (Kathleen-Gets engaged)(Martha-finds a husband) (Larry-healing of pain on this his birthday/one year to date)(Philip and Rosemary- marriage problems) (Mike and Sharon - strengthen marriage)(Andre & Ryan-attend Mass) (Claudia & Tom marriage restored)(John B.-conversion/meet a practicing Catholic girlfriend or conversion/healing of his present girl if she is God's will for him) (Kelle-conversion/meet marry practicing Catholic man)(A.L/ mental problems) (S. health) (Bill-conversion/holiness)(Elaine/ Holiness and do God's will alone)(Petronia-to delight in the Lord) (Bianca S., 7 mo. quick recovery from bronchitius)(Terry-gallbladder surgery/peace of mind/speedy recovery) (Tina-MS/healing of physical & emotional symptoms)(Gerald-mother return home/passing of father February 8, 1999) (David-guidance/grace to do the Lord's will/ perseverance to stay in Catholic college/academic success) (Sarah-guidance/grace/awareness/best for her morally/spiritually/socially/academically) (Joan-cure from severe clinical depression)(Willy-healing of emotions from recent divorce) (Sy-surgery on 11/10) (Diane-fibromyalgia)(Becky-panic attacks)(Perry family - mother's sudden death)(Jay - health) (Shirley - depression, health)(David-safe trip from san diego to louisiana/remission from cancer)

October, 2000

(Mark-alcoholism/faith) (Jamie-healthy pregnancy and child)(Floyd--terminal lung cancer) (Patricia-rheumatoid arthritis)(Joe-family unity/family peace/family conversion)(Leticia Harper-better in health) (Greg-violent migraines/other problems)(For the fallen of the USS Cole)(Prayer for the unrest in Israel) (Mary Jo-diabetes brough under control)(Ed-financial help)(Barbara-healing of lung cancer) (Lucille & Ricky addiction problems)(Polly-gall bladder healing)(Carol-anxiety&weight problem) (Karen-deliverance from alcohol/renewal of faith)(Charlene-benign lump in arm) (Jerry-lowered cholesterol)(Mary-gets pregnant very soon)(Scott-healing and spiritual awakening) (Barbara - tumors/cancer - healing)(Kathy-sell house)(Steve-back to church)(Kate-voice back to normal) (Robert /mysterious non cancer painful tumors/surgery)(Brian- spiritual,mental and physical healing) (reversal of approval of abortion pill & for strength for all pro-lifeactivities)(Julia-heal completey from bypass surgery) (Donna-healing Hepatitis C)(Terry-heal crippling spinal injuries-heart disease)(Alex-heal eye muscle)(Heather-heal anorexia) (Carlo-financial aid to pay mortgages off)(Michael-financial aid/holy wife or vocation)(My children-health & protection) (Brian-happiness for my son Kevin on his wedding day 10/22/00)

September, 2000

(Natalie-proposal/good relationship)(Ronald & Angela-conversion/good health/happiness/finances) (Michele & Sean-God/pregnancy/health/happiness)(Sean-Fertility/finish degree/new job)(Ronnie-conversion) (Jacqui-healthy pregnancy/healthy happy family)(Carol & Scott-marriage)(Crystal- to conveive a child) (Melinda-Steve will ask to marry)(AJ Engroff 11 months old-brain cancer)(Peter-great marriage problem) (David-guidance/grace to do the Lord's will/perseverance to stay in the Catholic college /academic success) (Noah-12 plus hours surgery)(Kara-age 12 paralyzed in accident)(Natalie-repose of the soul of my mother and father) (successful health/marriage for oldest son)(Brian-successhealth) Natalie-boyfriend-good relationship/hopeful marriage)

August, 2000

(David-guidance/grace to do Lord's will/stay in Catholic college/academic success)(David-renewed relationship/faith in God/eliminate self-centered ways)((Jennifer-inoperable brain tumor) (Joyce-repose of soul) (Robert+Wynter/increase in faith)(strength and courage for 8 y/o Alex w/ cancer and his parents and brother also) (Greg-healing for chronic numbness in jaw,lips,tongue)(Katie-Ovarian Cancer)(Karen-terminal Illness) (Al Connell-serious health problems)(John-end bad habits/strengthen marriage/get a good job)((Gina/to stop smoking) (Richard-clear away negativity/understand love & patience for others/heal financial worries) (Gordon-aneurysm)(Craig-spiritual awakening)(Christine-healthy pregnancy/happy&healthy baby) (John Budz-repose of soul)(mother's-health/safety)(health of sons)(son's wedding)(relationship of me and my partner)

July, 2000

(Noah Riniker-severe sciolosis/cerebral palsy)(Barbara-healing of lung cancer)(Lola-depression/3 children murdered) (Jackie--depression/spousal abuse)(Crystal-18 years old, abandoned)(Liz-that God answers religious calling) (Gracie-closure from Matt/healing for my broken heart)(Lenar-peace in home/marriage to improve/for son Ryan) (Natasha/hip healing/spirit healing/peace)(Carla's kidney failure)(Olga-regain hearing/help financially) (Ernest-regain hearing&good health)(Gracie-job/husband)(ErnestJr.-protection on family/good health) (Linda-protection on family/goodhealth). (Amie-cerebal palsy and has never made Holy Communion) (Nancy-multiple sclerosis)(David-conversion)(Angelica/Destinee-always do God's will & well being) (Janae-always do God's will)(Miguel-conversion/family vocation)(Peg-miraculous quick recovery from cancer) (Dottie-improved health with quality of life)(Diane-lupus/poor health)(Mr. Casteel-coma recovery) (Mary's family-forgiveness/acceptance of each other/become a loving family once again) (Steven-chrohn's disease)(Steven-muscular dystraphy/duchenes)(Jorge Puentes my father-dying/hyptertension) (My family-separated/to be family again)(Sandra Rubio Fianc-help her on her Job)(Tim-Medullar Thyroid Cancer/Healing) (Tim, Olivia, Lucas, Jim, Amie, Melissa,&Sara-safety/health)(Alvaro-employment)(Fernando-good wife) (Brett Kern-broken both feet/leg is in bad shape)(Logan Cumpston-who has inflammatory bowel disease) (Tony-addiction)(Mary&Bob-reconciliation of extended famil)(Mary&Sy-forgivenes/sunderstanding/family reconciliation) (Lisa&Oscar-forgiveness/understanding of grandparent)(Vanessa-Blessed Christening/God protected life) (Laura-return home)(John-brought to Christ)(Gretchen-another child)(Doug-A+ cert/better job) (Allyn Stock&Sue Rettenmaier-cancer)(John Allyn-depression)(Mary Ann Green-sinus&ear infections) (David-guidance/grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic college/academic success) (Julia-stroke)(Laurie- find employment)(Herminia Santiago-achieve Master Degree) (Sundari&Muniandy-reconciliation of love, so they can be married)(Lillian-cyst on liver) (Peggy-lung cancer) (Louise-severe manic depressive)(Joe Mayorga-successful heart transplant surgery)(Angela-accused of robbing a bank)

June, 2000

(Denise-guidance/understanding to bring family together/renewed faith in God)(Cloutier family-reconciliation/renewed faith in God/love/trust/make family whole)(Mjabech-unborn baby-healing in the womb) (Willy-deliverance from alchohol abuse/depression/renewed faith in God/understanding forgiveness of Mom) (Erwin-deliverance from alchohol abuse/happy marriage) (Kelly&family-spiritual pounding/unspoken intentions)(holymom-healing /liberation of the Dumadag Family) (Larry-healing of severe pain)(Tina-family mend family crisis/ help raising children on her own/sick with Perthes disease) (Terry-ease and erase emotional pain/reconciliation with Bob)(Anne-general ill health)(Jennifer-academic/social problems) (Tom&Pat-save their marriage)(Anne-protection from disease/to feel well again)(Mike-terminal disease) (Bob&Terry-reconciliation of friendship/romance/love, so they canbe married)(Bob-successful business/increase money) (Ed-job interview)(Charles Adams-successful bypass surgery Monday, June19)(Margaret Betty Jim Winifred Joseph-deceased) (Gary-Cancer)(Warwick Daniel-employment)(Bonnie-successful operation)(Warwick Pat Marissa Lisa Daniel Bernie Darell Natalie James Michelle Leanne Sarah good health/safety divine guidence/conversion) (Joe-Multiple Myloma)(Susana-financial problems)(Sue&Misha-reconcile friendship and relationship) (Eduardo&Lila Velasco-marriage)(Elohim-that he know God loves him)(Danny-cancer)(Jonathan-unborn-spinal bifida) (Jack-prostrate/colon cancer)(Mary Jo- special intentione)(Kelley who found lump on breast)(Lelio's family-Joo Paulo,Tarcisio,Elizabethe,Maria Ftima,Thiago,& wife Stela)(Brian- find job/stay happy/healthy)(John Budz's death my father please pray for the respose of his soul)(Bob-prostate cancer)(Tom-migraines-insomnia-tension)(Willard-old age infirmities) (Jamie-pelvic cancer)(Stan-that God will be revealed to him)(David-guidance/grace to do the Lord's will/ grace to stay in Catholic college)(Shannon-lukemia)(Noreen-asthmatic bronchitis/respiratory infection)(Karen-for an end to violence in the world)

May, 2000

(German-conversion/eternal salvation/mental illness)(John Budz-repose of soul) (Natalie mother's-health/safety)(sons-safety/health)(Natalie-relationship for me & partner) (Lelio-spiritual conflict)(Marie P-God's comfort during her dying days and a peaceful death) (Marie P's-family comfort of God during, after Marie's death)(Annie-cancer) (Ronald & Angela-God/diabetes/health/finance/happiness)(Michele & Sean-Infertility/health/holy spirit) (Michael-ERBS Palsy)(Franco-sinus problems/mmune deficiency)(Annette-suffering/bulimia/ulcers/other complications) (William-cancer-peaceful death)(Frank-heart surgery recovery)(Bernadette-conceive a child) (Josephine-knee problems/ear problems)(Grant-asthma)(Rose-job/back pain) (Jean's-son & daughter-in-law/save marriage)(Jerry-mywhole family-we need Jesus, Mary and Joseph) (Josh wake up/full recovery from bad car accident)(Michael H.-stroke) (Suzanne-God's special intentions)(David-guidance/grace to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in a Catholic college) (8 y/o Alex with Lymphoma also suffered stroke)(Peter-killed in plane crash) (Larry & Lenore-Peter's Parents)(Rob,Andy,Danny,Eddie-Peter's brothers) (Dave-Peter's uncle) (Erma-on ventilator & dialysis) (Cheri-cancer) (Portia & Sonny-conversion)(Gary-strength in vocation)(Miguel-strength in vocation) (Ken-conversion)(Marsha-complete cure from breast cancer) (James and family-return to the Catholic faith)

April, 2000

(Anne-deliverance from alchohol/substance abuse)(Don-conversion to Jesus & Mary) (Anne-healing from disease)(Char-relationship with mom)(Vati-conversion)(Kathy-protection)(Frank-healing from cancer) (Linda-healing from cancer)(Mrs.S.-healing from cancer)(Sarah-healing from leukemia)(Patty-discernment of God's Will) (Kristi Lembeck-fifth day in intensive care/bleeding internally/lost her baby/ healthin danger) (Ann-valvularplasty procedure to be successful,heart to be healed)(Mary Grace-clots/poor circulation/pain in leg) (Willy-God gives him the strength/courage to see and leave an unhealthy relationship) (Lisa-healing of numbness of hand and forearm quickly) (John-learn about, accept, and manage his ADHD) (Dottie-recovery-lung disease)(Mary L.-healing of depression) (David-guidance/to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in a catholic college)(Orlando Soto- Lord restore his health) (Rodger-that his wife recover from cancer/he can accept God's will)(Carol&Jerry-successful reconciliation) (Jeff-conversion/renunion with his wife)(Valerie-employment)(Marilyn-find employment)(Jessica to get healed)(Danielle-become a Christian)(Irene's daughters-to find their way back to her)(Jim & family)(Tom & family)( Marilyn-that she might find love)(Bob-to get healed)(Isabella-dermatomyocitis/breathing problems/many cysts throughout body/in ICU x 6-7 weeks)(Margaret Betty Jim Winifred Joseph Shirley John deceased) (Warwick Pat Daniel Marissa Lisa Bernie Gary Darrell- good health) (Safety for Warwick to get a job and start a successful bussiness)(Daniel-employment/divine guidence in lives/for successful sale of the building)(pray for relief to suffering husband who lost pregnant wife in car crashwhere 3 y/o daughter injured) (Marilyn-mental confusion)(Edmundo-successful eye surgery) (Cathy Soukup-back surgery)(Debra-healing of drug habit/get off streets/turn life around) (M.Stoffel-mothers who want to have children but trouble having them)(Matthew 8yo-large canerous tumor in his lung.) (Stoffel family-peace/happiness)(Mandi-troubled pregnancy)(Marty-family open heart/forgiveness) (Judie-full recovery from breast cancer)(Lisa-continued good healthy during pregnancy/healthy baby) (Willy-find strength in God/keep him safe from harmful relationships&situations) (Pray for Jeff's & Kim's marriage)

March, 2000

(David-guidance/do the Lord's will/grace to stay in a Catholic college)(Mark&Deb-restored love/heal marriage) (Natilie-relationship&Marriage/sons-health/happiness/job/parents-health/increase money for their care taker) (Eddie-multiple Myloma)(Tom&family-may lose home)(Mary&Paul-successful pregnancy) (Lary-MS)(For the conversion of all souls to God)(Dave-for forgiveness and healing for taking the life of his girlfriend) (Roger&Peggy-special prayers due to pain and suffering)(young Paul who has a terrible home life) (Chris/Natalie-for marriage/sons health/job/happiness/parents to stay well and healthy) (John-guidance/ that his company will get some needed work)(Jesus Canes-recover of cancer)(Margaret: drinking problem) (Our Lady's prayers for-Pat Daniel Lisa Bernie Gary Darrell-for good health/safety/ divine guidence) (Our Lady to take care of Warwick's sister in law-died from bone cancer)(Pat-Our Lady's prayers for Warwrick) (Gary-cancer)(Warwick-Our Lady's prayers for-lost job/protection forwife and children)(Laura-Multiple Sclerosis) (Brittany-Muscular Dystrophy)(Sue-faith&understanding)(Maureen-heal from breast cancer)(Eileen-heal from Leukemia) (Susan-desperate to respond to 3rd round of chemo)(Luciana-healing/peace/love/God's will)(Katrinta-heal attention disorder) (Shannon-healing severe stomach & intestinal condition(Marsha-cancer has returned for the 3rd time) (Jean-breast cancer)(Judy's-pregnancy is achieved)(Elia-pelvic problems,body pains Tom and Thomas) (Parents/health,sons/health, job, happiness)(Chris and Natalie a good relationship hoping to lead to marriage)

February, 2000

(Eric-awaken from coma; complete healing of heart) (Mary-Aneurysm Healing)(Patrick-Healing of cerebral palsy)(Sheila-Return to Catholic Church/visit Medjugorje) (Sonia-spiritual & emotional healing)(Armando-spiritual & emotional healing)(Michelle-convertion) (Jerry-emotional healing)(Jerry father-convertion)(Armandito-convertion back to the faith)(pray to stop abortion) (Alpha-my own convertion)(Clair-faith/peace)(David-guidance/to do the Lord's will/grace to stay in Catholic college) (Daniel-find compassion in convalescent home)(Joe-cancer of liver and intestines) (Mary Louise-undergoing tests)(Lanny-bladder cancer)(Mary Jo-uterine fibroid/finacial problems) (Bruce&Mary-marriage healing)(Domingo-family: to have mercy for priest Father Paul/ask baby Jesus to love us) (Rosanna bring Anthony back to join in a love relationship once more)(Lisa-difficult pregnancy) (Kevin-health/,job/happiness w/Debbie)(Brian-job/health/happiness)(John&Lottie-health/happiness) (Chris&Natalie/better relationship/health)(Victoria-admission to Catholic or Christian school)(Father Stephen-repose of soul) (Sister Marie-repose of soul)(Mary-pneumonia/finacial problems/bad job)(Jose-stomach problems/need gift of faith) (Catherine-hasnt found God/unhappy)(Louise-unemployed/not loving with family)(Roger/diabetic/patience)

January, 2000

(David-guidance/to do the Lord's will)(Zachary Milligan, age 6, lekumia healing) (Anita-Hyperthyroidism/buldging eyes/finances)(Harley-Immune Mediated Hemotolytic Anemia) (Janet-critical care)(Patricia-suicidal/PTSD)(Michele&Sean-successful pregnancy)(Pennie-financial problems/suicidal) (Loci&Teresa-financial security/raise in salaries)(Loci-health/heal rectal bleeding) (Teresa's-painful bladder condition/health) (John&Lottie-health and finances)(Kevin-health/successfulmarriage) (Debbie-succesful marriage)(Brian-health/job/relationship)(Chris&Natalie-successful relationship/marriage) (Frank-Cancerous tumor/esophagus & Stomach-Chemo Treatment)(Mike-Cancer of prostate,Operation January 31, 2000) (Anna-Tumor on the brain)(Pat-Coma from blood clot in brain)(John & Deb-return to Catholic Church & marriage) (For all special intentions at feet of our Blessed Mother & St Joseph)(Sabine-conversion-meeting/marriage to Christian soul mate) (Marie-Christa-conversion-healing eye and health problems)(Immacula-strenght-employment-financial problems) (Mary & Bob-financial help)(Connie-cure cervical cancer)Pam-advanced stages of Scleraderma)(Will- guidance) (Sean-Good health and fertility)(Jacqui-safe healthy pregnancy)Angela-God/good health/finances)(Michele-happiness/pregnancy) (Ronald-diabetes/swollen leg/finances)(Fred-Myliple Myeloma)(Helen and Jeff-healing of marriage)(Mark Allen-cancer)