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Why I believe in Medjugorje
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New Testimonies

Several years ago I was present for an apparition with one of the visionaries.  I was with my child she was four at the time.  We were praying the rosary and I felt this overwhelming joy in my heart a type of electricity that is indescribable.  My daughter was also known to fidget  a lot and before it started I was scared she would cause a scene.  It was amazing, my daughter said look mommy the lady with babies and from then my daughter was on her knees in quiet prayer.  When we were on our way home my daughter said to my mom.. Grandma I saw the lady she was wearing a gold dress and there were two babies with her.  A couple of months later I read a description of the apparition.. Mary came with two angels it said and she was wearing Gold. I am a believer.  Cynthia Gonzalez