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Veteran actor Ken Curtis  is best known for his role as Festus, the scruffy, cantankerous, functionally illiterate deputy in Gunsmoke. While Marshall Matt Dillon (James Arness) had a total of five deputies over two decades, Festus held the badge the longest (eleven years), in 239 episodes, and was the most colorful.  Most people do not know that before acting Curtis was a singer before moving into acting, and combined both careers once he entered movies, performing with the popular Sons of the Pioneers from 1949 to 1953 as well as singing with the Tommy Dorsey Band. Ken Curtis passed away in 1991 leaving a legacy of a great character which can still be seen on TV Land. This is an authentic signed autograph. The value of this autograph is near priceless. Go to Google and type in "Ken Curtis Autograph" at the time of this listing there were only 2 autographs available one was for $750.00 and the other which was a signed letter was $1000.00. This nostalgic autograph is in excellent shape and is a very rare.  find. Photo 8x10. $500.00.