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"Testimony of Davina Paxton "

I've only just discovered you're web site and i found you're unusual photos amazing. It's been 15 years since I visited Medjugorje but the memories I have will stay with me forever. I worked for my local priest arranging visits to Medjugorje but had lost my faith. However I agreed to go never believing anything could happen to me to change my mind.

On my first day there I wanted home - I felt the people there were too 'holy' for me and going was a mistake.

On the second night on leaving St. Jame's church an American lady told me she had had an experience whilst the rosary was being said at the entrance of the church where there was a statue of Our Lady. She said she would pray to the Holy Spirit for me to see it too if I returned later. Myself and a lady from the parish did go back a short time later.

The rosary was being said and almost straight away a blue neon light surrounded the statue, then the face of the statue became human and Mary's face appeared moving her head back and forth looking at everyone very quickly it changed into that of a man - it could only have been Our Lord because he was totally magestic - this continues back and forth for about 20 minutes. There was about 20 people at least saying the rosary that night but only 3 of us saw what was happening. Afterwards I never slept for 24 hours up all night writing down what I had seen.

Very few people in my life know about this experience, although I do promote Medjugorje to anyone and everyone who's willing to listen.

I did not deserve to see such a thing but the memory of that night pulls me through all the bad stuff in my life. Sometimes I feel it didn't really happen, but it did because two other people (much more deserving than I ) saw it too. It's just one of a million experiences people have had in Medjugorje but in my heart I thank Our Lady, Jesus and the Holy Spirit every day for being so kind to me, I feel I am the last person to deserve it.

Any way thank you for you're web site, and thank you for taking the time to read this. You don't know me but it is all true and I hope it brings you a nice wee thought in you're day.

God Bless
Davina Paxton

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