Scientist Experiences Miracles in Medjugorje

I am a 54 year old scientist, but have always considered myself to be a true believer even though I have not practiced my religion ( I am Christian orthodox) consistently.

I had a compulsion to go to Medjugoje for the past two years, ever since I heard about the apparitions. However in the last two years I have had so many inexplicably positive developments in my life that I have felt that it what was happening was not due to my superior intellect or ability but rather due to the guidance and support of the Holy Virgin. Therefore a few weeks ago I decided to go alone to Medjugorje to thank her for all that she has been doing for me.

Needless to say the peace in the village is palpable and the serenity and goodwill that one experiences is overwhelming. But more that that, I had two strange experiences at the time of the apparitions.  On one evening at 06.40pm when the bishop said "silencio" I heard three very loud thunderous sounds. I had been praying with my eyes closed and so I opened my eyes and looked around to see if anyone else had reacted to the sound. Nobody seemed to be bothered and when I asked later on, it seems nobody had heard anything.

On another evening, during mass, I looked up to see the sun spinning and large bright red clouds materialized out of nowhere and drifted towards the clouds, covering it in a red haze. Just as quickly as they appeared, the red clouds would disappear and then bright gold rays would emanate from the sun. This phenomenon went on for quite some time and even though i would look away to clear my vision and quickly look back, the minute i diverted my gaze once again towards the sun, I would see the same thing.  However as before nobody around me seemed to notice anything.

I felt the need to share this experience with you.
Maria Angelo-Khattar, Ph.D.

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