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Medjugorje Commission President Says, "Decision Coming Soon, BUT Will The Decision Be Published?
By Michael K. Jones and Other Sources

In March 2010, Benedict XVI established a Vatican commission, to look into the alleged Medjugorje apparitions and offer an official explanation. This commission was established after three previous failed attempts. This 4th commission is title, "The Independent Commission," because it is made up of made up of 17 Marian experts from several different countries. 

For the first time in the history of Marian apparitions, the Vatican decided to involve itself, due to the previous failed attempts by local clergy in the Medjugorje region. The 4th Independent Commission was formed under the direction of, "The Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith," according to the reevaluation of apparitions conducted by the Church between 1974-1978.

Due to the 1974-1978 reevaluation, the new guidelines would allow a local bishop to ask help from The Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith in investigating a possible apparition. The reevaluation also opened the door for the Vatican to overtake a local bishop's authority to investigate an apparition. There is some question here that the authority of the Vatican to overtake a local bishop's investigation, comes on the heals of the Garabandal, Spain apparitions that ended November 1965. The local bishop in the Diocese of Garabandal declared the apparitions "were not supernatural." Many faithful believers including clergy strongly disagreed with the bishop's evaluation. Some have asked Garabandal apparitions to be reevaluated but there was no rule in place to take over an investigation from a local bishop, until the revaluation of 1974-1978. Today the Garabandal apparition remain "not supernatural," even though many still believe the apparitions are authentic.

The Vatican has never invoked the 1974-1978 reevaluation until the failed attempts by the local Medjugorje commissions. Medjugorje USA has written a number of articles in the past on this topic, stating this make the Medjugorje apparitions historical. This was recently confirmed with Marian expert Saverio Gaeta who in an interview with Rome Reports in January 2013 state; This is the first time in history that a commission established by the Holy See investigates an apparition, it's the first time absolutely, in the history of apparitions... It's unprecedented, so we can't compare it to other apparitions."

The President of the "Independent Commission," is Italian Cardinal Camillo Ruini. In a video interview with Rome Reports in January 2013, Cardinal Ruini speaks openly about the 4th Commission; “It will take just a bit longer, Not much, I hope. But, it's not an immediate thing. We are a consulting commission, we offer our opinion and pass it along to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. They are the ones who will decide or not to release a statement.”

Author and Marian expert Saverio Gaeta continued in his statement to Rome Report in January 2013, “There is still some time left before they finish. (the 4th Commission) But there won't be a public declaration, because it's not the commission's duty to say anything to the public. The role of the commission is to give a reasonable explanation to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which will not be published officially, however it will likely be leaked. But, the motivation for the commission is to form an opinion and pass it along to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. They will then evaluate it and decide whether to get the Pope involved.”

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