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Image of Our Lady of Grace Appears in Washington

I'm sure there are many more examples I do not know about, but in the latter half of 2012 there were several unusual mysteries involving images of Our Lady of Grace that were sent to Medjugorje USA. I have linked these event together so visitors can ponder these events for themselves. Personally I find it quite interesting that the image of Our Lady of Grace is making the news so often in so many different places. This all makes me wonder if there is a message or thought that we all need consider.

The image below was taken in Washington D.C. and includes a testimony. You will find certain blank spots in the testimony that will look like this (     ). This will let the reader know that certain information has been removed to protect the identity of the person who send this picture and testimony. Below the picture and testimony are links to other events surrounding images of Our Lady of Grace that are appearing.

I hope the photo attached is viewed with as much spirit enriched belief as it has done for me. (     ) I am a United States Capitol Police Officer assigned to the counter-terrorism team in Washington DC. I snapped this photo, along with a few others, of this amazing "water stain" that to anyone with great faith can see depicts the Virgin Mary. 

Myself, along with a few of my team mates, were searching for a training sit to repel off the cliffs of the George Washington Parkway. We parked near the Chain bridge and proceeded down the embankment of the east side of the bridge. After about an hour of walking up and down the Potomac river in search of a safe site to repel, we came to the conclusion that the trees and brush above had grown too thick and would not be safe to perform our training. We decided to do some exploring and proceeded to an area that appeared to have portions of an old bridge that stood a long time ago. 

As we approached this area, this figure caught my eye from afar and I first thought someone was standing there. As I got closer, I realized it was not a person but a painting. My first impression was, "WOW, what a cool painting of the Virgin Mary. As I got closer though, it became apparent that it was not a painting but a "water stain". The dark circle above the head is a pipe for which water had drained from, creating this magnificent image. I was amazed!! I took out my blackberry and took a few photos. This is amazing in itself. What's more amazing and telling is, if you zoom in to the mid-section of the body, an image of a face appears. To me, and others, it is the face of Jesus. I would say, by chance, that the water created a beautiful stain of Our Blessed Mother. But it's not by chance that it would also, in the same stain, create what appears to be the face of Christ.

( Paragraph deleted)  

It is not a fake!!!  I have more photo's of this on my blackberry and willing to share with anyone who finds it and miraculous as I and my wife do.

I want nothing from this (  ).  Any response would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and God Bless

(    )


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