Next Greatest Number of Purgatory Souls Released at Easter
By Author Susan Tassone


The greatest number of souls are released on Christmas Day.  The next greatest number of souls are released at Easter!

Our Lady of Medjugorje mentioned purgatory in her messages at least a half dozen times!  She tells us to give them “the joy of a Holy Mass.”  She tells us that they are “extremely lonely.”  She tells us that they “see us when we pray for them by name.”  She tells us to pray for them and they will become our “new intercessors.”

The Mass is the greatest act of selfless love.  The Mass is the most efficacious  prayer of relieving the souls in purgatory.  At the hour of our death, Masses which we have heard will be our greatest consolation.  Every Mass will go with us to our judgment and will plead our pardon.  The Holy Mass obtains for us the grace of a happy death and shortens our purgatory.  It is important to have Masses offered for yourselves if you are unable to attend Mass while you are alive.  It is important to have Gregorian Masses in your Wills.  They are 30 consecutive Masses offered for one deceased soul.  Have Masses offered for your Family for the grace of a “happy death”, a Mass offered in honor of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It is our duty to pray especially for the souls of our family, friends, and benefactors.  Let us answer the call of Our Lady and be their advocate by our prayers, sacrifices, and almsgiving and turn their pain into everlasting glory.  Make their desire your desire to rise with Jesus at Easter! 

We invite you in a special way to make your Lenten Journey the best ever for you and for the release of the holy souls languishing in Purgatory. Do you realize how many “new intercessors” you will have at Easter by helping to bring about their release!  Be our Lady’s merciful ones.  Answer the call this Lent.     Here are a few suggestions to give “Paradise” to our loved ones and friends for Easter.

The Eastern Catholic Church does not celebrate All Souls Day on November 2 but “All Souls Saturdays” during Lent!  The Saturdays of Lent are given over to “All Souls Saturdays” in Lent where the Eastern Church remembers them five times where they commemorate them by having a liturgy for the souls of all deceased loved ones and reading out the names of all the deceased ones.

These names are put in a book which is called the “Scroll of the Deceased.” So when we celebrate in this very penitential period they are also praying for those whom Christ has called to Himself.  Let us join our Byzantine brothers and sisters during this Great Lent and remember our loved ones on “All Souls Saturdays.” 

Our relatives kept our churches going through their talent, donations, prayers and sufferings.  They are saints from our life.  Let the Saints go marching in Heaven for Easter!

We have this great power given to us to expiate for sins by enduring suffering and imitating Our Lord.  When we imitate our Lord by fasting, by abstaining, by praying, by persevering we are able to bring our soul and others into the sweet smelling grace of Our Lord’s mercy and forgiveness which is the goal of the Great Lent. 

?         Double up on your prayers, fasting, and sacrifices, good works and indulgences for your departed loved ones.  Practice the five first Saturdays and Nine first Fridays.  Read the Bible more.  Take a passage each day and remember that passage throughout the day to give you the answers you need for the day.  It works!

?         Insert the St. Gertrude prayer of your favorite Holy Souls prayer in your Easter greetings.

?         Sprinkle holy Water on the graves of your loved ones and those around the grave when visiting the cemetery for Lent and Easter.  Kneel and pray!

?         Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, Godparents, teach the children!  Teach them the eternal rest prayer.  Bring them to the cemetery.  Show them how to sprinkle holy water for the holy souls at the holy water font;   You will have planted the seed of reverence in their hearts and in due time this will manifest itself and will assure you of their suffrages at the hour of your death.  

?         Teach them how offer up “little things” for Lent and for the holy souls.  Teach them that they will be their friends forever in this life. 

?         Be merciful to yourselves!  Give alms.  Almsgiving atones for sin. Sirach 3:30.

?         Light blessed candles.  The burning candle is a sign of our prayer, a bright silent intercessor for the holy souls. 

?         Give the Holy Souls the joy of a Holy Mass.  Arrange to have Masses offered during Lent.  Offer your Mass and indulgence on Easter Sunday and Mercy Sunday.  The Mass is the most powerful prayer on earth!  The Mass heals the living and the dead!

?         Our Lady has asked us to pray for families in a very special way.  Pray to St. Joseph.  To honor the Father, you honor Jesus.  To honor Jesus, you honor his Mother, to honor his Mother, your honor Joseph!  He is the pillar of families.

?         Recite the Eternal Rest Prayer before and after meals.

?         Put some “spiritual treasures” in your children’s Easter baskets.

?         Give the gift of a Spiritual enrollment for your family.

?         Invite one new person to Mercy Sunday for the extraordinary indulgences you receive on that day of God’s fountain of mercy.  Save a soul!

?         Offer your indulgence on Mercy Sunday for Priests and Religious in Purgatory.

         You will not lose that indulgence it comes right back to you!  God is never   outdone in generosity.

The holy souls are our Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Sisters, Brothers, Godparents, Doctors, Nurses, Priests, Nuns.  All who have helped us in this life!  Pray for them and the souls most abandoned, closest to Heaven, souls of priests, and religious, and the soul most like you!

Just think of the power and privilege God has given us to help Him.  St. Thomas Aquinas says, “Off all prayers, the most meritorious, the most acceptable to God are prayers for the dead, because they imply all the works of charity, both corporal and spiritual.”  We are their ONLY RESOURCE!  We alone are their delivers; for we alone can suffer with merit and release them.  Heaven encourages them, we deliver them! 

Bishop Fulton Sheen tells us, “As we enter Heaven we will see them, so many of them coming towards us and thanking us.  We will ask, who they are, and they will say a poor soul you prayed for in Purgatory.”

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