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Medjugorje Hand carved cross adjusting Rope Necklace

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#800 Blessed Men or Woman's Earth Necklace.  

PLEASE NOTE: the rope on this necklace is not fancy as seen in this picture of another more expensive necklace we offer, The rope on this necklaces is like the rope surrounding the two white colored stones in the picture. Remaining earth necklaces do not have stone adjustment pulls.

Made in Medjugorje. Beautiful hand caved stone crucifix highlights this amazing hand crafted necklace. Inner lines (as seen in photo) are carved right thru the stone so this picks up slight color of shirt/blouse/t-shirt that is being worn. The stone color is green and white marble. The handmade rope cord necklace is as described above. Two Apparition Hill stones highlight the size adjustment. Fits men and woman. The Apparition Hill beads on these rosaries are made from the stone on Apparition Hill in Medjugorje where the Virgin Mary has so often appears to the visionaries since June of 1981. The cross is handcrafted and shaped with stone cutting tools from the many colored marble stones from the Medjugorje river. This item takes many hours of intense labor. This item was blessed during the evening Mass at St. James Church in Medjugorje, when Our Lady comes to bless all religious objects. This is a brand new item we will offer, if we find there is interest. Buy now at bargain price of 24.00


Note About Blessed Items; We do not believe in the practice of selling blessed items. We offer blessed gifts at the same prices  we sold same or similar items that were not blessed. We offer blessed items only for those who can not afford to go to Medjugorje or would like to offer a special gift to a loved one. We do not try to make a living off of selling blessed items. All profits from blessed items are given to the charities listed on the gift shop homepage.



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