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"A Rose Petal From Our Lady of Grace"

 In October of 2004, I went on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje with a group of fourteen. On Sunday, October 10, we left our pansion around 8:15 AM to go to the church in Tihaljina, where Fr. Jozo had a statue of Mary placed. When I entered the church, I saw the beautiful statue of Mary. I knelt before her and said some prayers. I got up and walked around a little and came back to the statue, and kneeling down before her again, I glanced at the floor in front of her and there was a rose petal, bright red. I picked it up and placed it in a wallet insert with a picture of Mary which I had in my shirt pocket. I said some prayers and then I took some pictures with a one-time use camera which I had with me.

After the others gathered in the church, our spiritual adviser, Fr. James Graham, had Holy Mass for us. It was special, our own Holy Mass in a far-off country. After Mass, we had some time to spend in the church, after which we went outside. I went before the statue of Mary outside the church and knelt before her. I felt prompted to pray a Rosary, so I did. As I was praying the Rosary, I noticed another group member near me, and I heard the bus motor. But something was telling me, "Schedules can be broken; finish praying the Rosary." I again felt another member of the group near me, and I just showed I had a little to go. She waited till I finished. She understood. I showed the rose petal to the others once I was on the bus. After going to the Oasis of Peace, we returned to Medjugorje. Later on in the day, I realized that the date was 10-10-04, the same as my home address, 1010 - 4th St.

That afternoon I met Michael, Mary and Judy from Ireland. Michael had a stroke about 7 or 8 years ago and was in a wheelchair. I shared with them regarding my stroke five years ago.

On Tuesday, October 12, we were invited to a concert by David Parkes in the yellow building behind St. James. To my surprise, Michael, Mary and Judy entered. I had noticed what seemed like facial features of Jesus on the rose petal, so after the concert I went up to Michael, Mary and Judy and showed the rose petal to Mary. She showed it to Michael and bent down to him and he whispered something to her. She told me that he said it was Jesus. I didn't know what to think. David Parkes, who was cured of Crohn's disease was about 10 feet from me, so I went over and showed him the rose petal. He said, "It's Jesus! You're blessed!" After this I showed it to others.

After I returned to the States I had my film processed. Even though I had taken about 15 pictures in the church, only 3 came out of the statue of Our Lady of Grace. They were beautiful, almost lifelike. Even my doctor thought it was a real person. Medjugorje is beautiful and there is something happening there! I still treasure my gift from Mary. Editors' note: When Mike told me the date that he found the rose petal with the face of Jesus, I later realized that 10/10/04 was also the first day of the Year of the Eucharist, proclaimed by Pope John Paul II. My feeling is that the rose petal given by Our Lady with the face of Jesus was an invitation not only to Mike, but to all of us, to come closer to Jesus during the Year of the Eucharist (and always). If you would like a wallet-sized picture of the rose petal and Our Lady, you can contact Mike at (724)869-8284 or write to him at 1010- 4th St. Baden, PA 15005.

By Michael Golovich

Note from Medjugorje USA: Special thanks to "Spirit of Medjugorje" newsletter.

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