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Murdering the Handicapped
By Fr. Anthony Mellace

In her book entitled Life on the Line, the author Faye Wattleton (who was the second president of Planned Parenthood, daughter of the pastor of an Assembly of God church and black feminist) stated that … “children whose bodies had been deformed by German measles or with severe physical mal-formation due to vitamin deficiencies that would result in their being blind, deaf, with heart abnormalities, fluid in their brain or incomplete mouths or lips… should (in her opinion) have their lives …terminated, since these deformities are incompatible with life… couples can decide whether they wish to continue the pregnancy… I think that it would be more compassionate to end a pregnancy even late in the term than to make a woman continue and endure the long hours of labor and agony of birth…” (Balantine books, New York, page 77). In other words, Faye Wattleton would have parents practice pro-choice to abort the unborn child if they found some physical defect through the sonogram (and would displease them very much).

       Faye Wattleton and Planned Parenthood give two reasons as to why they want to murder a handicapped child: first, it is incompatible with “life”, and second, it causes much emotional suffering to the parents. One can see from the horse’s mouth that Planned Parenthood’s intention in society is to define their brand of “life” and impose it on the rest of us. Their evidently clear intention is to allow only the “perfectly healthy” to live (and to eliminate the rest from this “brave new world” that they plan to construct). The physically handicapped are obstacles, drawbacks, burdens and heavy cost to their plans. They must be gotten rid of. That which Hitler failed to do in Nazi Germany in his attempt to create the superior, blond Arian race, will now be realized by Planned Parenthood in the USA.

The first to go then are the unhealthy babies. They have no use for us and can make no contributions. Now what if a woman’s adult husband becomes deaf, blind, or crippled? Must he be eliminated too? What use is he to society? Or what about some very old, weak and decrepit people in the nursing homes? Don’t they irritate and bother the emotions of their children, causing them psychological anguish? Shouldn’t we have compassion on their children by eliminating these bothersome parents who cause emotional traumas? We have many candidates for Faye Wattleton and Planned Parenthood. We just need the government to finance the building of “old people” or geriatric plants where they can be terminated in peace. They have become “incompatible” with “life”.

      Tell me now, Ms. Wattleton, who is imposing whose morality on who? Do you think that I care about the eugenic horrors that you want to implant in society or that I agree with them? Where is the pro-choice for the unborn that want to come to see the light, even with their physical handicaps?

     If there are parents who cannot handle defective children, they should have never gotten married to begin with. Marriage and parenting is only for mature and generous hearts that put no limits to their love and accept and welcome healthy as well as unhealthy children. Unselfish parents make no distinction in regard to their offspring. They love their children equally and with caring and affectionate love. Suffering in these cases, is a blessing in disguise because it practically forces and obligates one to grow emotionally; from an infantile, immature and selfish state to a generous, mature, affectionate, caring, sensitive and compassionate one. Parents who find it hard to accept defective children are really running away from themselves and show to others their moral and psychological cowardice. The rejection and refusal of a handicapped child is the sign of a society that simply refuses to grow up and would rather obstinately remain in an infantile and selfish condition. Faye Wattleton uses the word “compassion” in referring to the emotional suffering of parents with defective children, but willfully ignores the physical and psychological anguishes that both aborted mother and murdered child go through and experience.

     Why does she and Planned Parenthood, for example, do everything possible to cover up the high mortality rates of legal abortions? Why are they afraid to bring to public knowledge all the complications of abortion and the record deaths resulting from these? Why doesn’t she, along with Hilary Clinton, and other Herods reveal to the public that the minimum rate of immediate physical complications following legal abortions is fully ten percent? Why doesn’t Planned Parenthood tell everyone that 50% percent of all aborted women have long term complications? This damage is done mainly to teen-agers and those women who abort on their first pregnancy. Does Faye Wattleton forget (or simply doesn’t want to face the fact) that over 100.000 women every year lose their wanted baby because of the effects of their first abortion? If Faye Wattleton is so concerned about the emotional suffering of others, why did she not mention the fact about the 90% of women who have a psychological breakdown after an abortion? 10% of these require psychiatric hospitalization or professional treatment after the abortion. What will Faye Wattleton say about the 30.000 women who were no longer able to work because of the severe trauma suffered during their abortion? Does she know that aborting women suffer a suicide risk 9 times greater than those who never did it? Now here is a bit of interesting information that you Faye, can add to your book: Women who aborted their physically handicapped children suffered much more severe emotional stress than those who aborted for pure convenience! Where is your concern here, Faye, for their emotional anguish? Faye, you advocate abortion so that you could put an end to emotional suffering; but did you know that child-beating occurs more frequently in the homes of women who have had an abortion? Once you murder a child, to beat another one is just kid’s stuff! Do you know Faye, that after abortion was legalized in 1973, the murders increased by 15% in society? So where are the “safe” abortions? Even though legalization has reduced the percentage of complications and deaths resulting from abortion, the total number of deaths and complications resulting from legal abortion is much higher!

     Before you talk about the “right to choose”, Faye, you must remember that people have first “the right to know” (something which Planned Parenthood does not do. She does not tell the truth). The right to choose without the right to know is just manipulation: pure and simple. In not one case of the thousands and thousands of abortions performed at Planned Parenthood, was anything explained as to what was really happening. The answers to questions were understated, construed or simply avoided. Birth control techniques are discussed by abortion counselors and not risks, alternatives or fetal developments. Rather than receive information about the abortion, they are given a sales pitch on birth control and sterilization options, all available at an extra cost, of course.


Father Anthony Mellace


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