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"Conversion of David Wood"

I'm a cradle Catholic, presently 49 yrs old. I stopped practicing my faith in 1975 for reasons I today cannot even begin to understand. In 1990 I returned to the sacraments after my father died. I can't even explain why I decided to return. Little did I know that our mother was taking my hand. I still lived a life in judgement of my fellow man, having little compassion for those in lifestyles that lead to homelessness and anti-social behavior. (law violators, murderers, rapists, childmolesters, homosexuals, etc.) In 1995, when in our local religious book store, I picked up a copy of, " I am your Jesus of Mercy ". Messages from Our Lord and the Blessed Mother to a group of Teen Lifers in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The main visionary was a Gianna Talone, who had come back from Medjugorje. I devoured the text. My whole life, and the way I perceived the world and everyone in it, changed. I began to read everything I could about Medjugorje. But I was still struggling with many personal conflicts within, and I had great difficulty in taking time for prayer, especially the rosary.

I really had to force myself to go to mass during the week. I probably went once or twice a week, besides Sundays. Confessions were months apart sometimes. I prayed for a great desire to do these things, and I wanted to know the Blessed Mother better, and love her more.

Then in September of 1998, I attended a Marian Conference here in our area. When I walked thru the door of the auditorium it was like a wave of emotion rolled over me. I was overcome with a great peace, and I felt as though I was "home". That feeling was to grow over that weekend until Sunday afternoon when it ended. I had experienced being at the " edge of Heaven ", and I couldn't leave. It took everything I had to walk out of the building.

When I got outside and walked toward my car, I was so overcome by grief, that I could hardly breath. I had not " seen " the Blessed Mother, but she was so much apart of me, that it was as though during the conference I was safely and warmly within her womb. Now I had to face the cold, indifferent world again outside her womb. I knew now that from now on life would no longer be the same. I would have to endure life with many who value this world over eternal life.

As time passed I began to realize that Mary wants those whom she has chosen to spread her messages, to live those messages, and eventually lite an eternal flame in the hearts of those whom we meet.

" Mom " brought Medjugorje to me, here in my own home town. Prayer is a joy for me now. I have fallen deeply in Love with Jesus. Daily Mass is the high point of my day. I say the rosary, all 15 decades, almost every day. I've fasted strictly on Wed. and Fri. ever since the conference. And reading scripture and the lives of the saints is a hunger that has brought me much happiness.

As far as my fellow man goes....well, forgiveness and love is my life....no matter who, or what they have done, or the kind of life they live....I love them all and embrace them through the Mercy of Jesus Christ and the many graces He gives me thru His mother Mary....amazing isn't it....the parable of the prodigal son touches us all...

Pray for me would you....humility and obedience are still major challenges for me...I disappoint our mother on a regular basis....She won't let me give up though...

Praised be Jesus and Mary......Now and Forever!!!!
David M. Wood Modesto, CA.

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