A Prayer of Thanksgiving

By Michael K. Jones

Over the years Our Lady of Medjugorje has often told us in Her messages that we should give thanks to God for the gifts in our lives. In Scripture we find that Jesus Himself would offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God the Father.

Each year in November we gathered with friends and families  to give thanks and enjoy a feast of celebration. Let us not forget to give daily thanks to God Our Father in Heaven for all the gifts we have received, even for the least gift we have perceived.

Below is a prayer that I wrote some years ago that I invite you to offer in thanksgiving throughout the year.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving.
(by Michael Jones)

Lord my God, many favors and graces you have sent unto me, how unworthy I am. I thank thee giving you praise honor and glory. It seems I have fought you every step on this road to salvation, yet you have not lifted a hand against me. From your gentleness I have learned. I cast my weapons to the ground in your peace. I surrender in your love. Do with me, as you will. I accept freely your plan for me. Let nothing be added to me in the way of this world, for you are the glory to which I shall boast all the days of my life, forever and ever. Amen.

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