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Pictures of Strange Lights
Property of Medjugorje USA

The photo's on this page are not here to thrill the faithful but a small hope for a Doubting Thomas who may happen upon this page. We the faithful should not need to see unusual photo's to believe, we have our faith!!! Faith is the power to believe without seeing!! For the faithful it is far better that we follow the course of prayer, fasting, penance, reconciliation, and Holy Mass, as this is the true path to God.

August 3, 2015. Both picture above are sites in Medjugorje. In picture one we see the shadow of a cloud like smoke similar to other pictures we have below. Picture 2 is so unusual I do not know how to begin to describe it. Pictures sent to Medjugorje USA by Tisztelettel Bajusz Endre, from Hungary

The photo was taken in July, 2003 in the Barcelona Cathederal, while on holiday. The camera was a Olympus digital and the settings were the same as all the other photos taken. Geoff Higginbotham

Photo is reduced in size so it opens quickly in your browser. Photo taken by Bob Gilmore. For more information on the taking of this picture click here>>> Bob Gilmore's Light Picture.

Photo is reduced in size so it opens quickly in your browser. Photo taken by Naima Panow, in Medjugorje. Naima was born in Iraq telling me, "I am sure you did not know that Iraq was a Christian country before the Islam invasion of the middle east countries after Mohammad. I might have to write you a long letter regarding the history of Iraq."

Photo is reduced in size so it opens quickly in your browser. Photo taken by Paula Kashiwaeda in Medjugorje while taking a picture of the miracle of the sun. Note the circular rainbow!! At 11 o'clock there is a octagon shape of the sun both in yellow and red. In the center of the rainbow is an image of what appears to me to be, Our Lady of Grace!! Coming out from the heart of Our Lady is a burst of light. I also have
the very next picture taken after this one, and a light appears over the head of Our Lady of Grace and the octagon suns moves to 6 o'clock.

Photo taken by Jim while on pilgrimage in Medjugorje.

Does the Holy Spirit desend during a baptism? The mist picture was taken about 30 seconds before the one without the mist. It was taken at St. John Fisher Church, on the south side of Chicago..June 8,1998. Pictures sent in by Joe. I have resized these pictures for quicker download as the original pictures are huge. In the large pictures you can clearly see through the mist.

Photo taken by Joann Pelliccia, Coral Springs, Fl. A cross with the sun appearing as the Host, in the center of the cross. Although taken in the daytime with color film, the picture came out having a mind of it's own.

Photo taken by Denise from Fall River Massachusetts, during pilgrimage to Medjugorje. Mirjana was talking to pilgrims in front of her home. You can see the tip of Mirjana' head about center photo in the background. Note the light coming from the rays of the sun on the back of the man's head. Also note the light coming from the window of the house, (about center of the picture near the roofs edge.)

Light around mystic Maria Esperanza as she prays at Betania, Venezuela, flanked by a priest, Father Vincent Von Euw, and Sister Margaret Sims of Marian Messengers in Framingham, Massachusetts. It is in Sister Sims' book, Apparitions in Betania, Venezuela.
(photo as posted on Spirit Daily)

The next two pictures were sent to Medjugorje USA, by Tina from Brooklyn, NY. Tina tells me these pictures were taken with different cameras.

Tina's son (John Daniel Michael) Confirmation party.

Tina's son, (John) at age two, taken outdoors at Green Meadows Farm in Queens NY.

Cross in a sunset sky. Photo taken in North Dakota by Michael K. Jones

On August 15, 2012 the day we celebrate "The Assumption of the Virgin Mary," thousands of pilgrims in Medjugorje witnessed this crucifix in the skies above Medjugorje, during the evening Mass. This pictures is very similar to a picture I took at my home several years ago. See picture above this one . Note: Photo above sent to us by Z.

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