Trying to Find Christ on Easter Sunday

By Michael K. Jones

Purgatory souls can not pray for themselves so they must rely on us here on Earth to pray for them. Many earthly souls do not realize their intercessory prayers release a multitude of purgatory souls on Easter Sunday. For more years than I can remember, it has always been a personal mission for me to find quite time on Easter day. In this quite time, I offer a Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and Purgatory Oblation Warrior Chaplet. I have long believed that we on earth aid suffering purgatory souls with prayer, fasting and sacrifice, to obtain their release. I also believe, together, we will some day empty purgatory.

I spent this Easter alone and per usual offered prayers during the day for purgatory souls. I also thought watching a good religious movie on TV would be inspiring. So, I stated flipping channels. Cable gives us hundreds of channels to choose from, so finding a good religious movie about Christ on Easter day should be easy, right? My search to find Jesus Easter Sunday on TV failed. It was impossible to find Him. The night before Easter, one major network (ABC) aired “The Ten Commandments.” This is a good movie but really has nothing to do with the life, death or resurrection of Christ. On Easter day, the History Channel did rebroadcast the 2013 mini series of, “The Bible.” There are only a few episodes about Christ in this made for TV series. It is also my opinion, the series takes far too many liberties, reading into an interpretation of the creators, designed to thrill the faithful, while lacking an accurate account of scriptures. Easter Sunday, in my search for one of many movies about Christ, there was no such movie to be found on television. So what’s up with that?

Earlier this year (2014) we heard about Phil Robinson from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty. In an interview, Phil exercised his freedom of religious speech. Phil made comments about the gay lifestyle and how it is not acceptable before God. Phil is correct in what he said. There is no question that scripture tells us, "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination;" (Leviticus 19.18), and:  "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination;"   (Leviticus 20.11).

Gay organization went on the attack to crush Duck Dynasty when Phil spoke out about the gay lifestyle. A&E who hosts the popular show, suspended Phil from the TV series, as a result of the gay communities condemnation. In so doing, A&E violated the freedom of speech amendment of Phil Roberson. Gay organizations also violated Phil’s rights, under the constitution. The entire casts of Duck Dynasty were ready to walk off the popular show, because their religious beliefs were under attack. The cast told A&E that if Phil was not brought back, the show is over. In the end, it was big money that won out because; Duck Dynasty is A&E’s big money maker. However this was not A&E’s first attempt to put a stop to religious fervor on the show. At the end or each episode, the Robinson family sits together at the dinner table holding hands and offering a prayer of thanksgiving, before eating. A&E tried to put a stop to the dinner prayers but again the Roberson’s would have nothing to do with it.

This is just one small recent example of an ongoing battle to attack believers. What we see is an ongoing trend to remove God for our society. Besides gays who do not want to hear the scriptures that stand against them, organizations who do not believe in God are attacking every avenue they can find. Such organizations have become so powerful; they have a strong hold over the media. With this power, God has been replaced on Easter Sunday by the Easter Bunny, just as the birth of Christ has been replaced with Santa Claus.

As a Christian, I have to wonder what Jesus must have felt this Easter Sunday when much of the world rejected Him. Jesus came to spread the will of the Father, to teach us and to show us the path to eternal life. Jesus brought us good news and joy and for this Jesus was condemned, whipped near to death, a crown of thorns places on His head, hand and feet nailed to a wooden cross and a spear stuck in His side. Jesus freely gave up His life that we may know the love of God and the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Having given His life for us, it is a mystery to me why the world continues to refuse Christ and instead creates an image of man, claiming, ‘This shall be our god.”

As a result of lack of religious programming on Easter, I would recommend the faithful watch a DVD about the life of Christ next Easter Sunday. Certainly, we should all spend some time with family on Easter but it is also important that we offer prayer, thanksgiving and reflect on the life and resurrection of Jesus.

Note: Medjugorje USA policy on gay lifestyle.
Old Testament scripture does tell us that gay lifestyle is abhorrent to God. Even so, we know from New Testament scripture that God is full of tender mercies. It is also written in scripture, “With what measure you measure, and equal measure is given you.” It is not the place of Medjugorje USA to measure condemnation. Medjugorje USA is not judge and jury. This having been said, Medjugorje USA position is such that we do not condemn the lifestyle of gays no more than we accept it either. We believe, under the constitution, we all have certainly rights of speech and religion. We believe each individual has the right to exercise those rights under the letter of the law, as is the foundation of this country. Therefore, just as people have rights to not believe in God, without persecution, so do those who believe, have the same right to believe as they will, without persecution.  These matters belong in the hands of God and not in the hands of men seeking to make war and condemnation.

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