Marine Stuns Crowd with Forgotten Verse of "God Bless America."

In the 1960's during the Kennedy administration, the Supreme Court took on the issues of reevaluating the meaning of, "Separation of Church and State." The final decision of the court said, the reason our forefathers believed in "Separation of Church and State," is because, "the Church is religious and the State is not." The real truth is, our forefathers were known to be religious. Our forefathers believed, every person had a right to be practice their religious beliefs as they will, yet still be a member of civil society. What the forefathers really meant by "Separation of Church and State is, the State has no right attempting to resolve matters of religion, because such matters are for God to decide. A verse of "God Bless America," has been removed and forgotten but this Marine reminds us just how much God was and is a part of the foundation of The United States of America. This video is patriotic, powerful and moving.