My Take On Faith in Medjugorje
By John DeSalvo

John DeSalvo PHD is the author of 9 book, including The Dead Sea Scrolls, Shroud of Turin and Decoding The Pyramids.

My take on Faith in Medjugorje

Why do many of us believe or have faith in certain things? Faith is really a belief in something without having concrete scientific or physical proof or evidence . Some of our faith may include believing in God, believing in Life after Death, being In a Heaven, etc. There is even faith in science, although scientists may not want to admit it. We believe in the existence and composition of the stars, that the cosmos exists, there may be more dimensions according to string theory, etc. Yes, some will claim we have some scientific proof but essentially many of these so called theories are really hypotheses or simple guesses and speculation based on some meager data.


Now let's be clear, we don't want to believe in everything without facts. That is a big problem today with many who believe in many things without critical thought and analysis and this could be dangerous. I am not saying these things do not exist but to many, especially those in the so called New Age, they accept these new ideas without giving them critical and analytical thought. So, on one hand you have people who basically say unless I can touch it, I don't believe and others, those who believe everything that sounds kind of cool, exciting, and new whether there are any facts or not. If you go into any New Age bookstore, you can see books based on just about any speculation you can think of. You can even find some of my books there also. Believe me, I have been in just about everything out there for the last 40 years searching and experimenting. Very few have substantial facts to prove their assumptions and the truth they propose.


So, why do I believe and have faith that the Virgin Mary is appearing at Medjugorje? And I have never been to Medjurgorje. First as a scientist, there are fascinating physiological results measured on the visionaries that could not occur naturally. Books and research articles have been written about these so I will not list them, but it shows they could not be faking these physiological responses. Also, many natural or physical occurrences have taken place that have been documented and again, these can not be explained within our normal science and physics.


But all of these can be waved away by the skeptic and have been. They can come up with alternative explanations that satisfy them and the unbelievers. So, I ask the question why do I still believe, especially as a scientist and a biophysicist ? It is very simple.


In the center of my being, call it my soul, my sprit, the center point, etc. So many names but it is essentially the presence of God, the Spirit, within me, deep down in my soul, that if we can get in touch with, is pure love and truth, and we can in a sense communicate or get inspiration and direction from this Presence. That is why I believe. In my prayer life and spiritual meditation, which I do everyday, I feel the presence of Mary, of the truth of Medjugorje, of being called for a purpose, which I still do not know what it is, in this miraculous event of Medjuorje. So, I can't prove it to scientists or to anybody for that matter since my proof is within the center of my being, with my soul.


So, maybe I don't need scientific or physical proof but maybe others do so sharing some of these miracles and unusual and unexplained phenomena may be helpful in showing to others how Medjugorje is special, and maybe the most important event in our history since the birth of Jesus Christ. 


May Mary Protect you and give you Peace,
John DeSalvo


P.S. What is the best way to get in contact with the Spirit in the Center of Your Being? Do exactly what Mary says, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY every DAY.