Our Pilgrimage; NEW DVD! Excellent, informative, extended playing time. This DVD is a great way to lean about most aspects of Medjugorje and the long running apparitions taking place in this mountain village since June of 1981.

1.) Opener, "Our Pilgrimage." Running time, 1:11 minutes.

2.) Attend the English speaking Mass inside Saint James Church in Medjugorje. Running time 30:05 minutes

3.) Climb up Apparition Hill with pilgrims. Running Time 7:30 minutes

4.) Popular Medjugorje visionary Vicka speaks with pilgrims about Our Lady, heaven, hell, purgatory and much much more. Running Time 37:42 minutes

5.) Father Petar talks with pilgrims. Father Petar is the priest chosen to release the Medjugorje warning signs and chastisement secrets to the world. These are the 10 secrets that Our Lady is giving each Medjugorje visionaries. Fr. Petar talks about the secrets in this DVD and much more. Running Time 36:18 minutes.

6.) Franciscan priest Father Marinko Soikota is the new parish pastor for St. James church in Medjugorje. Father Marinko talks with pilgrims about Medjugorje and Our Lady.

7.) Watch an actual apparition of Medjugorje Seer Mirjana and follow a sea of thousands in prayer and song for this monthly message given Mirjana, from Our Lady.  Running time 37.20.

Total running time of DVD 2 hours 42 minutes.