"Before I left for my pilgrimage to Medjugorje, someone told me to pick up 5 stones from Apparition Hill. The 5 stones represent the 5 things the Blessed Mother is asking of us: Prayer (especially the rosary); Eucharist; Bible Reading; Monthly Confession; and Fasting.

On 6/27/98, 2 days after the 17th anniversary of the apparitions, I climbed Apparition Hill and randomly picked up 5 stones. That evening, some teens in our group passed around a stone they found there that was shaped like Our Lady of Medjugorje. While packing my luggage, I decided to look at my stones, and was amazed when I saw the image of Jesus with the crown of thorns.

When I got home, I had pictures taken of the stone. When they were enlarged, there appeared to be an image of a dove above the crown of thorns. A priest has told me that the stone is Trinitarian, because not only are Jesus and the Holy Spirit there, but also the image and the stone itself are triangular in shape. ( It is more obvious on the stone itself than on the picture, because the picture becomes more distorted as it is enlarged.) "

June Klins

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