Joan of Arc. $12.95

Leelee Sobieski ("Deep Impact & "Joy Ride") shines as the legendary warrior "Joan Of Arc," who, at seventeen, led one of the greatest campaigns for freedom the world has ever witnessed. Supported by an all-star cast including Jacqueline Bisset, Neil Patrick Harris, Robert Loggia, Peter Strauss, Peter O'Toole, Academy Award winners Maximilion Schell and Olympia Dukakis, and a special cameo appearance by Shirley Maclaine, "Joan Of Arc" is a riveting epic of inspiration, triumph and tears. Born to a peasant French family, young Joan hears the voices of saints calling out to her to unite her besieged nation. Gaining an audience with the young king, Joan convinces him to allow her to command an army into battle - an adventure that leads to thrilling victories and heartbreaking betrayals - as "Joan Of Arc" defies all odds and marches into history. On a scales of 1 to 7 angels, Medjugorje USA gives this movie a rating of