Joyful Mysteries - A Celebration of Advent
By Dorie Stanton

The Joyful Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary - A Celebration of Advent
A Personal reflection

The Annunciation:

How frightened you must have been, my Mother, when God, Our Father told you that you would bear a child. But how obedient to His will you were.

"Help us Lord, to be obedient to Your will as Your Mother was, even in Her fear."

The Visitation:

How humble and obedient you were my Mother, to go to Elizabeth's side and minister to her needs, even with your own.

"Help us Lord to be obedient to Your will and serve others, with the gentle humility and faithfulness of Your Mother."

The Birth of Our Lord:

How hard it must have been my Mother, to give birth in such conditions, with such obedience, humility, faithfulness and joy.

"Help us Lord, to always do Your will with the obedience, humility, faithfulness and joy of Your dear Mother's heart, even in our times of trial."

The Presentation of the Lord:

How proud you must have been my Mother, to present your son, in the temple of our God, even with the arrow piercing your heart already.

"Help us Lord to always do Your will as Your Mother did, even with sorrow piercing her heart. Help us to always remember Her faithfulness to Your commands even with so great a burden."

The Finding of the Child Jesus:

How filled with fear you must have been my Mother, when Our Lord was missing. How your heart must have been breaking as it would at the end on Calvary. But how joyful you must have been on seeing him safely home.

"Help us Lord, to bear with love and grace and joy the burdens of our lives, even when they are crushing as Your Mother did, and share in the great peace and joy of Your love until we too are with You for all eternity."

Help me, my dearest Jesus, to do Your will obediently, faithfully, humbly and most joyfully as Your beloved Mother Mary did, even in the piercing sorrows of life, in the knowledge that one day, we will be with You, in Your glory, for all eternity.

It is traditional at this time of season to offer  "The Joyful Mysteries:" Mondays, Saturdays & Sundays of Advent

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