Medjugorje Parish Priest Hopes Medjugorje Will be Official Place of Worship

By Michael K. Jones 

April 24, 2014

 Speaking with Australian and German news media, Fr Marinko Sakota told journalists he hoped for a decision by Rome declaring Medjugorje an “official place of worship.”  He also stated he is not expecting an official statement by the Vatican about the authenticity of the private revelations by the six visionaries as the apparitions are still ongoing.  Fr. Mirinko added, that Our Lady’s messages bring nothing new to church teachings but encourages pilgrims to seek peace within and promote peace with others in the world, through prayer, fasting and confession.

In past years, Medjugorje USA has published a number of articles on the four Medjugorje Commissions. Though we hoped Medjugorje would be recognized by one of the Commissions assembled to investigate the apparitions, we never believed a favorable or disagreeable response would be forthcoming. Church guidelines for investigating phenomenon and the history of previous examinations such as Lourdes and Fatima tells us that final decisions come years after the said apparition has ended.  

Sometimes however there is an exception to the rule and an apparition is approved while ongoing.  As example, the private revelations to Maria Esperanza were approved by the local Betania, Venezuela bishop on November 21, 1987.  In this hope, Medjugorje USA has some small enthusiasm, even though we know the normal procedure of the church is a wait and see approach.

In his interview with media, Fr. Sakota points out two very important facts that are often ignored. Father says;

Fr. Mirinko is not expecting an official statement because to do otherwise is highly irregular, while apparitions are ongoing.

For those who truly read the monthly Medjugorje messages and reflects on them applying scripture or church doctrine, would see there is nothing new that has not been known before. 

However, Medjugorje does differ. The fact remains that Medjugorje apparitions are unprecedented having continued daily since June of 1981. No other apparitions have lasted near as long. In other accounts of past private revelations, secrets messages of future events are common place, bringing nothing new spiritually. In Lourdes, France and Fatima, Portugal, the secrets events unfolded as predicted by the seers, leaving the world at the very least, wondering. Medjugorje USA believes that just as Medjugorje apparitions have lasted longer than any other in known history, we also believe the secrets events yet to come will also be unprecedented. Until such time, let us be content in the hope that Medjugorje should likely continue as a place of worship, hope and peace.

About Father Marinko Sakota;

Father Marinko is a Franciscan priest. He became associated pastor of Medjugorje in September 2010.  In November 2012 Fr. Marinko was appointed pastor of Medjugorje by the Diocese of Mostar, following the death of Fr. Peter Vlasic.  Born a short distance from Medjugorje, Father speaks Croatian, English and German. He authored a book about the late Father Slavko Barbaric who unexpectedly passed away on November 24, 2000, while leading a group of pilgrims down Cross Mountain.

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