Testimony of Father Ed Murphy
By Michael K. Jones

Ed Murphy was born in Cork, Ireland in 1956. His father died when Ed was only 5, so his mother was left with the task of raising 8 children. Though it was a difficult task, Mrs. Murphy was a devoted Catholic showing her children the importance of prayer and Mass.

In later years Ed Murphy graduated from college as a chemist. He worked for a pharmaceutical company in Cork. When the company opened a plant in the Bahamas, Ed went there to work for 4 years. Even though his family was back in Ireland, Ed would find himself attending Mass, feeling a calling to the priesthood.

The company also had a plant in Philadelphia, and Ed came to work in the U.S. After buying a house his mother came to visit for a few months. She told Ed that she entered the Convent as a young girl. She spent 5 years there but was forced to leave do to poor health. Times in the Convent were poor and there was little food and means to heat the house. She said, she hated leaving the Convent, as it was her life, she wanted to be a nun.

The Reverend Mother told her, "Maybe someday you will raise a family and have a son who will be a priest." So for many years after leaving the Convent, she prayed that one of her sons would become a priest.

Hearing his mother tell this story, Ed was moved to tears. All his life Ed felt he had a calling to the priesthood, now he was beginning to understand the power of prayer. He said nothing to his mother about this at the time. He owned a house, had girlfriends, and wondered how he could possibly become a priest.

In 1990 Ed was asked to join a friend on pilgrimage to Medjugorje. At this time Ed was in his 30's still working as a chemist. Even though he owned a house, a car and had girlfriends, he felt something was still missing in his life, so he went to Medjugorje. His first day in Medjugorje was December 24, 1990.

While at St. James, Ed heard someone say, "there is Our Lady." People went to see what was going on and as Ed looked up the mountain he saw the image of Our Lady. The apparition was witnessed by some 40 people and was recorded on videotape. Seeing the apparition some kneeled, some cried, and some were in shock. Ed felt Our Lady speak to his heart saying, "When are you going to act." He knew what this meant.

Upon returning to Philadelphia, Ed applied at a Seminary, and entered in September 1991. Having been away from intense study for so many years he found the schooling difficult and left the Seminary a few months later.

He returned to Medjugorje again and was told by a well-known priest in Medjugorje to listen to his heart. Ed climbed Cross Mountain and spent many hours in prayer asking God to help him decided what he should do with his life. After many hours in prayer on Cross Mountain, Ed came down the mountain knowing he had to return to the Seminary, even though he knew it would be difficult.

Ed came home and attended the Holy Apostle Seminary, in Connecticut. He was Ordained in 1998 by Bishop Shawn O'Mally in the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts. Father Ed Murphy is now the parish priest at, Holy Name Church, in Fall River. He remains convinced that we should all listen to our hearts and if we do, Our Lady will guide us. Once a week the parish of Holy Name Church gathers for their Medjugorje Prayer Group, Father Ed Murphy having answered the call of Our Lady, proceeding.

Note: This testimony is used by permission of Father Ed Murphy, Holy Name Church, Fall River. Father says, he hopes sharing his testimony with Medjugorje USA, will save a soul. This testimony is from a TV interview with Kay Drohan from the weekly show, "Fatima Today." Denise, a member of the Holy Name Parish and Medjugorje Parish Prayer Group sent a copy of this videotape to MEDJUGORJE USA.

Medjugorje USA would like to thank Father Murphy for allowing his testimony to be posted. I would also like to thank Denise and her husband for taking the time to make the tape and send me this uplifting testimony.

Michael, webmaster Medjugorje USA.

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