The Dying Becomes The Holy Souls
By Author Susan Tassone


The Tsunami death toll has climbed past 150,000. And 70,000 are unaccounted for. The United Nations says this could double. More people are dying at a faster rate than ever before. What happen to these souls?

The dying become the holy souls. We cannot judge the state of their souls but we can help them reach God. Material and financial support has been unprecedented around the world. But what about those who died?

Here are 10 powerful and effective ways you can help these victim souls and yourselves....

Become a member of the Pious Union of St. Joseph. This association is dedicated to praying a universal prayer for the dying. The Pious Union of St. Joseph was founded by Blessed Louis Guanella. He said, "There is a need of living well, but there is even more need of dying well. A good death is everything...there is a great danger of the loss of innumerable souls...For the need is so great, so important, human effort is not enough. There is need of heavenly aid. I wish to establish an everlasting supplication to the great Saint of the Dying, St. Joseph, for the benefit of souls passing into eternity. I desire a (great central) Prayer and ...Heart of spiritual charity to obtain the good death of all...of the entire world."

This short prayer is to be recited everyday. "O Saint Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus Christ and true spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us and for those who will died this day (or night.) By reciting this daily prayer, you, too, will also be given the grace of a "happy death." To become a member contact: Pious Union of St. Joseph, 971 E. Michigan Avenue, Grass Lake, Michigan 49240 email: piousunion@aol.com. Phone: 517-522-8017

We can offer the Mass and Christ's precious Blood for them. We can receive Holy Communion for them. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the most efficacious means to help release souls from Purgatory. The Church also commends almsgiving, (almsgiving atones for sin-Sirach 3:30), indulgences and works of penance undertaken on behalf of the dead.

St. John of God collected alms for his hospital in the streets of Granada, he called out: "Give alms, my brothers and sisters for the love and mercy of yourselves." He did not say: "Pity the poor sick!" He said, "Be merciful to yourselves!

And for the living...

Cover your family and loved ones in prayer. Prayer works miracles. Prayer heals. Prayer can suspend laws of nature. Prayer is the key to salvation. Fast and pray. We need to become burning bushes of prayer for our family and the world!

Offer Masses for your family. St. Anselm reminds us that "a single Mass offered for oneself during life may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after death." Contace your local parish about having Masses said. Remember, these donations are helping Catholic Missionaries who are serving in poor countries You will be assisting in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Pray for a happy death for you and your loved ones, What does a "happy death" mean? To live and die in the state of grace. Pray for this grace for your family. And forgive....Only those who forgive enter Heaven.

Make the Nine First Fridays and the Five First Saturdays (Our Lord promises the grace of final repentance, and Our Lady promises to assist us at the hour of our death and the graces necessary for salvation.) Many have family members who are not practicing Catholics. Offer these devotions in their name, too.

Pray the 15 Bridget Prayers

Frequent reception of the sacraments...Monthly Confession, Holy Mass.

Remember the powerful Gregorian Masses. These are 30 consecutive Masses offered for one deceased soul. These souls become our new "intercessors." INCLUDE THESE IN YOUR WILL.

Wear the Scapular; Bring back the use of Holy Water in your homes. Holy water is a sacramental that remits venial sin. It benefits the soul and body for the living and brings consolation to the holy souls.

Help and extend your hand to the poor captive souls and they will extend their hands to you on earth protecting you from evil, shielding you from dangers. A holy soul in Purgatory said the following: "You the living, can do everything for us, and we can do everything for you, it is an exchange of prayers.

All merit. and of course, all satisfaction cease at death, because the soul has no longer liberty to choose between good and evil. This is the reason why the souls in Purgatory are powerless to help themselves, and to hasten their deliverance. They are prisoners for debt whose captivity ceases at the time fixed by God.

Our lot, as children of the Church Militant, is therefore preferable, not only in being able to merit for ourselves, but besides, to supply for the dead and give part of our satisfactions to our brothers and sisters of the Church suffering in Purgatory.

So it is from us alone that they expect relief, help, and the termination of their sufferings. WE ARE THE ONLY RESOURCE OF THE DEAD. We alone are their deliverers; for we alone can suffer with merit and release them. Heaven encourages them, we deliver them.

"Work while it is day; night comes, when no one can work." John 9:4

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