Unusual Events Testimony in Medjugorje

By Frederico Astolfi Caprio


Hi to everybody,


I'm an Italian boy. I want to give you my testimony.

In the 2nd of May I was in Medjugorie. I was present to Mirjanas' apparition. What a beautiful moment!!!

After this event my group and I were going to listen to father Jozo in his monastery, but we saw  a lot of people looking in the sky.

In the Sky there was a rainbow that surrounded the sun!!! Usually we can see a rainbow falls in the earth.

This time it was around the sun like a  crown.

The marvelous events of Medjugorie didn't finish after that.

In the afternoon when Our Lady appears to visionary, I was in the  Risen Christ  place. The bell of the church rang the moment of apparition and this moment a woman started to cry:" Look at the sun".


I' m going to tell you what I saw:


Behind the sun appears as a hole red. It seems like a eye.

Around the sun there was like a black circle and the sun started to move very fast.

We saw this moment in a hundred persons.

Here it is a photo done with my mobile.



I have no doubt Our Lady and our Lord are present in Medjugorie.


God bless us

Federico Astolfi Caprio