Gift of Life 

As of December 2011 our nation has taken the lives of more than 54 million unborn children since the Supreme Court heard the "Roe v. Wade" case in 1973. The courts decision allowed unlimited abortions any time, for any reason. This is the worse genocide in the known world, far exceeding the "Holocaust of the Jews" by Nazi Germany. Make a choice and choose LIFE! Thank you.

SHOCKING!!! January 2, 2014. A federal judge had forced Catholic University Notre Dame to accept the abortions laws of the ObamaCare Birth Control Mandate. This means any female employee with a health care plan working at Notre Dame can use health insurance to have an abortion. Medjugorje USA sees this judgment as a violation of Church and State.

January 2015

Top Stories; News in Brief
Three-Week-Old Conjoined Twins Survive Separation Surgery: “Keep Praying for Our Boys!”
• Doctors Said They Should Abort Their “Non-Viable” Baby, Now They’re Celebrating His First Birthday
• After Taking the Abortion Pill “I Knew I Made a Mistake,” Her Baby Was Saved When This Happened
• Holocaust Survivor Describes Seeing an Abortion Clinic: “A Death Factory is the Same Anywhere”

More Pro-Life News

• She Was Once Called “Retarded” Because She Has Down Syndrome, Now Her Art is Considered “Genius”
• This Mom’s Story Imagining Life If She Had Chosen Abortion Will Move You to Tears
• States Have Passed 231 Pro-Life Laws Stopping Abortions Since 2010
• Man Who Killed His Unborn Child By Tricking Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Drug Faces Lawsuit
• Man Tries to Force Pregnant Girlfriend to Have Abortion By Poisoning Her Drink
• Woman Shot in the Head Because She Wouldn’t Take Pill to Kill Her Unborn Baby
• Pro-Life Stalwart Mike Huckabee Leaving Fox News for Possible Presidential Bid

• My Friend Is an Only Child Because Her Mother Aborted Her Brother
• Scientists Want to Create Babies With Two Dads, Turning Sperm Into Eggs
• Don’t Call Them Babies: Media Reports Claim “Two Fetuses Found Beside Road”
• Rapist Granted Request to be Euthanized to Avoid Life Sentence in Prison

• The Looming Medicaid Crisis Obamacare Created That No One is Talking About
• Pro-Life Irish Politician Lucinda Creighton to Start New Political Party


Gift of Life Articles written for Medjugorje USA

Gift of Life Video's.

Father Frank Pavone of "Priests for Life" explain the process of abortion showing the actual tool used.

Does a child in the womb feel pain when being aborted? See ultrasound video testimony from experts.


Portugal Legalizes Abortion

Portugal's ruling Socialists used their majority in parliament to legalize abortion after Feb 11, referendum 2007. Voting results were 60% in favor of abortions right and 40% against. Portugal's abortion law will now allow termination of pregnancy during the first 10 weeks. The following day after this referendum passed Portugal had a an earthquake. Our Lady of Fatima must be crying many tears as the abortion holocaust continues.


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