Medjugorje Lesson For One and All
By Michael K. Jones

An incredible story, an incredible dog and a very happy ending!

A lady found the fawn under her step (they think the doe might have been hit by a car) .. her Ridge Back dog is helping look after it. The family named the fawn Bella. Once she has regained her strength (she was not in good shape when the family found her) they are going to send her to some friends who (in the past) raised two orphan deer and released them to the wild. Right now she is being bottle fed. Their dog (Hogan) has basically taken over. The fawn even shares his bed.

In an early message given to visionary Mirjana, Our Lady told her, "Tell this priest, tell everyone, that it is you who are divided on earth. The Muslims and the Orthodox, for the same reason as Catholics, are equal before my Son and me. You are all my children. Certainly, all religions are not equal, but all men are equal before God, as St. Paul says. It does not suffice to belong to the Catholic Church to be saved, but it is necessary to respect the commandments of God in following one's conscience.

Those who are not Catholics, are no less creatures made in the image of God, and destined to rejoin someday, the House of the Father. Salvation is available to everyone, without exception. Only those who refuse God deliberately are condemned. To him who has been given little, little will be asked for. To whomever has been given much, very much will be required. It is God alone, in His infinite justice, who determines the degree of responsibility and pronounces judgment."

The message that Our Lady gave to visionary Mirjana is awesome. Based on my years of reading Scripture I have long since believed that it is men who create division and not God. I am convinced that if not for the mercy of God this world would be hopelessly lost in the wars that result due to religious conflict. Without God this world would take away peace in the name of religion, leaving this earth nothing more but ash and a burned out cinder.

There is a very good lesson that we should learn from this story of the dog and fawn and the picture say's it all. As the Commandment of God tells us we need, "love thy neighbor as thyself." We must overcome the differences between religions and this can only be accomplished through acceptance of each other. In this we all need trust that the truth will be revealed to us all.

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