It's a Wonderful Life.

$15.95. Medjugorje USA favorite inspirational movie of all times. Nothing else compares to this film as you will see when it tugs at your heart strings! Directed by  Frank Capra. Starring:  James Stewart, ("Mr. Smith Went to Washington") as George Bailey with famed actress  Donna Reed, ("The Donna Reed Show") and Lionel Barrymore, ("Key Largo").  When life has handed you every twist and turn, when you had enough and wish you had never been born at all, what you need is a dose of Clarence.  Yep, it just might take the antics of a book loving angel with a heart of gold to make you realize, "It's a Wonderful Life." Stewart and Reed's chemistry is so believable, I think they should of been married in real life. Actor Henry Travers ("Bells of St. Mary") is delightfully cast perfectly in his role as Clarence. Speaking of the Bells of St. Mary's, as long as I live I will believe that every time a bells rings an angel gets his wings. I'm sure of it! On a scales of 1 to 7 angels, Medjugorje USA gives this movie a rating of