The Nun's Story


Audrey Hepburn in one of her finest performances. Perched Fred Zinnemann`s "The Nun's Story" is an intensely beautiful and powerful film about a woman who undergoes a crisis of faith to learn the importance of finding her true path in life. Based on the novel by Kathryn Hulme, this film tells the story of Gabrielle van der Mal, a Belgian woman who enters the convent in the 1930`s, spends a brief period working as a nurse in the Congo, then leaves the order after years of intense personal struggle with herself and with God. Among American films of its time, "The Nun's Story" stands virtually alone in its ability and willingness to dramatize a conflict taking place in the deepest recesses of a character's mind and soul. Some may think we should not carry this film as the character in the end leaves the convent. However, Medjugorje USA views this film as a classic tale to tell the story of the battle we all undergo in our soul and this is the way we should view this film. On a scales of 1 to 7 angels, Medjugorje USA gives this movie a rating of