Medjugorje, The Constant Northern Star
By Michael K. Jones

Never in the history of Christianity has the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to so many people over so long a period of time with such regularity. Moreover, it seems that the apparitions happening in Medjugorje have ushered in a new Marian age.  In the past several years, claims of apparitions are happening across the globe. We are living in exciting times but we should also exercise some caution and discernment to make heads from tails.

The Medjugorje apparitions continue to be investigated by the Medjugorje Commission, most recently formed in March of 2010. Reliable sources claimed the Commission would hand down a decision on Medjugorje before years end. However, in August 2012, some sources are reporting that the Medjugorje investigation will not be completed this year after all.

Many previous reports circulating about Medjugorje were sketchy at best, leaving much room for rumor, speculation and even falsehood. Regardless of if a final decision from the Commission is forthcoming or not remains irrelevant to the fact millions are visiting Medjugorje. There is just no way to count the multitude of those who have been profoundly moved by the Medjugorje apparitions.

Above and beyond personal spiritual experiences are accounts of physical healings and mysterious signs and wonders, received and seen by pilgrims. There are no rational humanistic explanations for such phenomena on this scale. One can only accept by faith alone that all these things are the works of Heavenly Hosts.

Some say the works of Medjugorje are not of God but the dealings of satan, who seeks destruction. Yet, Scripture tells us “we know such things by their fruits.” The accounts of those who are forever changed is witness and testimony to the good fruits of Medjugorje.

Scripture says, “satan can not cast out satan and a house divided can not stand.” This tells us, if satan were to cause the conversion of so many souls returning back to God, satan would be casting out satan and he would be divided. We know from Scripture that a house divided can not stand, so we know satan therefore can not cast himself out. From this Scripture we can easily determine that the fruits of Medjugorje are excellent, plentiful and are of God.

Witness and testimony for over 30 years tell us without doubt that the Medjugorje apparitions are good fruit. If we already know Medjugorje is good fruit, the findings of the Commission should not change what we already know in our hearts. The choice is ours! Either we believe by faith alone in the many graces we receive or we don’t.

Speaking for myself, I can never deny the amazing changes in my life because of the Medjugorje apparitions. My belief in Medjugorje remains as bright and as constant as the northern star.

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