19 piece Atlantic Nativity Set. I made and painted this ceramic nativity myself 25 years ago. The Atlantic molds constructed for this set (to the best of my knowledge) are now impossible to get and or make. Some years ago I though to buy the greenware and make another but the cost has skyrocketed. Just for greenware and firing, the cost was $375.00. This cost is before final stages of painting etc. There are a few small chips on a few of the piece that touch-up paint from any craft store can fix but otherwise this nativity is mint condition for its age. This would make a great family gift to be passed down from generation to generation. This is no small nativity as the camels are seven inches high. The manger was handmade from dried bark tree limbs. Because the manger is handmade and the pieces painted by me, there is no other nativity like this one in the world. Note: I missed one piece in the box when taking this photo, it is a boy blowing a horn announcing the birth of Christ. So, including the manger this is 20 piece set. It will be shipped in two maybe three priority mail boxes sent with web tracking on each box. The set is blessed with Medjugorje Holy Water. I am asking $425.00. This may seem expensive but  today if the molds could be found you can't make this set for the amount being asked. Some pieces stand as much as apx. 8" high.