Statue Glows in Medjugorje

Medjugorje USA has received reliable information from one of our sources in Medjugorje, about an unusual event that is taking place. On September 23rd at 9:00 p.m. a statue of the Blessed Mother started glowing in seers Vicka's room. This is the bedroom Vicka's shared with his sister Anna growing up in Medjugorje. When the statue first started to glow September 23rd, Vicka was in the room with two Italian woman, praying. Medjugorje USA's source tells us, the statue is still glowing.

Our source tells us, "Here is a picture I got last night from Vickas room when the 40 year old statue started to glow. The picture was taken by a local and a lot of the locals saw it glow." Note: picture not clear as it was taken in darkness.

Picture on left. Picture of the statue glowing. Picture taken Sept. 24, 2013.

Note: Vicka is one of the six Medjugorje visionaries who sees apparitions of the Virgin Mary, since June of 1981. Vicka still receives daily apparitions. She has received 9 of the 10 secrets of warnings and chastisements, which each visionary is receiving. The secrets are events that will take place in the world, because of sin. These secrets are future events which will be announced to the world 3 days prior to their happening, so the world will know beforehand what is to come. The warnings will not begin till each visionary has received all 10 secrets. To date (Sept. 24, 2013) three seers have received all 10 secrets and three have received 9.

Little is known about the secrets. We do know, the first two secrets are regional events related to Medjugorje itself. The third secrets is a miracle that will take place at the first Medjugorje apparition site which took place back in June of 1981. Our Lady say's, the miracle will be an everlasting testament that will never go away. The miracle will be the cause of many conversions. The latter secrets are frightening events that will take place in the world. It is said that, even to this day seer Mirjana has cried many tears having been told of these latter secrets.











Picture on left. Statue on left side of this picture is the 40 year old statue that is glowing in Vicka's childhood home. This picture was taken January 2012.












Picture on left: 

Local Medjugorje crowds gather in long lines to see glowing statue, Sept 23, 2013. News of glowing statue quick spread as locals and pilgrims alike stood in long line to see the statue shine. To accommodate the large crowds wanting to witness this miraculous event themselves, access was allowed to this room until 4:00 a.m.