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Image of the Virgin Mary Appears in Hospital Window

I'm sure there are many more examples I do not know about, but in the latter half of 2012 there were several unusual mysteries involving images of Our Lady of Grace that were sent to Medjugorje USA. I have linked these event together so visitors can ponder these events for themselves. Personally I find it quite interesting that the image of Our Lady of Grace is making the news so often in so many different places. This all makes me wonder if there is a message or thought that we all need consider.

Snapshot of image from TV Station in Malaysia

AFP Photo

SUBANG JAYA - The image of what some are claiming to be that of the Blessed Virgin Mary on one of Sime Darby Medical Centerís windows here has continued to draw people from all over Malaysia.

Many eyewitnesses, some of whom had been visiting the centre for several days, said the image had "grown clearer" since Saturday. Malacca-Johor Diocesan Pastoral Institute director Rev Deacon Dr Sherman Kuek said if the immediate result actually excited deeper faith among the Catholics, it was a good thing.

Traffic at the medical centre was heavy yesterday, with many parking their cars along the side of the road to see the image. Some were seen taking photographs with their various electronic gadgets while others prayed and sang hymns.

"The image was brighter and clearer than yesterday. It is certainly different," said student Kyle Lim, 21.

Some eyewitnesses reported seeing another image forming on one of the windows below, which they claimed resembled the face of Jesus. Special containers for people to place candles were also set up there.

Hundreds have now gathered outside the hospital to pray and witness this most unusual event.

NOTE: The images above is a  familiar pose of the Virgin Mary known as "Our Lady of Grace." 



Newest Update The hospital has handed over the two glass panel yesterday 11/20/2012 to the Church of Our Lady Of Lourdes located in Klang, Malaysia. I drove to the church after witnessing the visions at SDMC. The two glass panel were placed on a stage. I could make out Our Lady Of Grace. At the hospital in the later part of the afternoon, another image is appearing on the vertical window pane of the removed ones! Another Catholic with two lady friends signaled me and pointed us to another three window panes. I suddenly I saw my colleague (non-catholic) on her knees weeping and exclaiming, "I see the image of Our Lady." All otherís claimed to having seen the vision of the crucified Christ, the resurrection of Christ, and the baptism of Christ. The vision keeps on changing. After a while, I could also see the visions. I praise God! Now, I wonder, what will the Church or the hospital will do about these other apparitionís.

Recent Update Hi Michael I today led the congregation who were assembled in front of the image of Jesus and Mary. The image is getting clearer. It looks like Our Lady Of Grace and the crucified Jesus image changes at times of the Divine Mercy. The image of the Virgin Mary is now moving (her head moves from right to left) Many more people, with different faiths are coming to venerate and pray. What a gift from GOD.

Recent Update  Michael. Yes the image is still appearing in the hospital window. Every day it is getting clearer. There is also a second image, that for my eyes, look like the crucified Jesus face. I believe, the apparition to us all in Malaysia is a WARNING. Never in history of Malaysia has an apparition of this magnitude ever suffice. I thank God for this gift! The authorities of both the church and hospital wants to remove the glass panel and transfer to the church soon but I am seeking to stop this move with legal redress (a police report has been lodged by me on 17/11/2012)

I  notice that the hospital major, Sime Darby Medical Center has a spiritual meaning, it could be Sacred Divine Mercy Christ, my guess only.

Another note, the apparition was seen by a Muslim contract worker on 9.11 . we have a twin tower (worlds second tallest building)

I will continue to keep you posted. Johnson


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