Can Purgatory Souls Help US?
By Michael K. Jones

There is no article of faith, which says that the souls in purgatory can help us. However, the Church allows the faithful to privately ask for help from these souls. And there is nothing to hinder us from believing that the holy souls are allowed by the mercy of God to remain in touch with those whom they knew and love on earth. One must also consider that when the holy souls do get to heaven and are face to face with God, they will certainly remember to intercede for their friends on earth, particularly those who contributed with prayers to get them to heaven sooner.

St. Catherine of Bologna said that she had received many blessings from saints, but still great favor from the holy souls in purgatory.

Archdeacon Bartholomew Cavanah was pastor of the parish of Knock, Ireland when Our Lady appeared to a group of people. He had a great devotion to the souls in purgatory. This devotion and his devotion to Mary, Mother of God were inseparable. She is the mother of her children, above all her suffering children. She is the Refuge of Sinners here on earth and she is also the helper of the souls in Purgatory. A few months before the apparition the Archdeacon began to say one hundred masses for the poor souls whom Our Lady wished most to release. It was on the day that the Hundredth mass was said that Our Lady came to visit Knock on August 21, 1879, as a wonderful gift, showing the gratitude of released souls.

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