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Image of Our Lady of Grace Unearthed

December 2012- A statue of the Virgin Mary (aka "Our Lady of Grace,") was unearthed during a construction project at the Golden Pond Assisted Living Facility. The 4-foot solid cement statue was uncovered during a 38,000-square foot expansion project. The residents of the nursing home in Hopkinton, Massachusetts were thrilled at the statue’s discovery.

The statue of the Virgin Mary has been underground at least 20 years, but found in almost perfect condition. This comes as a surprise considering it was unearthed by a backhoe and dumped into a pile. Once in the pile, a resident happened to see the statue. Bill Marr, the executive director of Golden Pond, recalled;  "He ran into the building and ran straight to the Deacon and said they had just found the Virgin Mary." Marr stated, "It’s even beyond incredible that it was found 20 days before Christmas. The timing of the year could be more symbolic.”

Resident Joan Borowitz, said, "I think that for all faiths and for all beliefs this is an incredible finding." Seemingly perfect, the Mother Mary statue hardly has a scratch on it, which in itself is amazing considering the excavator shovel that revealed it. “It is the Blessed Virgin and it’s very important to us…it’s a wonderful thing for Her to have come to us, and I think it’s a precursor of good things to come for this place.” said Andrea Brass, a resident of Golden Pond for five year.

No one is entirely sure how the Virgin Mary statue became buried in the first place. The area where it was unearthed used to be filled with mobile homes. Before that, it was a wooded area. 

While waiting for a possible answers to this mysterious appearance of this beautiful statue, residents at Golden Pond can’t stop talking about it. Currently the statue is standing in the main lobby of the facility. Everyone is hopeful the statue will find a new home in the facility’s new chapel.

The local historical society was contacted. The hope is that come January the statue will find a home in the new chapel at Golden Pond. Until then, the statue will remain in the lobby as a daily reminder of faith for many residents.

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