Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus Hummel

This is an original "full bee" Hummel trademarked signature. This mark dates back as the very first Hummel trademark dated between 1940 to 1959. This makes this Hummel a minimum of 50 years old. This original signature Hummel also marked "Germany," is in unbelievable shape for its age, with no cracks or chips and just a tiny amount of crazing. There is one flaw, the left hand of Jesus is missing. I did not notice the missing hand when till longer after I purchased it from an estate sale. Regardless all my search have turned up failures to find this statue from any other source in the world. This is a very rare piece that I am certain one would never find again during their lifetime. It is worth every bit of the $125.00 we are asking and if you don't agree send it back if you don't like it when receiving it and we will buy it back. This piece is differently a piece of rare Hummel history. $125.00 We have only one.