Experience with Risen Christ Statue
By Elaine Siebel

Hello, my name is Elaine Siebel I read your article about the weeping statue in Medjugorje. I felt an desire to contact you about my hankies that were touched to the knee of the statue by a friend of mine when she was in Medjugorje this past July 10-18 2004. I sent about 8 hankies with her to catch any oozing substance as I had heard of this happening. When I went to Medjugojre in 2001 the statue was not oozing anything while we were there. (Another Lady from our prayer group and her dying siter visted Medjugorje in Feb of this year and she stood up in prayer group and remind us to send hankies or clothes with our prayer group that was going because the statue was oozing.) I gave away all but two of the hankies and one little doily.

Well about a week after the group returned home I had my hankies that I kept for my husband and myself in a plastic baggie on my dresser. I noticed when I went to bed one night that they were discolored and I opened the sealed baggie and they were soaking wet. My heart sank I thought for sure that one of the kids spilled a glass of water that was on the dresser on them. But my loving husband so kindly pointed out to me that the glass that was still on the dresser was full so therefore it was not spilled!

I took them out and they were soaking wet. I laid them on top of the baggie and went to sleep to see what would happen over night . I woke up in the morning and they were dry but still discolored. They look like they have dried brown redish blood on them. I thought it was mold that was on them so I opened the hankie and it does not go all the way through it just is on the side that was swiped and on the edges of the hankie.

When I touch this cloth it feels warm in my hands and in my heart. The group (from our prayer group) that went to Medjugorje brought back many clothes to share with the group that was not able to go and not one of them has turned like ours have.

I leave this for your discernment, but I felt the desire to share this with you in lew of your fine article on your website.

Sincerely with Our Lord and Our Lady
Elaine Siebel

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