Due to size of picture those with dial up connect may find it take a few minutes to open. Note If you download this picture and view in your photo program if you click zoom to enlarge this picture you will clearly see the face on this statues appears real.

This was taken of a "white" statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje in a field near St. James.  I walked by it to mass every day/night and kept having a "feeling" there.  As I didn't want to take it while I was w/the others on the Pilgrimage, I waited till one of the last days before I left.
   My mother and I were walking back to Mirijana's place from St. James.  I got that "feeling" again and took two pics.  This is one of the two I got from my digital camera. (#438)
    Remember this statue was a matte, white color!  If you zoom, you can notice Our Lady's face and gold crown w/stars and her hands have color.  What a treat to see this when I got back to the house!!!!
Lisa Bowen