Interview with Recording Artist Marco Tavola

By Michael K. Jones

In the songs you will hear, the joyful and sorrowful tears of my life are renewed. They were present before and after Jesus and Holy Mary's coming into my heart. I really hope they may go along with you through a way to sanctity towards the Merciful Father.

My awakening started with a book, The simple way, by Mother Theresa of Calcutta. I wanted to set off for India immediately. But, after being "fallen down by the horse" the Lord isolated me from the world, let my friends vanish, and brought me to La Verna ,to his son Saint Frances.

There I do wept and I understood... or better, I was filled with his Love. He welcomed me with open arms. He took my stones and brought them away. In a few lines you can't tell what your life is like. You can't, either, tell to the others the miracles you have seen with your own eyes. But, I know for certain that the Lord my Father has always loved me, even when I was far away from him with my heart and followed the world.

Considered useless by the human world I was rejected, but my Father has always remained close to me, waiting for me. May all the children in the earth ..from 0 to 99 years old.. return to the Celestial Father.

A suggestion for the young men, as I am please, flee from the world, from abortion, from pornography, from drugs, from Satan's shrewdness. Satan is doing his best to drive off the Truth made of Eucharist, Gospel, prayer, penance, love and charity. I want to say thank you to God, my Father, the Holy Mother, Jesus, to have provided me together with the talent of music their songs of joy.

Interview with Marco Tavola a singer-songwriter for the young

Q. What does it mean for you to play Christian music?

A. It means singing something different to the young and the less young. It is something that I must absolutely share with anyone who still makes an empty life without interests, without either values or love. I speak to anyone who is taking drugs or drinks too much, to anyone who lives only in a disco or goes around with friends in car to create problems, to anyone who meets prostitutes or reads low class papers, to anyone who has rejected the church and with anyone has never felt Jesus' caress that passes quietly , unceasingly, light but always tender in everyday experience of hi,. For these people I want to sing the experience that has made me be as a flying flag for years, but, through Jesus, I live better now.

Q. When did you start?

A. I started five years ago, you know, i have never written anything. I have always sung others' songs and I wrote my first song on the day of my birthday. I was alone and I did not want to see anyone. The result was 'From my Angel' my first song with my lyrics and my guitar. It is a song that deals with my life without God and the force one needs to leave the past behind, to learn to fly, to be able to fly toward God as an eagle and to forget to have been a chicken!

Q. What do you do you say in your lyrics?

A. I've recorded 3 CDs up to know. I want to point out the big spiritual battle that mankind is passing through: against abortion, blasphemy , pornography , euthanasia, divorce, pre marriage sexual intercourse, the desire of not praying, yes, because perhaps today more then ever the prayer does not serve any more. It is not more considered as a possible help and solution to war, famine, genocide. Today we do not pray any longer. We only watch TV.

Q. Do you think rock can be also good?

A. Absolutely yes, anyone who says that rock is satanic is living in the confusion and does not know what he\she is saying. I qualified at the G.I.T. in Los Angeles, California, a kind of school for professional guitarists, so I understand music pretty well. I can say that rock is a musical genre and not a habit or a fashion. I think that anything should be done to the Greatest Glory of God. It happens with rock, well, the result is good, and the devil is not there.

Q. How do the young react at your concerts?

A. Very well : today the young 'chew' a certain type of rock that is devastating, without values or good examples. When they listen to a song of mine they enjoy themselves but above all they think after the concert about what they have listened to for an hour. They begin to make questions, either to me or to their friends. We chat and we sing a song that made them happy. We speak about love and love makes you happy. You can show love either with a song or with a flower. My music is different, you know. It is on the young people's side, with different words.

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